More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

Why This Blog ?

What is this blog about ?
This blog contains series of questions raised
by the disciple and replies from the master set
in a very informal ambiance. The purpose of the
blog is clear the obstacles on the path to
freedom and self awareness.

The Topics ?
Mostly cherry picked from Vedic literatures of
India. But the many views presented here are
likely to be personal views of Nirguna Akshara.

Why its called Junkyard ?
To suggest that this is a kind of place where
the seeker's false and superfluous ideas are
junked and disposed. Just to indicate that
the seeker needs to first unlearn all the
pseudo sensible spiritual notions in order to
steer himself clear of all obstacles on the
path to self awareness.

Are the topics very orthodox ?
Perhpas yes, but the master would deconstruct
the orthodoxy of topics and present it in the
most simplest manner in his own unique style
of expression.

Who is the author of this blog?
The authorship always goes to Swami Nirguna Akshara
The design and layouts are done by Sri Nidhi.

When was the blog started and how long it intend to go ?
The blog started in 2007 June. It would continue as long as
the master wishes to. We dont work on any deadlines or
fixed patterns but enjoy the whole presentation as part of
our fun filled lives, graced by our master.

Moksha Junkyard