More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances


Nirguna Akshara lives his life just this moment, every moment and encourages his followers to live the same. 
"The singular cause for 
conflicts in the world 
rise from people trying 
to impose beliefs upon 
each other. But all beliefs 
can only offer relief to a 
helpless mind and will never 
help the seeker to 
know the Truth".
He also declares that
"there is no definite singular 
purpose in your life,
nevertheless others have 
freedom to derive many 
different purposes out 
of your life".
He further explains
"When you lived your 
life without a particular 
purpose to your self, 
then you can be full 
of several purposes to 
many others around you
often unknown to you".
Delightfully unconventional, seemingly irreverent in his teachings, he bridges the traditional schools of thought with his original perspectives.  Known to have tossed a scriptural book aside once at the end of a discourse declaring 
"there is no need for it anymore".

When asked why he did that, he had this to say 
"Truth is not contained in any book, they only point at it"
He often says in the middle of discourses
"if people ask you, 
what did you learn 
from this discourse, 
tell them you learned
Apparently a misleading statement but his teachings clearly aim at removing every potential support the seeker might want to hold while seeking the truth. Swami Akshara could be a undiluted vedantin, despite his modern and apparently unorthodox views about life. Always insisting that he is not keen on stuffing a bunch of more new techniques into the already burdened seeker, he would often caution on the microphone
"Don't expect to take 
home some new techniques 
when you come here, 
but this is a place where 
you empty yourself of all 
your techniques and 
methodologies and go 
home as nobody, as an 
undistorted expression of Truth".
When asked -can you tell us what is your teaching in a singular line, he replied 
"Stop trying to become 
something but be in 
the moment now" 

When further queried - If everyone is just Being, who will do anything? he replied
"nobody can stop the DOING,
but don't do something in order
to become someone, instead first
BE(discover) yourself then
do everything".
When this writer once asked him rather in a lighter vein, why don't you spice up your teachings and make it more tastier for people to consume?  He replied,
"Enough spice has 
covered the Truth 
already and I amy 
only try to unspice 
it as much as possible."
Un-spicing the Truth may not make you particularly popular among masses? he replied
"I dont care."