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27 February 2010

" there is only one thing that makes you different from
rest of creation and that's called awareness "

You hear often that to be born as a human being is so rare and is a special blessing. But most of your life time you wonder how special it is, especially when you see ants, rats and crows appear lot more happier and free. Even those who keep repeating about this speciality of human birth may not have known how exactly it is special.

Disciple : Yes even I wonder how I am special
compared to the rest of creation ?
Master : Exactly for that reason you are special !
Disciple : For the reason I am wondering ?
Master : Yes, no other species can wonder the way you do !
Disciple : How does that make special ?
Master : When you begin to wonder, you are actually
beginning to get your awareness of your self !

Wondering is a effective beginning that leads to contemplation and meditation and eventually end in self awareness. If you look around in wonder at this creation, the way you can perceive, understand, admire, discriminate, decide, plan, participate, achieve, lose, console, identify, fantacize and empathize with all the happenings everywhere, then you have already began the process growing in self awareness.

Disciple : Why self awareness is important ?
Master : Because it brings your life into a full circle !
Disciple : Can you explain further ?
Master : Till self awareness happened, you would continue to
feel a sense of incompleteness about you, no matter what you do !
Disciple : So being self aware I can feel complete about myself?
Master : Exactly !

Disciple : Is that what pragnya all about ?
Master : Sure, it is ! Its a beginning of the end !
Disciple : End of my life ?
Master : End of all your seeking and searching in this life !

The true purpose of any spiritual exercise is only to arrive to this point of self awareness. Upon reaching to this point of self awareness, your mind attains equanimity, where you feel complete knowledge about your own self. Since you feel complete about your self the urge to find fulfillment ends too.

Disciple : Well, it sounds like some kind of mutation ?
Master : It is not just a change occurs in a chromosome but
its a transformation of the trait attaining its completeness !
Disciple : Does it end my survival instincts and the need
and urge to live happier and healthier and successful?
Master : It does not end your happiness but certainly end
your need to feel successful and happy !
Disciple : What happens to my life after wards ?
Master : You dont make a living anymore but
life is simply lived through you there after !

04 February 2010

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