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17 September 2010


Part 1 

"total awareness is called that way because
it is without fragmentation but full"

Vedic literatures have the knack of objectifying god at the start as someone other than you and subsequently bring the identity of god pretty close to you as part of you. In the vedantic texts such as upanishads, the authors dare the readers by saying that god is not just part of you but it is verily you.

Disciple : This one thing always makes me proud to hear !
Master : What is that actually ?
Disciple : That I am god myself !
Master : To be god is not a thing of pride or
even a pleasure but it is just a state of Being.

People think of god as a all powerful man, sitting inside a control tower surrounded by CCTV screens and lots of plugs and wires. If someone should be born, god needs to just plugin and if some one has to die then unplug, that powerful.  Most religions create an imagery of god as the monopoly of power and authority.

Disciple : But if god is not powerful how he
created this world and all this we see every day ?
Master : May be god is powerful but god does not
brag or boast that power like you might want to.
Disciple : Why god does not brag about his power?
Master : Because he does not know how to.

Man's major task in life is to become powerful and throw his weight around whenever and wherever he can. Its because he always feels power less about him. Most people even worship gods because they think the gods are powerful. This division between man and his need to be powerful makes him flaunt the little powers he may assume in life, as money or people under his control.

Disciple : So god is not separate from power ?
Master : Exactly ! He was always with the
powers to create or sustain or destroy so he
does not know how to flaunt it like the neo rich
man controlling a government of some drug mafia.

Ishwara is god but nowhere near to the images of god people have created since their lifestyle inside caves, where they used rocks as weapons, to kill and eat animals many thousand years ago. Ishwara cannot be defined into one single form or name, but all forms and all names that exists in the entire universe.