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10 December 2009

"your mind is never confined to your head
but spills all within you and around you"

Mind is understood differently by different people. The science declare mind as epiphenomenon of the brain and manifests as the stream of consciousness. The philosophy advocate many theories of dualism and monism. Religions either condemn mind as the cause for bondage or glorify mind as the medium to know god.

Disciple : I am always baffled about my mind !
Master : All minds are baffling indeed !
Disciple : Are the definitions you mentioned
are right or wrong about mind ?
Master : They all are right and wrong simultaneously !

The function of mind is comprehended by mind only. That's where the difficulty lies. While mind can cognize, explore, experiment, contemplate and discover a million other things, it simply gropes in darkness about its own function and definition. As your eyes can see everything but themselves, as your tongue can taste everything except itself, the mind can understand everything else but its own self.

Disciple : I realize the difficulty mind facing !
Master : So be considerate to it henceforth !
Disciple : Whats a total mind or Hiranya Garbha ?
Master : The sum total of all minds of all human
beings is called Hiranya Garbha in Vedic tradition !
Disciple : What does Hiranya Garbha actually mean?
Master : The "Golden Womb" is the literal meaning !

The total mind is called womb because that's the beginning of manifestation. The creation of universe begin from that golden womb of the total consciousness. Its the splitting point of unmanifested world manifests itself. Just like a child in the womb of a mother manifests after 10 months, this magnificent universe too manifested in stages which happened through the womb of the creator.

04 December 2009

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