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22 November 2009

02 November 2009

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"thoughts are same with everyone but when
you wrap some thoughts with a "I" coat
then they become your patented thoughts"

Human body is always well defined. Its birth, growth, health, illness, pains, pleasures, urges and death are quite understandable. When it comes to mind the picture gets little fuzzy, one can never tell the source, nature and end of thoughts. That makes human mind to be more subtle in the whole of creation next to Consciousness.

Disciple : Does it mean mind is
the nearest to Consciousness?
Master : In fact mind is the only
medium to comprehend Consciousness !
Disciple : A body cannot comprehend without mind?
Master : The body may never know
even when the mind comprehended IT !

Just like how the air you breathe cannot be meant exclusively for you but you only share with everyone else, mind too is without a defined boundaries. The considerable time spent within your body, the breath becomes "yours" but in reality the breath of air cannot belong to anyone. The mind as well contains many thoughts which spends a brief time in your personal space. Every time a bunch of thoughts cross your head they become "your" individual thoughts.

Disciple : This is scary. All my thoughts are not mine ?
Master : They are yours only so long they linger
in your individual body !
Disciple : What do they do after that ?
Master : They just leave impressions as they pass by
before venturing into other minds too !

The time when collective mind spends in a individual is called Taijas. Its the same time the individual makes the mistake of branding them as "my" thoughts. When the thoughts are branded as "my' thoughts, they leave a string of "impressions" while lingering. The impressions cause a havoc later as "tendencies" in the individual and drive him to perform actions based on those tendencies.

Disciple : Does it mean my thoughts can be read by someone else?
Master : The thoughts never belong to you, it is for everyone !
Disciple : But I know my thoughts so intimately as mine and
how can they belong to someone else too ?
Master : Some of its contents and details may change
but the thoughts can be felt by everyone with same
intimacy as one's own personal thoughts !

All the experiences of the mind is same for everyone. They can vary only in intensity and longevity, based on the perceptions developed earlier by the individual. Just like how a crossing breeze enters in to many houses without any one's permission, thoughts too enter on their own without asking permission.

Disciple : Is it not my choice to think my thoughts ?
Master : Even to think like that is not your choice !
Disciple : But I think thoughts take
shape the way each one wants ?
Master : You cant think in the first place but
thoughts come and go on their own !