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25 September 2009

19 September 2009

"stars, suns, moons, clouds, mountains
rivers, sands, plants, animals, humans
all of them look different from each other
but made up of the same five elements"

The Five Elements

1. Space (Akash)
2. Air (Vayu)
3. Fire (Agni)
4. Water (Jala)
5. Earth (Pritvi)

This is exactly the same sequence followed in creation of this universe. From subtlest to the grossest or from the thinnest(space) to the thickest(earth). Not only they were created separately but also were included in everything created again. Which means a plant is placed in space, breathes air, sustained by fire (sun rays), nourished by water and air and rooted in earth. Also the same plant contains all the five elements inherently within. So also the stars and moons and rivers and mountains and more importantly the human beings.

The whole physical world despite their differences in their outward appearances, all of them contain the five elements. While the ingredients that have gone into making the various living beings same, they all assume a unique name and form which make them appear different from each other.

Disciple : I have a basic doubt !
Master : Shoot it right away !
Disciple : Why space was created first ?
Master : To create the rest, the space was needed !

Space Is The Basic Element
For anything to be created, sustained or even destroyed you need space. This whole universe in contained in space for functional purposes and contains the same space too. That's why space is the nearest to consciousness. It is almost like consciousness. So also the rest of elements, they are inseparably layered one on the other, that they are found wherever there is creativity happening in the universe.

Disciple : How does this knowledge help me ?
Master : To know that everything you see is
made up of same things, is the greatest help !
Disciple : Does it alter my perception?
Master : A lot ! You will no more see this world
as a place to compete and conquer. But understand
deeply that there is actually no competition possible !
Disciple : I am afraid to think that way !
Master : Why is it so ?
Disciple : Where would I be if I don't compete and conquer?
Master : The greatest conquest without any competition happens
to you when you stopped comparing, competing and conquering !

18 September 2009

09 September 2009

03 September 2009

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02 September 2009

" Universe is one but its machinery can run
only with its contrasting terrains, climates,
cultures, races, religions, regions and the
people who apparently conflict each other"

The world is a place of varied experiences. All living organisms experience life on earth in their own unique ways. Of the lot, mankind is capable of more experiences than rest of creation, only because of its special ability to interpret life always. Curiously enough, every human being experiences life quite different from the rest of others. The gross world experienced by a individual human being can be suitable termed here Vishwa.

Death Of The Gross World
Vishwa is perishable on a daily basis. It expires every time the individual enters deep sleep. The individual gross world has very limited life and is bound to change always while its alive and experienced. Totally dependent on individual's altered states of mind, Vishwa comes to surface, creates a web of life and then soon faces death as the individual hits the bed.

Disciple : How does Vishwa perish ?
Master :
Vishwa is a reality only
till you are awake and then when you
go to sleep it folds itself into nothing !
Disciple : Even if I slept, someone else
may be still awake, then
Vishwa is still around?
Master : Certainly ! But its not your
Vishwa !

The Vishwa (world) experienced by your five senses can be dramatically different from Vishwa experienced by your own family members. On a night when the whole family is slept deeply and if some issues still keep you awake, then its just yourVishwa that stays alive and the worlds of your kith and kin already folded right inside their heads as they slept.

Disciple : So the world is not singular but
there are many worlds within one world?
Master : Somewhat like that !
Disciple : Can this be called individual
interpretation of life on earth as his world?
Master : Instead it is about the gross physical
experience of an individual in this world !

You Create You Destroy
Blue skies, fluffy clouds, noisy cities, streaming traffic, crowded restaurants, loud music, quiet neighborhood, aromatic kitchen, spicy food, all that you see, smell, taste, touch and hear constitute Vishwa. Upon your deep sleep, when you dwell in your unconscious state of mind, the senses fail to make any sense any more. The birth and death of this gross world exist only as you are conscious or unconscious about it. In other words, its not just the world that keeps you alive but in turn you keep the world alive or perished.

Disciple : Amazing to hear this !
Master :
That's right. Its your own world !
Disciple : But cant there be two worlds
of two people look and experienced alike?
Master : Most likely not, there can be
shades of similarities but never the same !
Disciple : So are there billions of world
everyday created and destroyed by billions of
people on this planet ?
Disciple : yes, these worlds come alive when
people are awake and perish when they go to sleep !
Disciple : What about all the worlds together?
Master : They all coexist sometimes in
conflict and other times in harmony !
Disciple : How do we term these worlds together?
Master : In V
edic terminology, its called Vaishwanara !