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Off The Cuff Utterances

" you can neither forget nor remember God "

narayana suktam
Part - 13

God is not just a name or a person to remember or forget. God is not a memory of a distant past event or of someone who lived in the dead past. Memorizing God's name can bring peace to the flustered mind but will never help realize God. Its a reality which keeps this existence throbbing now at this time, every time. Narayana is just the name of that reality, which cannot be accessed by any memory, but only by razor sharp easy awareness, just about everything you are in touch with now.

Disciple : Is it a waste of time to memorize the many mantras ?
Master : Its not a necessity. You can do it without memorizing
anything except some emergency telephone numbers !
Disciple : I see many people who recite mantras from memory ?
Master : Let them recite, if you keep reciting they get memorized
on their own in you. You don't have to try hard and remember them !

verse 10 - defining god

tiryagoordhwa madhash sayee rasmayas tasya santata
santapayati swam deha mapada tala mastakaha
tasya madhye vahni shikha aneeryordhwa vyavasthitaha

tiryag - crisscrossing
urdhwam - upwards
adha - downwards
shayee - spread (everywhere)
rashmayaha - rays
tasya - that (flame)
santata - pervading always

summary - That flame is crisscrossing from upwards,
downwards and spreads its rays everywhere all the time.

Disciple : Can this flame be called Consciousness?
Master : Yes, it can be called that way !
Disciple : So the Consciousness is like a flame ?
Master : The flame does not exist, its only a imagery !
Disciple : Though not seen, still it functions pretty
much like the descriptions in the above verse?
Master : Yes, it pervades in every direction. But
it has a place of origin as heart where it apparently begins !

The rays of the heart pervading everywhere

santapayati - warms up
swam deham - your body
apaada - from foot
tala - (to) the tip of head
mastakaha - everything

summary - (that flame) keeps the human body
warm and alive from head to toe always.

tasya madhya - in the center (of the heart)
vahni - firey
shikha - flame
aneeyordhwa - standing gently
vyawastitaha - placed.

summary - this fiery flame is gently burning in
the center of the spiritual heart.

Disciple : It amazing to know that something so close
but still everyone is searching for it everywhere else?
Master : The burning flame in the heart in fact drives
the senses and humans to search everywhere else !
Disciple : Why it is that way ?
Master : Perhaps Narayana is having some fun !