More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"since God created the world of good and
bad, it stands far above the good and bad"

narayana suktam
Part - 14

If God created this universe, then God is certainly something more than creation itself. God existed even before its "creation". The creation is good or bad is not a clear idea to anyone. Sometimes when you are in trouble the creation of this world may look like a wrong idea. But its all perfectly fine when everything seem to go right for you. The good and bad are such slippery ideas that God cannot be trapped into it. Perhaps since God has been the instrumental in driving people to define good and bad, we must grant God as someone who is beyond both.

Disciple : So God is neither good nor bad?
Master : In fact nothing in creation is good or bad !
Disciple : Is it not sunlight and rains are good?
Master : May be till certain limit and when it shines
or rains beyond a point you may start cursing them !
Disciple : Good and bad do not apply to nature?
Master : Your good and bad does not remain the same
at another point of time in your life !

verse 11 - defining god

neelatoyadhamadhyasta dvidyullekheva bhaaswara
neevarashookavatanvee peetabhaswatyanupama

neela toyadha - the dark cloud
madhyasthad - in the middle
vidyullekheva (vidyut+lekha+eva) -
like a streak of lightening
bhaswaraa -
neevarashookavat -
like the tip of a paddy grain
tanvee -
sharp and subtle
peeta -
golden hue
anupama -
subtle like atom
bhaswati -

Summary -
Like a silver lining in a dark cloud, God is present in a very subtle form(like the tip of a paddy grain) shining with golden hue.

is God really good ?

Disciple : If God is not good then God can be bad?
Master : That's my question to you !
Disciple : I don't understand this really !
Master : If you say God is good then you mean
God is actually not bad. Am I right ?
Disciple : Yes, you just said it !
Master : Which means you are saying that
God can actually be bad but presently is good ?
Disciple : I never thought that way !
Master : That's OK, anything which is good
now can be bad at other times !