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Off The Cuff Utterances

Narayana Suktam - 17


Disciple : It seems like a long way to God realization for me ?
Master : What gives you such an impression?
Disciple : I think I still pray to God at times !
Master : So how does it matter ?
Disciple : When will I cross all the steps and realize God?
Master : If you are willing, it could happen this very moment !

verse 14
Narayanaya vidmahe vasudevaya dhimahi,
Tanno Vishnu prachodayaat

narayanaya - (the Truth called) Narayana
vidmahe - (may we) explore
vasudevaya - (the ultimate) God
dhimahi - (may we) meditate upon
tanno vishnu - (supreme consciousness) Vishnu
prachodayaat - (may) guide us to reach (Narayana)

summary - may we explore the Truth called Narayana
May we meditate upon the supreme consciousness Vishnu
who may guide us to reach the ultimate goal Narayana.

Lord Vishnu in dynamic sleep

Disciple : To realize God, one should have grace of God?
Master : True, it cant happen otherwise !
Disciple : Why cant God give me the grace ?
Master : It is for you to draw grace from God !
Disciple : How do I do that ?
Master : By being available to grace !
Disciple : How do I make my self available?
Master : Read all the episodes from the start
and if you really understood what you read,
that moment you are beginning to make yourself
available to the grace of God !