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Defining God ( Narayana Suktam - 15 )

"greatness of the Vedic wisdom is that it does not
restrict truth to a single God or a single religion"

Part - 15

The many Gods that occupy the vedic chapters are only functional aspects of life in this world. Vedas encourage the seeker to see the presence of divinity in every aspect of life while he is living now. It is this basic tenet of vedas in defining God where the seeker is enabled to experience higher realms of consciousness now and here without delay.

Disciple : The many Gods represent many paths?
Master : Many Gods represent many possibilities !
Disciple : What possibilities are they ?
Master : Possibilities to rise in the realm of consciousness !

verse 12

tasya shikhaya madhye paramatma vyavastitaha
sa brahma sa shiva sa hari sendra sokshara parama swaraat

tasya - that
shikhaya - flame
madhye - in the center
paramatma - universal consciousness
vyavastitaha - is located

summary - In the center of the flame of the heart,
the essence of the universe is present.

Disciple : Is the Consciousness not present in other places?
Master : It is present everywhere but in the heart
of the heart it is present at it most subtlest form !
Disciple : Is it my own personal Consciousness too ?
Master : Consciousness is never personal but it gives
an impression that there is personal Consciousness !
Disciple : Does everyone have similar Consciousness?
Master : Yes, everything including animals and plants
contain the same Consciousness !
Disciple : Upon death it would move away ?
Master : Upon death the body and mind move away
and the Consciousness remains wherever it is !

sa brahma - it is (the source of)brahma
sa shiva - it is (the source of) shiva
sa hari - it is (the source of) hari
sendra - it is (the source of) indra
sokshara - it is (the source of) akshara
parama - it is the ultimate
swaraat - ungoverned by anything.

summary - This Consciousness is the essence of all gods like
brahma, shiva, hari, indra, akshara and is not under any one's control.

Disciple : So even the Gods have the same consciousness as me?
Master : Exactly. Even the Gods are various
manifestations of the same Consciousness only.
Disciple : Whats the difference between God and Consciousness?
Master : Consciousness is un manifest Truth and Gods are
instrumental factors in manifesting the Truth of Consciousness.
Disciple : I think I understood but not exactly !
Master : Does not matter, keep contemplating and
it may just dawn upon you someday soon.