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Off The Cuff Utterances

Narayana Suktam - 16

"God is both form and formless and to choose
only one of them is to remain incomplete "

Part - 16

All the forms seen by you including your own body came from the same formless source. It means that all the forms are equally divine as the formless. while Vedas begin with the glorification of forms at the start, but ends with chapters dedicated to the formless. Anyone who pulled out any odd page and tried to understand the entire Vedic scripture is going to be misled and confused. This is the plight of most people today who question the manifold approach of Vedas.

Disciple : I am so confused whether to accept the idols or not as real !
Master : Both ways you are wrong. You neither accept them nor reject them !
Disciple : What should I do then ?
Master : Understand them that they are only reminders that all
the forms you see are nothing but divine expressions !
Disciple : What should be my attitude when I see idols ?
Master : An attitude of reverence because they tell you
all the forms are necessary for you to know the formless !

ritam satyam param brahma purusham Krishna pingalam,
oordhwaretam viroopaksham vishwa roopaya vai namo namaha

ritam - cause for forms
satyam - present forever
param - ultimate
brahma - collective consciousness
purusham - (of) creator
krishna - darkness (of night)
pingalam - red sun (of the day)
oordhwaretam - up right
viroopaksham - having a third eye (of intuitiveness)
vishwa rupaya - the manifested world
namo namaha - salutations

Salutations to the ultimate consciousness
manifesting as many forms in this world during both
dark night and bright day which contains the Truth.

Disciple : Whats the significance of the dark
night and bright day spiritually ?
Master : Dark night represent the formless
and day light represent all forms !
Disciple : Should I recognize both as important in my life ?
Master : Yes, in darkness the differences are
not visible so its formless and in the day time
the differences are vividly visible so its all about forms.
You should be able to see divinity in both
in order to find fulfillment in life !