More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"below the heart man is like an animal
and above the heart he is like God"

narayana suktam
Part - 11

Spiritual heart is link between man's animal tendencies and divine propositions. The copulation, accumulation, fear, survival are the priorities of a man when he functions from below the heart. He is known to be spiritual only when he begin to express from his heart center. For the first time the man begin to feel and express love instead of competition and comparison, when his energies rise to the heart center.

verse 8 - defining god

Santatagam shilabhistu lambatya kosha sannibham,
Tasyante sushiragam sookshmam tasmin sarvam pratishtitam.

santatagam - from all (four) directions
shilabhihi - the nervous system
lambati - hanging
akosha sannibham - lotus flower like heart

summary - the lotus like heart is hanging with the help of all the nerves running from all the directions (ending at the center of the chest).

Disciple : Sometimes you said that the highest form of energy is
flowing at the top of the head, now you mention as the heart region?
Master : The energy is same. But at heart it is a raw energy
and when it is processed at the head it becomes very subtle
and refined energy. But in essence its the same energy !
Disciple : I understand that now. The mode of functioning
keep changing at different parts of the body ?
Master : Very well said !

(the symbolic image of a lotus indicating the spiritual heart)

tasya ante - inside that (heart)
sushiragam - very minutely
sukshmam - very subtly
tasmin sarvam - (source of) everything
pratishtitam - is located.

summary - In a very subtle manner the very origin of this creation is present inside the spiritual heart of your body.

Disciple : Is it the same with every spiritual heart of everyone ?
Master : Yes, structurally its the same with everyone !
Disciple : Why only some come to know it ?
Is it a kind of disappointment with the
world which drives them to search
for this spiritual heart !
Master : Disappointed people will only search for solace
or solution. But only those who are disenchanted with what
world has to offer, can actually explore the spiritual heart !