More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" a believer of God may never find God "

narayana suktam

Part - 12

A believer keeps believing that there is a God and stop seeking and finding the same. A believer of God usually lives in a fantasy world created by his own limited mind about God. In contrast to a non believer who has a slim chance of questioning the existence of God and as a result might find some day. A believer stagnates on the path with his self glorification and end up as a loser.

Disciple : Oh my God ! I have been so proud that I have been a believer !
Master : That pride alone is what you get and nothing else !
Disciple : But at least I am not having difficulties with the existence
of God as I already believe in it unlike the non- believer ?
Master : If you thought a life without difficulties is what
one has to achieve on the spiritual path then you have a point there !
Disciple : Then is it about having difficulties on the path ?
Master : Neither, but to rise above the difficulty and know the divinity !

verse 9
- defining god

tasya madhye mahanagnirvishwachir vishwatomukhaha
sograbhugvibhajantishtannaharamajara kavihi

tasye madhye - in the center (of the lotus like heart)
maha agni - the great flame
vishwachi - spreading its light
vishwatomukhaha - in all the directions

summary - In the center of the heart, the flame is
spreading its light in all directions.

Disciple : To believe what you said just now is wrong ?
Master : Its neither right nor wrong but if you only
believe what I said now then you are incomplete in your
understanding about God !
Disciple : So what should I do instead of believing it ?
Master : You should try to realize it for your self

flames of a spiritual heart (imagery)

sograbhug - (this flame is) the actual consumer
vibhajan - and then distributes (as energy)
ahaaram - of the food (you eat)
tishtan - and remains steady
ajara - also remains unattached
kavihi - and as the knower of all

summary - This sacred flame consumes the food you eat and then distributes equally to all parts of your body and sustains life in it. However this flame remains steady and unattached to your body while knowing it and supporting it all the time.

Disciple : How do I realize this flame ?
Master : is it a problem to you ?
Disciple : Somehow believing seem easier !
Master : Do you believe your hunger when you have it ?
Disciple : How I can believe my hunger? Its so real !
Master : How would you know when there is hunger in you ?
Disciple : I just know it, I guess I realize it !
Master : Well, do the same with this flame of existence in you !