More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"while most scriptures advocate praying and worshipping
of God, only Vedas talk about invoking God from within"

narayana suktam
Part - 7

The sophistication of Vedic approach towards God is far more subtler and supreme in class and character. But a restless reader will always conclude with first few lessons of Vedas as childish and drift away impatiently losing out on the most precious wisdom gushing from it eventually.

Disciple : But why the first few lessons are childish
or gross in the Vedic portions regarding God ?
Master : Its not a mistake of Vedas but it is the compassion
of Vedas to start that way in a grosser manner !
Disciple : Compassion for whom ?
Master : For the seeker who is gross in his understanding
at the beginning of his spiritual learning !

Verse 4 - defining God

Narayana paro jyothiratma narayana paraha
Narayana para brahma tatwam narayana paraha
Narayana paro dhyata dhyanam Narayana paraha

narayana para - the supreme Truth called narayana
Narayana is the most sought after Truth by anyone. Narayana alone is called in so many different names by different people in different religions. While some realize Narayana as one's own self, others perhaps out of ignorance see Narayana as a God worshipped in temples and miss out on the Truth.

jyotiratma - enlivening all lives
Stars, suns and galaxies are not great by themselves but because of the life force present in them. Humans are not the most advanced race unless all their faculties are empowered and enlivened by the same vital force. That vital force is Narayana.

brahma tatwam - the all pervading principle
Whether creation or dissolution in the whole universe, Narayana is one singular factor present all the time without being created or dissolved. That Narayana alone is the Truth and to comprehend that Narayana is ultimate human desire.

Disciple ; But every religion is saying the same
that there God alone is the most supreme ?
Master : While they speak of their God, Narayana
does not belong to any particular religion or
region but is all encompassing which leaves every
other religion and its God totally oblivious !

dhyata dhyanam - meditator and the object of mediation is Narayana
The ultimate Truth is pronounced in these two simple looking words. Narayana is present inherently in both the meditator and the object of meditation. In other words it means that the meditator does not travel anywhwere as a spiritual journey to attain something new but only realizes from where he is sitting that this while universe contains the same Narayana no matter whatever he may choose to meditate upon.