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Off The Cuff Utterances

" true God is beyond any religion and
only Vedas have the courage to say that"

narayana suktam
Part - 5

verse 2 defining God

Vishwata paramanithyam vishwam narayanam harim,
Vishwamevedam purusha stadvishwa mupajeevati

vishwata - Beyond this manifested world
God is not just down to earth, in you and me but is present in whole universe and in fact is even beyond this manifested world, as if unseen to the naked eyes.

Disciple : In some religions they say
God is only in heaven and not on earth ?
Master : That's just incomplete understanding.
Vedas declare there is only one God and its
all pervading. From here to everywhere !
Disciple : This God Narayana is in heaven also?
Master : Its present in the hell and even beyond that !
Disciple : Does hell and heaven exist ?
Master : Only ignorant people out of delusion
divide the one truth as many while in the same
breath talk of ONE God !

paramath - the ultimate
God as truth is bigger than the biggest and subtler than the subtlest. It is the most supreme.

nityam - ever present
Gods feature in most religions are limited and are stuck up in some heaven. But this Narayana is unlimited and hence is forever.

vishwam narayam harim - (manifested) as world and is present in the same world.
Unlike Gods described in most religions, the vedic description is the most finest description ever, where God not only created this world but is also present in it all the time.

vishwamevedam purusha
- (Narayana) is this whole Universe modified in so many shapes and sizes.

tadvishwa mupajeevati - (Narayana) brought life to this whole creation, without whom it would be a dead place.

Disciple : Should I worship Narayana or pray to Narayana ?
Master : They both are totally alien to the Vedic traditions.
Instead you should meditate upon such all pervading Truth !
Disciple : I thought worshipping is very much prevalent in Vedic traditions?
Master : Never. The prayer and worship concepts came from middle
eastern traditions and influenced the Vedic traditions a great deal !
Disciple : Then what was in practice among those
who followed the Vedic culture in the early days ?
Master : They only invoked the divinity and meditated upon !