More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Narayana pervades the whole human body
but some parts seem more divine than rest"

narayana suktam
Part - 10

Truth is encompassing the whole manifested universe but certainly some places and times, seem to vibrate more with the obvious spiritual energy. Early morning hours can be very suitable for spiritual contemplations. In fact just after a good cold shower the mind is more amicable and well behaved. Places of worship where people come with a more quieter minds also are ideal places for mediation and seeking Truth. Wearing plain clothes without too many frills and colors triggers similar contemplative nature. Eating plain food without spice or meat also can help a seeker become more restful to recognize his true nature.

Verse 7 - defining god ( divine hub of human body)

Adho nishtya vitastyaante nabhyam upari thishtati,
Jwalamaalaakulam bhati viswasya ayatanam mahat

adho nishtya vitastyaante - downwards adam's apple in half a foot distance
The description of the location of divine spark in human body begins with opening lines which is direct without ambiguity. Measuring half a foot's distance, downward from the adam's apple is the first pointer.

nabhyam upari tishtati - located half a foot above the naval
Its also the same distance from the naval upwards at half a foot, at a equidistant from adam's apple and the naval, the divine space is vibrating quietly.

Disciple : If its a flame burning, then who started this flame?
Master : A flame is just symbolic representation !
Disciple : So it is some kind of object present there?
Master : In fact there is NOTHING present there !
Disciple : How can such a NOTHING be the divine spark?
Master : Because it is dormant with all the creativity !

jwaalamaalaakulam bhaati - (essence of god) is surrounded by string of flames
Located between the two chests, half a foot equidistant from adam's apple and the naval, atma (the essence of god) is protected by a string of flames burning.

vishwasya ayatanam mahat - the source of the whole universe has taken abode within
The divine spark is present in everyone whether recognized or not, those who don't recognize remain unconnected with their own self and as a result will be buffeted by the onslaught of a superfluous thought current.

Disciple : I am wondering if there is a flame burning
in the center of my body, how come I don't get the
burning sensation ?
Master : They are not real burning flames but only a
imagery to explain the presence of the inexplicable !
Disciple : If it is present there does it mean its not
present elsewhere in the human body ?
Master : Not really ! Its present everywhere, but
various parts of body has various grades of
sensitivity. This part is the most sensitive of all !