More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" The mighty God is not a person
but the presence in all persons "

Narayana Suktam
Part - 1


Human beings like clear description about things they dont know. Especially when it comes to God. But thats exactly where in Advaita and Vedanta things can get ambiguous. Infact they can get very contradicting and paradoxical too. Without enough contemplation if one begin to read Vedas, the conclusion can be just obvious, "Gods must be crazy".

Disciple : But why the Vedas cannot define God appropriately ?
Master : Because God cannot be defined. If defined it is not God !
Disciple : But most religions have clear descriptions of God?
Master : May be so, thats why they are popular among masses !

You have to be courageous enough to comprehend God described by the Vedic literature. A kind of courage where you may not be protected even by God. Sort of left abandoned by everything and everyone. Such a state does not occur to many and thats why Advaitic descriptions of God is not understood by many though it appears to have gained popularity globally.

Disciple : But God is meant to protect and care for us?
Master : Thats pretty much the biblical understanding which
came to existence at later period. It also was a instant hit among
people who searched for their soul or God till that point of time !
Disciple : But I cant think of God as something other than protector !
Master : Protect from what ? Anything other than God exist?
Disciple : If not protection, then God creates problems ?
Master : Neither. To feel secure or insecure about God is
one's own making. God does not do either of them !

Its a myth that Vedas described God in the form of human being only. It only indicates that a human being contains the essence of God in himself. In the same breath it also points out gently that human beings are worthy enough of your reverence only because they contain the essence of God in them.

Disciple : Why then there is idol worhsip in Vedic traditions ?
Master : The idols represent the manifest world. You have to
recognize the divinity in the manifested world first inorder to
realize the unmanifest divinity present in the universe !
Disciple : According to Advaita, God is unmanifest or manifest ?
Master : It is both. Thats where the complications begin too !