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"narayana is not a noun but verb"

narayana suktam

Part - 8

Narayana is not a name but a description. Its a state of being. Being is not a noun but a dynamic on going existence. But the same Narayana gives life to all the nouns too. A River is a noun but when Narayana enters in it, then it becomes "flowing'. The nouns are only manifested Narayana and the nouns are empowered by same Narayana to function and perform.

verse 5 - defining god

Yachcha kinchid jagat sarvam drusyate sruyatepi vaa,
Antarbahischa tatsarvam vyapya narayana stitaha

yat tha kinchid - Whatever that is tangible
The creation is generally known by its tangibility. Everything the senses can comprehend is usually called the creation.

jagat sarvam - this whole manifested universe
Everything that can be congized by the senses is called as Jagat. Some religions refuse to call the manifested world as part of God and isolate the divinity divorced from the manifested world as a exclusive entity.

Disciple : Do you mean that God is not accepted as seen by eyes?
Master : Yes, they consider God to be always a unseen entity !
Disciple : What is the problem in that?
Master : When you push divinity as unseen then all that is seen
loses divinity and as a result there is no reverence possible !
Disciple : What is the loss if there is no reverence for creation?
Master : When there is no reverence for creation then it may result
in destruction of this creation !

drusyate sruyatepi vaa - all that is seen and heard
The sense of seeing and hearing are the most powerful cognizing faculties which are most active through out the waking hours. The sense of touch can overpower when triggered and cause catapult the supreme positioning of seeing and hearing when, skin start to respond to touch.

Disciple : How does the skin over power the seeing and hearing?
Master : When it is too hot and if the skin is burning, then the
seeing and hearing may not function exactly the same but little
differently. Whatever you see or hear in a burning
condition can irritate you or get you mad !
Disciple : True, is it the same with extreme cold temperature ?
Master : Yes when its too cold, you not want curl up and go to sleep !
Besides when lust is triggered by skin, the seeing and hearing may
lose their balance and one can behave in a erratic manner at that time!

Antarbahischa - inner and outer
Narayana is not just hidden somewhere far away from the manifested world but is present in everything in the external world.

tat sarvam - everything

vyapya narayana stitaha - Pervaded state of Narayana
Narayana does not belong to a state. Neither solid nor liquid but a stateless state. It is both moving and unmoving, seen and the unseen, heard and the unheard, inside and outside, dead and alive.

Disciple : This is where the difficulty rises !
Master : Difficulty of what ?
Disciple : In understanding the nature of Narayana !
Master : That's why Narayana should not be understood !
Disciple : Why Narayana should not be understood?
Master : Because mind cannot comprehend all pervasiveness !
Disciple : So what should I do ?
Master : Shut up, sit down and BE !