More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

nara = human
ayana = to reside
narayana = that which resides in human

Narayana Suktam
Part - 2

Gods in Indian tradition are very colorful and full of stories. They resemble and even behave like humans that Gods are almost identifiable by anyone who read them. Vedas have descriptions of how various Gods look and behave too. As if Gods are like your neighbors or a bunch of mysterious relatives.

Disciple : Is it not bringing God to something very worldly and small?
Master : Yes, that's the idea !
Disciple : Please explain for God's sake ?
Master : While most religions talk of God as the distant reality, Vedas
bring them down as one of you and as part of your daily life !
Disciple : Whats the use in such a understanding ?
Master : So that you have reverence for small things in this world and
encounter God in all small insignificant situations in your life !
Disciple : But whats the use in having reverence for human beings ?
Master : So that you don't ill treat them or kill them like dogs !

When you push God too far away from you, then you may lack any mercy for anything you see on earth. This exactly what leads to all the rat race, communal hatred, world wars and the holocaust. The one who cannot appreciate the presence of God on earth can never find God in his life time. He has to wait till he die some day. And sadly there is no guarantee of seeing God after death. Its now and here while alive or possibly never elsewhere.

Disciple : Now I'm under pressure to see God as I cant delay it !
Master : Under pressure you cant see God but must see only a doctor !
Disciple : Perhaps If I try to see God in him ?
Master : Sure, if you can see God in him even after you received
the bill, then you can certainly see God everywhere after that !

The catch in bringing God down to earth is one may just ignore how big the God factor is. We even start to treat God like our newspaper boy and may not comprehend the magnitude of such a God. This is how Vedic Gods are imprisoned at times inside some ancient temples as assumed by people. While bringing God to a sanctum sanctorum helps people to comprehend the Truth at a micro level, such people almost always miss out Godliness of blue expanse spread all around them.