More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"it is your need to search for a God
and God does not have such a need"

narayana suktam
Part - 6

Searching for something is primarily an indication of a incomplete mind. It runs everywhere seeking for something to make itself complete. It presently feels half and looks for other half just to feel a sense of completeness. Money, power, social contacts, marriage, family, work, religion, spiritual life are some of the ways it tries to fix the other missing half. God on the other hand is already complete and has no need to search for anything because there is nothing missing in God.

Verse 3 - Defining God

pathim vishwasyatmeshwaram sashwatham shivamachyutam
narayanam mahajneyam vishwatmanam parayanam

pathim vishwasya - The governor of the universe
Being present everywhere and as if hidden in just about everything, God is described as the governor because God seem to be the inherent force which drives this universe to function the way it does now.

atma eshwaram - positioned as god of individuals too
Though drives the whole universe, still accessible to individuals at a more personal level makes this God a more inexplicable.

Disciple : I have a question at this point?
Master : Ok ! go ahead with your question !
Disciple : You said God has no need to search anything
but does God have any questions about humanity ?
Master : God cannot question anything because
whatever happens is only because of the God !
Disciple : God may have answers then ?
Master : Questioning and then finding answers is
all plain human endeavor and God is present in you
when you raise a question and is present again when
you find a suitable answer from somewhere !

shashwatam - always present
While everything is born and dead in this universe, God factor is quietly supporting all the changes without changing itself, this way its always present before and after any change happened.

shivam - full of auspiciousness
though present everywhere but still not available to everyone, God is such a rarity and anything absolutely rare is auspicious too. Besides, God seem to be the ultimate goal for humanity which automatically makes God a very auspicious by default.

atchyutam - holding tightly
Sustaining the Universe from falling but keep it running endlessly. Keeping stars and moons and suns on the endless skies as if studded everywhere makes God more gripping aspect of life than anything we ever know.

Disciple : Yes its a wonder how the stars and all the
planets are in their axis always without getting shuffled !
Master : The fact you can stand steady without falling is even
greater wonder which is handy work of the same God !
The breath to enter back into your nostrils without fail
all the time is a sure evidence how God holds everything together !
Disciple : Then why someday the breath stop going inside ?
Master : God must have decided to give a break finally that day !

mahajneyam - most worthy thing to know
You may try to know anything in the world but nothing can make you feel full and complete except knowing God. Thats ultimate knowing.

Disciple : Does it mean that I would not want to know
anything anymore because I come to know God ?
Master : You may not bother about what you know
and what you may not know once you know God !

vishwatmanam - the source of everything in this universe
The various objects in the universe have same source. They all srpung from the same source. Like hundreds of sparks thrown from fire works in the sky. all the sparks come from the same source. The vedic example is more beautiful, like all the waves rise from the same oceans and drop and die in the same ocean. Infact the waves are nothing different from the ocean. All the waves in the ocean, including the ocean contains the same source called water.

parayanam - best place to abide
This source is the best object of abidance for any seeker who is looking for the missing parts of his happiness and fulfillment. Abiding in such a inherent God brings fulfillment and freedom.