More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"If you slept during AUM chanting
you would feel the most refreshed"

pranava mantra
part - 10

While sleep is a curse for most spiritual seekers, it would sound outlandish to know that to sleep during or after a good attempt at meditation is always a blessing. Such a sleep during meditation usually do not last longer. Even if it happened for a short time, still it would be very refreshing.

Disciple : But why do I get sleep when I meditate?
Master : That's because of a heavy backlog of sleep
accumulated many years due to disturbed sleeping !
Disciple : But why does it come during meditation?
Master : When mind is quiet during meditation
it become conducive for the accumulated sleep !
Disciple : To sleep during that timer is not a problem ?
Master : Problem is only when you don't sleep but keep fighting it!

Till the accumulated sleep is totally exhausted meditation will remain as a challenge only. But the uninformed seeker mostly end up fighting the sleep and cursing himself for being sleepy and end up neither doing meditation nor sleeping properly. The best thing to do when sleep comes is to sleep.

Disciple : How long am I to sleep while meditating?
Master : Till the day you stay awake without sleeping !
Disciple : Will such a day come to me any time ?
Master : Yes, without a doubt ! Just you need to have
patience to go through those sleepy sessions of meditation !
Disciple : So meditation helps to sleep well too?
Master : Yes as much as it helps you to awaken someday !

Same meditation process leads to both sleep and awakening too. Those who neither sleep nor awake might get busy with some imaginary and fantasy trips while mediation. Such imaginary meditation can be quite entertaining but seldom it brings awakening to the inner self.