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Off The Cuff Utterances

"God is still away from you even if you
understood so well about who God is "

narayana suktam
Part - 4

The verses describing God.
Sahasra seersham devam viswaksham viswa sambhuvam.
Viswam narayanam devam aksharam paramam padam

sahasra seersham - God has thousands of heads.
All heads of humans and animals are functioning pretty much same way structurally. Through those heads God can see, smell, taste, touch, feel differently.

- that which illumines
Universe is a big sheet of darkness. But if you see sparkling suns and stars in many galaxies, then they are illumined by consciousness or God.

vishwaksham - ability to experience this world
If you see, smell, hear, taste and touch anything in this world, then its God who made it possible(not you).

vishwa shambhuvam - functioning of the universe
sustaining the universe while holding the various planets in their orbit, God (not you) runs this universe without any weekend breaks.

vishwam - as the world
God as creator created this world and entered into it while creating it. Like when water kept in the tray becomes Ice cube inside fridge, creator became solid as universe from a gaseous unseen entity.

narayanam - residing in humans
Creator also called as Narayana is present within humans.

Disciple : I have a doubt here !
Master : And whats that ?
Disciple : You said Narayana is present everywhere
but now you say only in humans?
Master : Only humans can be aware of such a thing thats why !
Disciple : I got it now !

aksharam - indestructible
The Creator or Consciousness or God (Narayana here) is not subjected to any destruction. It only modifies itself in different forms. But it may appear as destruction and creation to a limited mind.

Disciple : If a building is destroyed then narayana will vacate from it ?
Or if a person die, narayana will not be inside him any more ?
Master : Without Narayana building cannot be destroyed or
a man cannot die. Narayana facilitates such things by being there !
Disciple : Why God should destroy at all?
Master : Destrution and Creation is human interpretation but
Narayana only modifies from one to another form !

paramam padam
- the ultimate state
the state where humans can be in total awareness of this creator or God called Narayana.

Disciple : What state is that and is it located in Himalayas?
Master : It is the most quietest state of your mind. It is located
nearer than your own breath and thoughts in you !