More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"God is a nothing and at the same time everything"

narayana suktam
Part - 9

God is most peculiar entity in whole of creation. Here, there and everywhere, yet the seeker has to 'search' and 'attain' this God. If you thought God has a plan behind this hide and seek game, then most certainly not. There is never any hiding or seeking needed to know God in the land of Truth. Everything you sense is God already, but you refuse to acknowledge instead position an imaginary God too far away from you. This is sheer ignorance.

Disciple : Who causes this ignorance ?
Master : Ignorance is not an effect of something !
Disciple : Is it not God helping some people to
get enlightened and others not ?
Master : God cannot help anyone
but people can derive help from God !
Disciple : My little hope of seeing God is now getting shaken.
Please tell me if God has any role to play in my life ?
Master : The fact you separate God from your life
has caused your ignorance about God !

Verse-6 - defining god

anantam avyayam kavim samudrentam vishwasambhuvam
padmakosha prateekasham hrudayam chapyado mukam

anantam - endless
God is endless which also means that God is beginningless. Narayana has no particular starting point or ending point. Since Narayana is present everywhere, happens to be present in you too, whether you know it or not.

avyayam - beyond destruction
Narayana cannot be destroyed because there is nothing bigger than narayana to do so. Besides that the truth is that there is nothing other Narayana alone is present everywhere in so many forms.

kavim - the source of all knowing
All that everybody can know everywhere is supported by Narayana. Without Narayana the knowing even the location of keys on the computer is not possible.

samudrentam - present even at the deepest point under ocean
If you thought God lives only on high mountains like Himalayas, then you make it sound as if God has allergy for oceans. But highest and deepest points are equally pervaded by Narayana.

Disciple : So If I dive in to ocean I can see Narayana there ?
Master : You may see a whole new world, all contain Narayana in them !
Disciple : Is there a place I can see Narayana exclusively in this world?
Master : Every place, everything you see is exclusively Narayana alone !

vishwa shambhuvam - enabler of the world to function
If the universe is never running out of gas the credit, must go to Narayana. Unlike man made gas stations, Narayana never dries up this massive machinery running day and night without break.

Location of Narayana in human body

hrudayam cha api- the spiritual heart
Located at the center portion of human torso, between two chests, this spiritual heart contains the most subtlest aspect of Narayana.

do mukham - facing downwards
this spiritual heart looking down (as if due to the weight)

padma kosha pratikashakam - tender bud of lotus flower
The spiritual heart is like a very tenderly lotus bud with very soft petals located right within your self. Using that portion of the body to meditate helps to quieten the mind, in order to comprehend the all pervasive Narayana.

Disciple : Now as you describe the location of Narayana
I'm more hopeful again to see Narayana in my meditation !
Master : When you reach to the point of this spiritual
heart, the same world you see now will reveal to you
the manifestation of same Narayana !
Disciple : Do you mean I cant see Narayana inside my heart?
Master : Certainly not !