More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"defining God is to distort God"

narayana suktam
Part - 3

What exactly is God? Is God a he or she or it? How does God look and feel like? God is good or bad? Can God protect and nourish my life? Can God shower love and compassion on me? God can show me a way ? Will God lift me on his shoulders when I cant walk? Can God provide all that I ask for?

Disciple : Exactly, these are all my questions in fact !
Master : Not just yours but everyone asks the same !
Disciple : I am happy that I am not alone that way !
Master : More you know God more alone you become !

God is most alone entity of the universe. Because according to Vedas, there is nothing other than God present. Even created world is occupied by same God. In every bit of creation there is presence of same God. Vedas describe such a God in so many names depending upon situations.

Disciple : But can God really protect me ?
Master : Instead I can tell you what God does not do !
God does not...
protect you
destroy you
show mercy on you
shower love on you
punish you
award merit to you
show path to you
extend your life
fight your enemies
pay your bills
avoid accidents
take you to heaven
send you to hell
get you rich
make you poor
help you make babies
find good school for your children
chase bad neighbors
Disciple : Then what else he does ? I'm totally shattered now !
Master : God just facilitates all of these through you and others !
Disciple : But others not independent of God you said !
Master : Exactly, If so, then why you depend on God for all that?

God cannot discriminate right from wrong. The discrimination faculty belong only to human mind. No doubt, even mind is just a manifestation of same God but these actions are never originated from God but only from human mind. God only make action happen, but does not originate action.