More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Your whole life is nothing but
only an offering to the creator"


Part - 2

Vedic scriptures always have the knack of guiding the seekers from gross to the subtle. While the earlier portions of vedas describe in details about how to perform a yajna to attain something material, the later portions change the tone completely and announce that everything that happens in your life is nothing but yajna only.

Disciple : Why dont they teach the subtle portions right away ?
Master : Vedas comprehend that most seekers are gross in their
understanding about spiritual concepts. So they start exactly
where the seekers are trapped for long !
Disciple : Is it to make the student or the seeker feel familiar?
Master : Exactly !

The seekers at once feel comfortable with the vedic teachings when they begin from the very beginning. They are more like commandments. Like some step by step, user friendly manual, rich in rituals and orthodox in context. But as it proceeds, the teachings get subtler and more precise, devoid of conventional methodologies.

Disciple : Somehow I have never understood the vedas that easily and
I always felt that its teachings contradict themselves many times !
Master : For the beginner it always will appear so. Though begins
with physical act of performing yajna, at the end the vedas declare
that every action of yours is nothing but only an yajna !
Disciple : Wow ! you should have told me that in the start. Now
I need not waste my time. But I don't feel the yajna in my actions?
Master : Exactly ! Since you lack the yajna attitude in all your
actions, it is necessary to perform the grosser version first !

The end portions of the vedas unfold the secret as how the man of total awareness can live a life of yajna every moment. Every word spoken, every object seen, everything felt and tasted and heard is all nothing but just the performance of a subtle yajna happening in one's life all the time. Only a man of self awareness is in tune with such subtle yajna and the rest are still sitting around the smoked out fire pits, trying to attain something by hiring the holy men to chant those verses.