More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"While chanting AUM if sleep
comes then you better sleep "

pranava mantra
Part - 9

However hard you may try to stay awake during chanting or meditation, the sleep can shatter your efforts and sprawl you on the floor. Not only it defeats your efforts but also leaves you with some sense of guilt for not having done the thing called meditation. Sometimes it leaves you with a defeatist attitude too.

Disciple : When I want to sleep I never get sleep but
when I try to meditate, I get lots of sleep, why is that?
Master : When you 'want' to sleep, you are making effort
but when meditating you stop making efforts, then sleep
enters. Its only a thin line between sleep and meditation !

Sleep and meditation are apparently identical yet there is a distinct difference that can separate them miles apart. While sleep pushes you to ignorance about your surroundings, meditation causes awareness about your being as well as the surroundings.

Disciple : Meditation and sleep are identical?
Master : In fact meditation is the cause and sleep
is the effect although they appear to be identical !
Disciple : How do I understand this better ?
Master : Meditation is the common meeting ground
for both sleep and awareness. One may turn any direction !
Disciple : OK ! I understand that meditation leads to
either sleep or wakefulness. Am I right ?
Master : Yes that's what "awakening" is all about !

True meditation wakes you up to every small movement and sound around you. You can hear the sound more qualitatively than before, you become lot more sharper and subtler than before. You r awakening to the outer world and inner self can be explosive and mind blowing experience too.

Disciple : But why do I fall asleep when I sit for meditation?
Master : For many reasons.
1. Your understanding of meditation and its purpose is incomplete.
2. You don't sleep well usually and left with lots of sleep.
3. Your method of meditation makes your mind dull hence you sleep.
Disciple : Is it wrong to doze off during meditation ?
Master : Not really. Its a natural phenomenon and is ok !
Disciple : What should I do if sleep comes ?
Master : Sleep it off well !