More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" when you offer anything with reverence
then you are performing a yajna "

Part - 1

Traditionally the yajna (spelt as yagnya) is performed after creating a small pit of fire where various things are thrown into fire as a offering to the lord. The yajnas are performed always in order to attain something. Usually people offer milk, cereals, vegetables, clarified butter and flowers in the fire with strict list of do's and dont's to follow, in the backdrop of vibrating mantras recited by the appointed priests.

Disciple : Most of the times I see only smoke in such
places so I never understood what exactly happens there !
Master : That's why the vedas give specific instructions
about the place where the fire pit should be located in
order to have cross ventilation of the passing air.

But in modern days these yajnas are held within the premises of homes where people live. The closed doors and windows makes the yajna procedures quite complicating for the priests too. In ancient days the yajnas were always performed in the open space. The yajaman or yajna karta (the beneficiary of the yajna) invites everyone in the neighborhood to witness the proceedings.

Disciple : I always missed the yajnas conducted at home
because by the time I woke up everything usually got over !
Master : Its good that way. If you were to be present there
you should have got readied early morning with fresh new clothes
and a quiet mind for sitting in meditation. Either you attend
with cleanliness or remain in bed sleeping. There is no in between !
Disciple : But my mom told me that god will never be happy with me?
Master : God will not be happy either, even if you attended !

The yajnas are conducted not to please god but remove the negative atmoshpere set in the house or to be precise, in one's own mind. The outward yajna is only a symbolic attempt at purifying one's own antakaran (mind). The fire in the pit is considered as the fire of knowledge and all the oblations or offerings represent the various impediments or negativities one wishes to remove.

Disciple : So all the offerings are only the negative things?
Master : Yes ! That's why its a not a very happy situation for God.
In fact God has nothing to lose or gain in this whole process !
Disciple : Whats is the gain for the performer of the yajna ?
Master : When the negativities offered in the fire, they get
burnt and restore all that is positive in your life. So if
you slept during a yajna it is you who is the loser and not God !