More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" the AUM chanting is not meant for
forgetting or remembering anything "

pranava mantra
Part - 5

The Vedic chants have a charm not only to the listener, but to the one who recites it too. Though it appears to be a monotonous activity, the incantation of AUM is quite an exercise and unlike the popular belief, you have to apply a lot of your mind in it than just making it dull sleepy.

Disciple : How does meditation happen
if the mind is awake and active?
Master : True meditation is where
the mind is totally alert and awake !
Disciple : Is it not mind should rest
and feel bliss and empty all thoughts?
Master : Never ! That is only when the
mind has become very dull and inert !
Disciple : Does AUM make the mind quiet
or make it very active and alert ?
Master : Chanting AUM makes the mind
totally alert and awake to everything !

Its a unfortunate twist people brought in to the process of meditation where the end result is supposedly a blinding ignorance. Sleep like, empty minded, thoughtless, zombie like disposition, which seem to have caught the fancy of most seekers. The AUM chants do not make you dull and make your senses numb but it does something exactly opposite.

Disciple : But whats the purpose of staying
alert and awake during or after meditation?
Master : Only when you are awake you can
capture the essence of consciousness in you !
Disciple : All along I was taught that the
actual purpose of meditation is to forget
the life for sometime and feel happy !
Master : Forgetting stress and sorrows can
bring happiness but what you forget will
soon be remembered too, then what would you do?

Meditation is not about forgetting sorrows. The chanting of AUM is neither to forget anything nor to remember anything. Only the dead past can be remembered or forgotten. But AUM should bring freedom from forgetting or remembering by lifting you far away from the tormenting time and space factors.

Disciple : In other words AUM brings one's attention
from past (and future) to the present moment totally?
Master : Well said ! Having brought to the present
moment it makes you aware of everything that happens there !
Disciple : Does god or consciousness reside only in the present?
Master : Even to call it present is wrong but its a "no time"
space or a "no space time". That's the greatest experience you
can think of in all your lifetime.
Disciple : Now I am truly inspired to chant AUM.
Kindly tell me the ways to chant this sacred mantra !
Master : Now that you are genuinely interested yourself
nothing can stop you from reaching the space in you where
time has no any relevance at all. Let me tell you the
simpler ways to recite AUM for the start in the next session !