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Off The Cuff Utterances

"The only true sound that can
take you to true silence is AUM"

pranava mantra
Part - 1

While most sounds have the quality of scaterring your mind, there are certain sounds which can integrate your mind. They are usually called as mantras. The mantras have certain intonations which when followed while chanting, it would quieten the mind. Of the mantras found in the Vedic literature, AUM or the pranava mantra occupies the primary spot as the most sacred of all.

Disciple : Firstly may I ask you the purpose chanting AUM ?
Master : Just like any mantra, AUM too serve the similar purpose
of making your mind more self integrated and bring quietness !
Disciple : Why this mantra more sacred than the rest ?
Master : Because whatever sound human beings could make is
already contained in AUM. It encompasses total sound realm !

Though it appears and sounds like a mono syllable, AUM is made up of three individual Sanskrit alphabets. Pronounced together it can sound like a single alphabet. Its very subtle beginning and the smooth fading at the end enables this mantra to be the most ideal one to transform a distorted mind to a peaceful mind.

Disciple : Then what does pranava mean ?
master : It has two prominent meaning.
When you split pranava as pra + nu,
it would mean "rise and expand" and
also "hum that glorious sound" in Sanskrit !
Disciple : Can I say If I hum this sound
my mind would rise and expand to glory ?
Master : Yes indeed, you can say that !

While in ancient days the mantra was purely used for the purpose of contemplation and meditation only, it slowly assumed a object of worship, prayer and eulogy. What was originally used as the means to quieten the mind, gradually became a deity itself among many seekers.

Disciple : But whats wrong worshipping something glorious and sacred?
Master : Nothing wrong, except that you will not reach your spiritual
destination, if you are busy worshipping the
vehicle which is meant to carry you !
Disciple : I always gave up my spiritual pursuit at this point !
Master : Why is it ?
Disciple : I just cant understand what to worship and why to worship?
Master : Worshipping is a certain ritual that happens as an important
stage in your spiritual pursuit ! But to get obsessed with it may not
serve any purpose to you in the long run !
Disciple : Then why I should worship the gods at all ?
Master : Worshipping is just to recognize the presence
of certain power that exists beyond your understanding.
Once recognized well you should stop worshipping !
Disciple : What, may I ask you, I should do after that ?
Master : Contemplate on it !