More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"mantra chanting is more effective when
you understood its purpose and limitation"

pranava mantra
Part - 3

Different mantras carry different context and meaning, but they all have similar purpose and a similar limitation. Mantras do not play a role beyond certain stage and when stretched can become an obstacle in itself. But as long as they are used well within their limits, they are bound to to serve a great benefit.

Disciple : What are the different purposes of mantras ?
Master : Apparently mantras are recited for various purposes.
Some for seeking god, some seeking wealth, long life, goodness,
freedom, enlightenment, even some mantras are recited for rains !
Disciple : But you said they all have similar limitations ?
Master : They all have to end at some point in order to put
the mind of the seeker in a particular state where they attain
a sense of silence from within !
Disciple : Does that silence make them achieve the purpose
for which they began their chanting?
Master : Need not be ! In fact they become so quiet
that they may not even remember the purpose of their
chanting those mantras after some time !

Any sincere seeker begins with clear purpose but during the process of mantra repetition or recitation, the purpose drops out of his mind without even his knowledge. That's the indication of a very well followed mantra practice. Begin with a purpose but end in an all conquering silence without any particular purpose.

Disciple : That's very deceptive ! Does that
what a mantra supposed to do to a seeker ?
Master : Yes it transforms the mind from seeking
to just Being. That's why its called as "Mantra" !
Disciple : May I know what does "mantra" mean ?
Master : That which transforms the mind
(from agitations to silence) is Mantra !
"Mananat trayate iti mantraha"
The wealth and long life cannot stand a chance in front
of transformation the mantra brings to mind !
Disciple : So the wealth and long life can never be
achieved through mantras ? Are they meant only to
quieten the mind?
Master : You may still gain a lot of wealth and a long
life, but that is not necessarily because of the mantras !

The multi pointed, ambitious mind usually gets scattered due to its search for many things in the world. Set upon so many goals to reach, the mind gets trapped in its own search. The Vedas conjured up different ways to bring a seeker to accept the need to chant various mantras. Eventually Vedic mantras culminate at the same point where the seeker is devoid of all seeking and come to his own Being.

Disciple : Now you almost exposed the truth behind mantra chanting
and how does the reader trust a mantra and recite them in future ?
Master : At least it should bring clarity to the reader about the
real purpose of mantra chanting and once they realized it,
there is no need for them to get 'deceived' by the mantras.
Disciple : Let me ask one last time, are you sure mantras don't
make our lives better by bringing wealth and preventing sorrow ?
Master : The answers from me is the same even if you asked a
million times. They cant change your financial status, but definitely
they can drive you through the ups and downs of your financial
conditions with you remain unruffled. That's the greatest blessings
you can receive from these sacred mantras !