More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"God does not wake up from sleep
if you recited some mantra on earth"

pranava mantra
Part - 4

No god is ever interested in listening to your mantras. Only because the creator has no plans to operate this world based on your mantras and prayers. The most absurd human thought is to believe that God will listen to the prayers and mantras and work things out accordingly.

Disciple : This is a very shocking and rude statement !
Master : But a plain truth and certainly God does not
get hurt by such statements !
Disciple : Then why the whole world prays for everything ?
Master : I am not against prayers or mantra chanting but
Iam vehemently against the idea of waking up some sleeping
god through prayers and mantra chanting !
Disciple : Then whats the real purpose of prayers or mantra
chanting if God does not really hear them out ?
Master : The prayers are meant for finding inner strength
to go through whatever is worked out by god for you !
Mantra chanting is meant for finding clarity of mind
which will get you attuned to the ways of god without
trying to change or alter the "God's plan" !

As a human being you have only two options, either you plan and when your plan does not work, be prepared to change it, or don't plan at all and take life as it comes. Prayers are such selfish attempts if they are meant to make God behave according to your fancy. Similarly mantra chanting does not make gods move even their little fingers.

Disciple : Prayer and mantra chanting are different?
Master : Prayer helps you find inner strength
and mantras help you find inner clarity !
Disciple : Strength and clarity for what purpose ?
Master : To face life and to swim through the high
and low tides of life without much fear and excitement !

The pranava mantra AUM is not a secret formula of a prayer which can entice God to perform miracles in your life. It only can transform your mind from being trapped in petty fears and frivolous temptations and meaningless agitations to a calm and silent and complete instrument. The calmness of the mind brings balance to it and balanced state of mind is equipped well to go through everything dished out in life to you.

Disciple : That seem to take the fizz out of my life ?
Master : That's not fizz but just plain fuss !
Disciple : So chanting the AUM brings calmness and clarity
to my mind which can be used for higher purposes ?
Master : Exactly ! When the mind attains clarity it can
comprehend the hidden Truth of existence more easily !
Disciple : Whats the Truth of this existence ?
Master : You should find out yourself !
Disciple : How do I find out ?
Master : One best way is to recite AUM !
Disciple : How do I do it ?
Master : There you are ! Let me explain to you !