More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"from lowest pitch to a very high pitch the
chanting of AUM drop again to NOTHING"

pranava mantra
Part- 8

There is some intelligence needed when you repeat the chants of AUM. A skillful deliberation to turn the mind from fleeting to stillness. Subtle variation in pitch is always welcome to keep the mind awake. Totally awake but filled with awareness of the present where the mind and body sync up to the soul within.

Disciple : Whats a pitch and how I can follow it ?
Master : Pitch here is just the tone. You tone down
and tone up while chanting for the variation !
Disciple : Why this variation is necessary ?
Master : If there is no change in tone then mind
can enter in to sleep and inertia !

The purpose of AUM chants is not find peace of mind but to bring a certain awareness and keep the mind awake. In order to make the mind more aware of things around, it is necessary the chants of AUM does not induce sleep. The change in pitch and pace and method of chanting of AUM must be applied constantly to keep the sleeping mind awake.

Disciple : I thought AUM chanting is
meant for peace of mind?
Master : Not exactly ! It is for a
much higher purpose !
Disciple : So peace of mind is not
possible with chanting AUM ?
Master : It may be is possible but
that's not the actual purpose!
Disciple : But If my mind become
peaceful, is it wrong then ?
Master : May be not but if mind is
peaceful then it may go to sleep !

Awareness is the key in exploring the hidden consciousness. But if the mind attains peace, it may lose its subtlety to probe and seek to find the Truth. Using AUM chant for just peace of mind is like using your computer to calculate how many times you ate in a day.

Disciple : The variation in pitch and pace
can help to stay awake and be aware of everything?
Master : It need not be everything but just the Self !
Disciple : That sounds simple ! I am always aware of my self?
Master : Not necessarily. You are only aware of
other things mostly and not so much of yourself !