More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Even a simple act of eating can
become a offering to the creator"

Part - 3

The essence of god is splashed in to everything in creation. Be it a silent rock sitting atop a hillock or tiny ant crawling under your feet, they all have a piece of god inherent in them. Man is little extra ordinary in the whole of creation because he has this unique ability to be conscious of his various experiences.

Disciple : I have heard this many times before but I still
don't understand what it is to be conscious or aware ?
Master : You understand that you don't always understand and
that's called awareness. Nothing else in creation can make
a statement "I don't understand" and that makes you different !
Disciple : Yes ! I got it now !
Master : Again, no animal or tree can say that !

The upanishads talk about the state of awareness as the only way to find freedom from binding forces. Usually when you perform a action, you are aware of the action only. But when you become aware of the person in you who is performing it, then your awareness level is heightened. Still better, if you can try to be aware of the invisible force which is driving the person in you to perform then you awareness is complete.

Disciple : This one boggles my mind pretty much !
Master : Sure ! Total awareness can even blow your mind !
Disciple : But I still don't figure exactly how to go about ?
Master : Ok ! Let me ask you some simple questions !
Disciple : But your simple questions are always difficult to answer !
Master : It happens, but I'm sure you will find the simple answers soon.
Tell me does the spoon eat the food when you have lunch ?
Disciple : No ! The spoon only helps me to get the food !
Master : Does your hand eat it then ?
Disciple : Not really, it only lifts the spoon !
Master : Then is it your mouth that really needs food ?
Disciple : I think it only likes to munch and grind something always !
Master : Is it the tongue or the throat that needs food?
Disciple : They are quite happy passing the food I guess !
Master : Which means who exactly needs the food ?
Disciple : Perhaps the stomach which grumbles often without food ?
Master : But what causes the stomach to grumble for food
and then digest the food once it is eaten ?
Disciple : The mechanism of the body to function that way ?
Master : Who designed the mechanism and make it function that way ?
Disciple : I told you these are mind boggling matters for me !
But is that what is called as Consciousness ?

Call it by any name, but there is something invisible which governs and directs the faculties of all living creatures to perform actions. The same unseen is both the propeller of actions and the recipient of the results of all actions. When you realized this, you would perform all your actions with an attitude of an offering to the unseen hidden in you.

Disciple : So nothing belong to me ?
Master : Nothing really belong to you !
You neither initiate an action or receive
the results of the actions !
Disciple : Its good news and bad news at the same time !
Master : Why so ?
Disciple : Good news because all bad results are not meant
for me and bad news because all good results go to someone else !
Master ; But when you offered them all to the unseen consciousness
then there is nothing good or bad news in your life anymore !
Disciple : Then what do I do if I offered everything ?
Master : Just relax and enjoy life doing what you are supposed to.
Disciple : Sounds exciting. Is this called enlightenment ?
Master : Yes! You can say that !
Disciple : What do I get as a result of this ?
Master : Bliss, total freedom from your hangups and fulfillment !