More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"beginning of AUM you are full of action and
at the end of AUM you enter into inaction "

pranava mantra
Part - 6

The recitation of any mantra involves your body, breath and mind together. Even if one of them is missing in action while you chant, you cant claim your chanting to be complete. The sound of the mantras attain a very special quality when it is made with proper understanding and effort.

Disciple : But you told me meditation is
not about doing anything but just being ?
Master : Well ! the chanting is a BIG job.
A lot of doing is involved!
Disciple : What exactly is "done" during the chanting ?
Master : You breathe deep, vibrate your body
and focus your mind on the sound!
Disciple : That's a lot of action !
Master : Yes for sure. That's why people
get caught up with those actions and forget
to actually be in meditation eventually !

Meditation is a peculiar activity because you begin with some major activity and then suspend it totally to remain doing NOTHING. These are two contradicting stages and most seekers fail to distinguish them and get trapped in to either of them. Chanting AUM too has its own methodology but the advantage in AUM is that the sound is formed in such a way it also ends quite naturally by itself.

Disciple : I understand now that beginning of AUM is
the beginning of all activities and end of AUM is the end
of all activities. Did I say the right thing ?
Master : Yes indeed. You put yourself through some action
when you recite the AUM and when it ends you drop all the
action and stop trying anything but just be as you are !

The difference between activities during meditation and other times is that you are totally focused with what you do while you do meditation and other times you may not be that focused. The chanting of AUM needs a lot of focus and that kind of focus helps you to withdraw from other activities you were involved with till then.

Disciple : Its becoming more and more clearer to me now !
Master : Its important you know the methodology and the
purpose well before you resort to do anything !
Disciple : Your comprehensive explanations help that way !
Master : Sometimes the seeker gets into a hurry and wants
to do it right away and cant listen to the preparations
which leaves him with lot of doubts and confusions at the end!
Disciple : True, it has happened to me on several occasions !

Don't bother about when to stop your practice when you just started. Same time don't bother when to start again while you have just suspended the practice for a brief time. Both can be spontaneous and the focus should be only what you do at that time and nothing more or less. We will see the coordination of body, breath and mind while chanting the AUM in the next dialog.