More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"AUM is not an object of worship
but only a pointer to the Truth"

pranava mantra
Part - 2

The pranava mantra or the AUM is not used for the worshipping of gods. In fact to think AUM to be the god is absurd. It is only a technique in the form of a mantra which can help you become more aware of the hidden consciousness. At the same time it should not be just reduced to some mindless gross tool which you can use like how you use your washing machine.
Disciple : I wish to get some things straight !
Master : I will appreciate that !
Disciple : Why AUM is considered auspicious when it
is just a technique and nothing more than a sound ?
Master : It is auspicious only because it takes you
to a very auspicious destination, quite effortlessly !
Disciple : May I ask which is that destination ?
Master : Your own hidden self unknown to you !

A part of you but you still not aware of it !
Disciple : Is it a body part like heart, liver and kidney?
Master : It is the very cause all these parts exists !

AUM positions itself much higher than most mantras for this simple reason that it can lead you to inner self without much fuss or delay. It is complete by itself and simple to use. The effects are instant when the AUM is recited with full heart and throat. This is for the same reasons that every composition in vedas began with AUM at the start.

Disciple : I always wanted to ask why the AUM
precedes every lesson in Vedic literature ?
Master : Starting with loud and clear reciting
of AUM prepares the student to understand the
subtle meanings of the other mantras which would
follow in the lessons taught by his teacher !
Disciple : How does AUM prepare a student
just by chanting it loud ?
Master : By bringing sufficient quietness !

Vedic compositions have very subtle and significant meaning to them. Unless the student is alert and extra ordinarily contemplative, the lessons may give a different grosser meaning. The same lessons can sound differently to different students sitting around the same teacher at the same time. When all students recite the AUM together then all their minds reach similar quietness and it brings certain collective awareness to face challenges thrown in by upcoming vedic teachings.
Disciple : You said AUM is enough to chant and all
mantras are contained in it. Then where is the need
to learn other mantras that follow AUM ?
Master : True ! AUM contains everything but other
lessons are meant to unfold the complex fabrication
of this unique sound called AUM(pranava mantra).
Disciple : Do you mean that AUM is not just a sound
but has lot of inner meaning to it?
Master : Exactly !