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Off The Cuff Utterances

"the AUM chanting begins from the
pelvis and end in the forehead "

pranava mantra
Part - 7

Chanting is not about just the sound of AUM mantra made loud, but it also involves quite a bit of participation from breath and physical body too. AUM is like a thread that weaves body, breath and mind together and integrate them. The body, breath and mind are always active but independent of each other. When AUM is recited, they all come together and that's the beginning of meditation.

Disciple : I think I understand now what you say !
Master : But this is only the beginning !
Disciple : But please explain more on this integrity?
Master : What has been always active is now introduced
with a synchronized activity like chanting AUM and as
a result the body, breath and mind connect to the self
more easily than before !

There are particular ways to bring this integrity of BBM (body, breath, mind)which eventually result in exploring the self within. This is the whole idea of any form of chanting. Following are the basic steps during such preparation..

1. keep the body still
2. breathe deep in to the lungs (as if it reached the abdomen)
3. release the breath with the sound AUM
4. Focus your mind as you do all of this.

Disciple : what the mind should actually focus on ?
Master : It has been always focused on something
externally, but now focus on the body and breath !
Disciple : Ok ! but if the mind goes out again ?
Master : Bring it back !

When the mind focus on the body, breath along with the sound, the remarkable thing happens. Your mind seem to suddenly let go all that it has been hanging on to. It suspends all its actions and become quiet.

Disciple : Perhaps it start exploring the inner self ?
Master : That sounds like some activity !
Disciple : Is it not an activity ?
Master : The more and more mind stops being active
the deeper it enters in to your own self !
Disciple : Is it not an activity again?
Master : Its an activity that happens in total
suspension of all activities by the mind !