More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Name and Form are wrappers that
hide Truth from your vision "

nama - rupa
Part - 2

If Name can distort Truth, the Form can divide it further. You are seeing this world as only shapes and sizes or as forms. Each form has a name and these two variables can hijack the Truth completely out of your sight. Every thing which has a name has a unique shape and size too. Hence your seeing gets divided whe you move around the world.

Disciple : How does just seeing the shapes divide my seeing?
Master : The various shapes gives you an illusion that they
are all different from each other.
Disciple : But aren't they different from each other?
Master : Apprently yes, but inherently they are same !
Disciple : Do you mean my chair and table are one and the same ?
Master : Outwardly they are different but the source is from the wood only !
Disciple : But how can me and the chair Im sitting be the same ?
Master : You came from your father's seed and your chair came from tree
which also come from a seed. Both seeds came from earth only !

The source of this whole universe is one and the same but when it manifested as the universe, it multiplied. Just as a single seed become many branches and leaves and flowers and fruits of a tree. All humans, animals, plants, plastics, metals, stones, fibres, chemicals, gases, smokes, lights and sounds, everything took shape from one common unchanging factor.

Disciple ; Whats is that one common factor known as ?
Master : Many call it as god. Some say it is consciousness !
Disciple : Then God has many names too !
Master : Thats the irony we have to live with !
Disciple : The God has many forms too ?
Master : The gods with names and forms are essential
to understand that all the forms and names you see
contain the same source. The gods help that way !
Disciple : But in reality does god have any shape ?
Master : It has no any particular shape by itself
but it can take all the shapes and has become
this world of names and forms?
Disciple : Can you give me an example ?
Master : The simple example is water.
It has no shape but can take the shape of
any vessel it enters.
Disciple : I think it is beginning to make sense now !