More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Though creator has no form but is
present in all the forms of its creation"

nama - rupa
Part - 3

Everything in creation has same source and that source is god or creator. But whatever description we may use for creation may fail when we try to describe creator in the same breath. It is man's futile effort to give names and forms to the creator because he is so much used to these two all his life.

Disciple : Now what should I do ? Should I seek the creator
or try not to see the names and forms in creation ?
Master : That's all the same. Both are simultaneous !
Disciple : How come these two different actions can be the same?
Master : When you drop seeing the forms and names then you
naturally begin to see the connectedness of this universe !
Disciple : Is that seeing God or creator too ?
Master : Exactly !

The seeker can never remove the names and forms from the face of this creation. It would exist as long human mind exist too. But surely he has an option to see the forms and names and still comprehend the nameless and formless hidden in creation.

Disciple : Wow ! That sounds fantastic. But how can I do that ?
Master : Firstly let this knowledge sink in well. Then try to
see yourself without a name and form !
Disciple : This is tricky thing now. How do I do that ?
Master : Come to a clear understanding that you are not
just your name or the form or shape you carry !
Disciple : But what is the evidence for that to believe?
I need some proof of understanding !
Master : Simple ! Your name can be changed to anything
and your form can change too on a daily basis, but you
will still remain. You will not disappear when your name
or the form suddenly changed tomorrow !
Disciple : Yes, even If my name changed to Idi Amin,
I would be still eating only raw vegetables for dinner,
I get your point now !

Start with you first. See how much you are identified with your name and form. You need not have to destroy your form or change your name but just look deeper at you beyond your name and form. You would still have a name and form but certainly not bound by it. That's when you begin to see beyond the name and form in others and in creation too.

" Name and Form are wrappers that
hide Truth from your vision "

nama - rupa
Part - 2

If Name can distort Truth, the Form can divide it further. You are seeing this world as only shapes and sizes or as forms. Each form has a name and these two variables can hijack the Truth completely out of your sight. Every thing which has a name has a unique shape and size too. Hence your seeing gets divided whe you move around the world.

Disciple : How does just seeing the shapes divide my seeing?
Master : The various shapes gives you an illusion that they
are all different from each other.
Disciple : But aren't they different from each other?
Master : Apprently yes, but inherently they are same !
Disciple : Do you mean my chair and table are one and the same ?
Master : Outwardly they are different but the source is from the wood only !
Disciple : But how can me and the chair Im sitting be the same ?
Master : You came from your father's seed and your chair came from tree
which also come from a seed. Both seeds came from earth only !

The source of this whole universe is one and the same but when it manifested as the universe, it multiplied. Just as a single seed become many branches and leaves and flowers and fruits of a tree. All humans, animals, plants, plastics, metals, stones, fibres, chemicals, gases, smokes, lights and sounds, everything took shape from one common unchanging factor.

Disciple ; Whats is that one common factor known as ?
Master : Many call it as god. Some say it is consciousness !
Disciple : Then God has many names too !
Master : Thats the irony we have to live with !
Disciple : The God has many forms too ?
Master : The gods with names and forms are essential
to understand that all the forms and names you see
contain the same source. The gods help that way !
Disciple : But in reality does god have any shape ?
Master : It has no any particular shape by itself
but it can take all the shapes and has become
this world of names and forms?
Disciple : Can you give me an example ?
Master : The simple example is water.
It has no shape but can take the shape of
any vessel it enters.
Disciple : I think it is beginning to make sense now !

" Two things that separate you
from God are the Name and the Form"

nama - rupa
Part - 1

Did you notice everything around you has a name ? Just about everything, computer, keyboard, printer, table, wall clock, hands, legs, sky, stars, sun and all the rest. Can you imagine anything in the world without a name? Even a child is named much before its birth. If its not named properly by a single name even as it is born then it may end up having different names called by different people.

Disciple : That's why I call myself Anamika (nameless),
when someone asks me. I even sign like that in public forums.
Master : That's a beautiful name indeed.
Anamika is a popular Indian name always !
Disciple : So what can I do now?
Everything needs a name it seems !
Master : Exactly, that's the point !
Disciple : What should I do to not having a name?
Master : Nothing. Just understand that the name is NOT you !

The problem is not with the name but your identification with it. When you see a thing you just don't see it as it is, but always associate it with its name. When the name enters your perception then it corrupts the way you look at it. You see more than what is actually there and this difference between whet IS actually there and what is seen by you causes trouble to your understanding of life.

Disciple : I always thought, whats in a name after all ?
Master : Its not just the name but its whole attribution
that goes with it. The name includes the description also !
Disciple : Oh its getting more difficult for me now !
Master : Suppose if I say the name 'car' what are the
things that come to your mind ?
Disciple : Come to think of it, I get so many thoughts on car !
Master : Fair enough, just tell me a few !
Disciple : 1. My car has become old
2. My dream is car is a BMW.
3. The guy who parks his car in my lot has to be warned.
4. This is not the ideal time to sell my car.

Its the same with every name that you know. The name does not limit just to the object but expands to its attributions too. House, traffic, Friend, office, money, news, movie and you can just pick any of them, they all will unwind volumes of information inside your head. In Vedanta literature, this Nama and Rupa are said to be the weapons wielded by Maya to cast a spell on humans and keep them under illusions.

Disciple : I never thought just a name
could spell so much distress !
Master : Its not over yet, because we
have not explored about its accomplice !
Disciple : Who is that if I may ask ?
Master : Rupa or simply known as form !
Disciple : You mean shapes and sizes ?
Master : Precisely, its yet another
exciting but silent demon that
keeps you away from truth !