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Narayana Suktam - 17


Disciple : It seems like a long way to God realization for me ?
Master : What gives you such an impression?
Disciple : I think I still pray to God at times !
Master : So how does it matter ?
Disciple : When will I cross all the steps and realize God?
Master : If you are willing, it could happen this very moment !

verse 14
Narayanaya vidmahe vasudevaya dhimahi,
Tanno Vishnu prachodayaat

narayanaya - (the Truth called) Narayana
vidmahe - (may we) explore
vasudevaya - (the ultimate) God
dhimahi - (may we) meditate upon
tanno vishnu - (supreme consciousness) Vishnu
prachodayaat - (may) guide us to reach (Narayana)

summary - may we explore the Truth called Narayana
May we meditate upon the supreme consciousness Vishnu
who may guide us to reach the ultimate goal Narayana.

Lord Vishnu in dynamic sleep

Disciple : To realize God, one should have grace of God?
Master : True, it cant happen otherwise !
Disciple : Why cant God give me the grace ?
Master : It is for you to draw grace from God !
Disciple : How do I do that ?
Master : By being available to grace !
Disciple : How do I make my self available?
Master : Read all the episodes from the start
and if you really understood what you read,
that moment you are beginning to make yourself
available to the grace of God !

Narayana Suktam - 16

"God is both form and formless and to choose
only one of them is to remain incomplete "

Part - 16

All the forms seen by you including your own body came from the same formless source. It means that all the forms are equally divine as the formless. while Vedas begin with the glorification of forms at the start, but ends with chapters dedicated to the formless. Anyone who pulled out any odd page and tried to understand the entire Vedic scripture is going to be misled and confused. This is the plight of most people today who question the manifold approach of Vedas.

Disciple : I am so confused whether to accept the idols or not as real !
Master : Both ways you are wrong. You neither accept them nor reject them !
Disciple : What should I do then ?
Master : Understand them that they are only reminders that all
the forms you see are nothing but divine expressions !
Disciple : What should be my attitude when I see idols ?
Master : An attitude of reverence because they tell you
all the forms are necessary for you to know the formless !

ritam satyam param brahma purusham Krishna pingalam,
oordhwaretam viroopaksham vishwa roopaya vai namo namaha

ritam - cause for forms
satyam - present forever
param - ultimate
brahma - collective consciousness
purusham - (of) creator
krishna - darkness (of night)
pingalam - red sun (of the day)
oordhwaretam - up right
viroopaksham - having a third eye (of intuitiveness)
vishwa rupaya - the manifested world
namo namaha - salutations

Salutations to the ultimate consciousness
manifesting as many forms in this world during both
dark night and bright day which contains the Truth.

Disciple : Whats the significance of the dark
night and bright day spiritually ?
Master : Dark night represent the formless
and day light represent all forms !
Disciple : Should I recognize both as important in my life ?
Master : Yes, in darkness the differences are
not visible so its formless and in the day time
the differences are vividly visible so its all about forms.
You should be able to see divinity in both
in order to find fulfillment in life !

Defining God ( Narayana Suktam - 15 )

"greatness of the Vedic wisdom is that it does not
restrict truth to a single God or a single religion"

Part - 15

The many Gods that occupy the vedic chapters are only functional aspects of life in this world. Vedas encourage the seeker to see the presence of divinity in every aspect of life while he is living now. It is this basic tenet of vedas in defining God where the seeker is enabled to experience higher realms of consciousness now and here without delay.

Disciple : The many Gods represent many paths?
Master : Many Gods represent many possibilities !
Disciple : What possibilities are they ?
Master : Possibilities to rise in the realm of consciousness !

verse 12

tasya shikhaya madhye paramatma vyavastitaha
sa brahma sa shiva sa hari sendra sokshara parama swaraat

tasya - that
shikhaya - flame
madhye - in the center
paramatma - universal consciousness
vyavastitaha - is located

summary - In the center of the flame of the heart,
the essence of the universe is present.

Disciple : Is the Consciousness not present in other places?
Master : It is present everywhere but in the heart
of the heart it is present at it most subtlest form !
Disciple : Is it my own personal Consciousness too ?
Master : Consciousness is never personal but it gives
an impression that there is personal Consciousness !
Disciple : Does everyone have similar Consciousness?
Master : Yes, everything including animals and plants
contain the same Consciousness !
Disciple : Upon death it would move away ?
Master : Upon death the body and mind move away
and the Consciousness remains wherever it is !

sa brahma - it is (the source of)brahma
sa shiva - it is (the source of) shiva
sa hari - it is (the source of) hari
sendra - it is (the source of) indra
sokshara - it is (the source of) akshara
parama - it is the ultimate
swaraat - ungoverned by anything.

summary - This Consciousness is the essence of all gods like
brahma, shiva, hari, indra, akshara and is not under any one's control.

Disciple : So even the Gods have the same consciousness as me?
Master : Exactly. Even the Gods are various
manifestations of the same Consciousness only.
Disciple : Whats the difference between God and Consciousness?
Master : Consciousness is un manifest Truth and Gods are
instrumental factors in manifesting the Truth of Consciousness.
Disciple : I think I understood but not exactly !
Master : Does not matter, keep contemplating and
it may just dawn upon you someday soon.

"since God created the world of good and
bad, it stands far above the good and bad"

narayana suktam
Part - 14

If God created this universe, then God is certainly something more than creation itself. God existed even before its "creation". The creation is good or bad is not a clear idea to anyone. Sometimes when you are in trouble the creation of this world may look like a wrong idea. But its all perfectly fine when everything seem to go right for you. The good and bad are such slippery ideas that God cannot be trapped into it. Perhaps since God has been the instrumental in driving people to define good and bad, we must grant God as someone who is beyond both.

Disciple : So God is neither good nor bad?
Master : In fact nothing in creation is good or bad !
Disciple : Is it not sunlight and rains are good?
Master : May be till certain limit and when it shines
or rains beyond a point you may start cursing them !
Disciple : Good and bad do not apply to nature?
Master : Your good and bad does not remain the same
at another point of time in your life !

verse 11 - defining god

neelatoyadhamadhyasta dvidyullekheva bhaaswara
neevarashookavatanvee peetabhaswatyanupama

neela toyadha - the dark cloud
madhyasthad - in the middle
vidyullekheva (vidyut+lekha+eva) -
like a streak of lightening
bhaswaraa -
neevarashookavat -
like the tip of a paddy grain
tanvee -
sharp and subtle
peeta -
golden hue
anupama -
subtle like atom
bhaswati -

Summary -
Like a silver lining in a dark cloud, God is present in a very subtle form(like the tip of a paddy grain) shining with golden hue.

is God really good ?

Disciple : If God is not good then God can be bad?
Master : That's my question to you !
Disciple : I don't understand this really !
Master : If you say God is good then you mean
God is actually not bad. Am I right ?
Disciple : Yes, you just said it !
Master : Which means you are saying that
God can actually be bad but presently is good ?
Disciple : I never thought that way !
Master : That's OK, anything which is good
now can be bad at other times !

" you can neither forget nor remember God "

narayana suktam
Part - 13

God is not just a name or a person to remember or forget. God is not a memory of a distant past event or of someone who lived in the dead past. Memorizing God's name can bring peace to the flustered mind but will never help realize God. Its a reality which keeps this existence throbbing now at this time, every time. Narayana is just the name of that reality, which cannot be accessed by any memory, but only by razor sharp easy awareness, just about everything you are in touch with now.

Disciple : Is it a waste of time to memorize the many mantras ?
Master : Its not a necessity. You can do it without memorizing
anything except some emergency telephone numbers !
Disciple : I see many people who recite mantras from memory ?
Master : Let them recite, if you keep reciting they get memorized
on their own in you. You don't have to try hard and remember them !

verse 10 - defining god

tiryagoordhwa madhash sayee rasmayas tasya santata
santapayati swam deha mapada tala mastakaha
tasya madhye vahni shikha aneeryordhwa vyavasthitaha

tiryag - crisscrossing
urdhwam - upwards
adha - downwards
shayee - spread (everywhere)
rashmayaha - rays
tasya - that (flame)
santata - pervading always

summary - That flame is crisscrossing from upwards,
downwards and spreads its rays everywhere all the time.

Disciple : Can this flame be called Consciousness?
Master : Yes, it can be called that way !
Disciple : So the Consciousness is like a flame ?
Master : The flame does not exist, its only a imagery !
Disciple : Though not seen, still it functions pretty
much like the descriptions in the above verse?
Master : Yes, it pervades in every direction. But
it has a place of origin as heart where it apparently begins !

The rays of the heart pervading everywhere

santapayati - warms up
swam deham - your body
apaada - from foot
tala - (to) the tip of head
mastakaha - everything

summary - (that flame) keeps the human body
warm and alive from head to toe always.

tasya madhya - in the center (of the heart)
vahni - firey
shikha - flame
aneeyordhwa - standing gently
vyawastitaha - placed.

summary - this fiery flame is gently burning in
the center of the spiritual heart.

Disciple : It amazing to know that something so close
but still everyone is searching for it everywhere else?
Master : The burning flame in the heart in fact drives
the senses and humans to search everywhere else !
Disciple : Why it is that way ?
Master : Perhaps Narayana is having some fun !

" a believer of God may never find God "

narayana suktam

Part - 12

A believer keeps believing that there is a God and stop seeking and finding the same. A believer of God usually lives in a fantasy world created by his own limited mind about God. In contrast to a non believer who has a slim chance of questioning the existence of God and as a result might find some day. A believer stagnates on the path with his self glorification and end up as a loser.

Disciple : Oh my God ! I have been so proud that I have been a believer !
Master : That pride alone is what you get and nothing else !
Disciple : But at least I am not having difficulties with the existence
of God as I already believe in it unlike the non- believer ?
Master : If you thought a life without difficulties is what
one has to achieve on the spiritual path then you have a point there !
Disciple : Then is it about having difficulties on the path ?
Master : Neither, but to rise above the difficulty and know the divinity !

verse 9
- defining god

tasya madhye mahanagnirvishwachir vishwatomukhaha
sograbhugvibhajantishtannaharamajara kavihi

tasye madhye - in the center (of the lotus like heart)
maha agni - the great flame
vishwachi - spreading its light
vishwatomukhaha - in all the directions

summary - In the center of the heart, the flame is
spreading its light in all directions.

Disciple : To believe what you said just now is wrong ?
Master : Its neither right nor wrong but if you only
believe what I said now then you are incomplete in your
understanding about God !
Disciple : So what should I do instead of believing it ?
Master : You should try to realize it for your self

flames of a spiritual heart (imagery)

sograbhug - (this flame is) the actual consumer
vibhajan - and then distributes (as energy)
ahaaram - of the food (you eat)
tishtan - and remains steady
ajara - also remains unattached
kavihi - and as the knower of all

summary - This sacred flame consumes the food you eat and then distributes equally to all parts of your body and sustains life in it. However this flame remains steady and unattached to your body while knowing it and supporting it all the time.

Disciple : How do I realize this flame ?
Master : is it a problem to you ?
Disciple : Somehow believing seem easier !
Master : Do you believe your hunger when you have it ?
Disciple : How I can believe my hunger? Its so real !
Master : How would you know when there is hunger in you ?
Disciple : I just know it, I guess I realize it !
Master : Well, do the same with this flame of existence in you !

"below the heart man is like an animal
and above the heart he is like God"

narayana suktam
Part - 11

Spiritual heart is link between man's animal tendencies and divine propositions. The copulation, accumulation, fear, survival are the priorities of a man when he functions from below the heart. He is known to be spiritual only when he begin to express from his heart center. For the first time the man begin to feel and express love instead of competition and comparison, when his energies rise to the heart center.

verse 8 - defining god

Santatagam shilabhistu lambatya kosha sannibham,
Tasyante sushiragam sookshmam tasmin sarvam pratishtitam.

santatagam - from all (four) directions
shilabhihi - the nervous system
lambati - hanging
akosha sannibham - lotus flower like heart

summary - the lotus like heart is hanging with the help of all the nerves running from all the directions (ending at the center of the chest).

Disciple : Sometimes you said that the highest form of energy is
flowing at the top of the head, now you mention as the heart region?
Master : The energy is same. But at heart it is a raw energy
and when it is processed at the head it becomes very subtle
and refined energy. But in essence its the same energy !
Disciple : I understand that now. The mode of functioning
keep changing at different parts of the body ?
Master : Very well said !

(the symbolic image of a lotus indicating the spiritual heart)

tasya ante - inside that (heart)
sushiragam - very minutely
sukshmam - very subtly
tasmin sarvam - (source of) everything
pratishtitam - is located.

summary - In a very subtle manner the very origin of this creation is present inside the spiritual heart of your body.

Disciple : Is it the same with every spiritual heart of everyone ?
Master : Yes, structurally its the same with everyone !
Disciple : Why only some come to know it ?
Is it a kind of disappointment with the
world which drives them to search
for this spiritual heart !
Master : Disappointed people will only search for solace
or solution. But only those who are disenchanted with what
world has to offer, can actually explore the spiritual heart !

"Narayana pervades the whole human body
but some parts seem more divine than rest"

narayana suktam
Part - 10

Truth is encompassing the whole manifested universe but certainly some places and times, seem to vibrate more with the obvious spiritual energy. Early morning hours can be very suitable for spiritual contemplations. In fact just after a good cold shower the mind is more amicable and well behaved. Places of worship where people come with a more quieter minds also are ideal places for mediation and seeking Truth. Wearing plain clothes without too many frills and colors triggers similar contemplative nature. Eating plain food without spice or meat also can help a seeker become more restful to recognize his true nature.

Verse 7 - defining god ( divine hub of human body)

Adho nishtya vitastyaante nabhyam upari thishtati,
Jwalamaalaakulam bhati viswasya ayatanam mahat

adho nishtya vitastyaante - downwards adam's apple in half a foot distance
The description of the location of divine spark in human body begins with opening lines which is direct without ambiguity. Measuring half a foot's distance, downward from the adam's apple is the first pointer.

nabhyam upari tishtati - located half a foot above the naval
Its also the same distance from the naval upwards at half a foot, at a equidistant from adam's apple and the naval, the divine space is vibrating quietly.

Disciple : If its a flame burning, then who started this flame?
Master : A flame is just symbolic representation !
Disciple : So it is some kind of object present there?
Master : In fact there is NOTHING present there !
Disciple : How can such a NOTHING be the divine spark?
Master : Because it is dormant with all the creativity !

jwaalamaalaakulam bhaati - (essence of god) is surrounded by string of flames
Located between the two chests, half a foot equidistant from adam's apple and the naval, atma (the essence of god) is protected by a string of flames burning.

vishwasya ayatanam mahat - the source of the whole universe has taken abode within
The divine spark is present in everyone whether recognized or not, those who don't recognize remain unconnected with their own self and as a result will be buffeted by the onslaught of a superfluous thought current.

Disciple : I am wondering if there is a flame burning
in the center of my body, how come I don't get the
burning sensation ?
Master : They are not real burning flames but only a
imagery to explain the presence of the inexplicable !
Disciple : If it is present there does it mean its not
present elsewhere in the human body ?
Master : Not really ! Its present everywhere, but
various parts of body has various grades of
sensitivity. This part is the most sensitive of all !

"God is a nothing and at the same time everything"

narayana suktam
Part - 9

God is most peculiar entity in whole of creation. Here, there and everywhere, yet the seeker has to 'search' and 'attain' this God. If you thought God has a plan behind this hide and seek game, then most certainly not. There is never any hiding or seeking needed to know God in the land of Truth. Everything you sense is God already, but you refuse to acknowledge instead position an imaginary God too far away from you. This is sheer ignorance.

Disciple : Who causes this ignorance ?
Master : Ignorance is not an effect of something !
Disciple : Is it not God helping some people to
get enlightened and others not ?
Master : God cannot help anyone
but people can derive help from God !
Disciple : My little hope of seeing God is now getting shaken.
Please tell me if God has any role to play in my life ?
Master : The fact you separate God from your life
has caused your ignorance about God !

Verse-6 - defining god

anantam avyayam kavim samudrentam vishwasambhuvam
padmakosha prateekasham hrudayam chapyado mukam

anantam - endless
God is endless which also means that God is beginningless. Narayana has no particular starting point or ending point. Since Narayana is present everywhere, happens to be present in you too, whether you know it or not.

avyayam - beyond destruction
Narayana cannot be destroyed because there is nothing bigger than narayana to do so. Besides that the truth is that there is nothing other Narayana alone is present everywhere in so many forms.

kavim - the source of all knowing
All that everybody can know everywhere is supported by Narayana. Without Narayana the knowing even the location of keys on the computer is not possible.

samudrentam - present even at the deepest point under ocean
If you thought God lives only on high mountains like Himalayas, then you make it sound as if God has allergy for oceans. But highest and deepest points are equally pervaded by Narayana.

Disciple : So If I dive in to ocean I can see Narayana there ?
Master : You may see a whole new world, all contain Narayana in them !
Disciple : Is there a place I can see Narayana exclusively in this world?
Master : Every place, everything you see is exclusively Narayana alone !

vishwa shambhuvam - enabler of the world to function
If the universe is never running out of gas the credit, must go to Narayana. Unlike man made gas stations, Narayana never dries up this massive machinery running day and night without break.

Location of Narayana in human body

hrudayam cha api- the spiritual heart
Located at the center portion of human torso, between two chests, this spiritual heart contains the most subtlest aspect of Narayana.

do mukham - facing downwards
this spiritual heart looking down (as if due to the weight)

padma kosha pratikashakam - tender bud of lotus flower
The spiritual heart is like a very tenderly lotus bud with very soft petals located right within your self. Using that portion of the body to meditate helps to quieten the mind, in order to comprehend the all pervasive Narayana.

Disciple : Now as you describe the location of Narayana
I'm more hopeful again to see Narayana in my meditation !
Master : When you reach to the point of this spiritual
heart, the same world you see now will reveal to you
the manifestation of same Narayana !
Disciple : Do you mean I cant see Narayana inside my heart?
Master : Certainly not !

"narayana is not a noun but verb"

narayana suktam

Part - 8

Narayana is not a name but a description. Its a state of being. Being is not a noun but a dynamic on going existence. But the same Narayana gives life to all the nouns too. A River is a noun but when Narayana enters in it, then it becomes "flowing'. The nouns are only manifested Narayana and the nouns are empowered by same Narayana to function and perform.

verse 5 - defining god

Yachcha kinchid jagat sarvam drusyate sruyatepi vaa,
Antarbahischa tatsarvam vyapya narayana stitaha

yat tha kinchid - Whatever that is tangible
The creation is generally known by its tangibility. Everything the senses can comprehend is usually called the creation.

jagat sarvam - this whole manifested universe
Everything that can be congized by the senses is called as Jagat. Some religions refuse to call the manifested world as part of God and isolate the divinity divorced from the manifested world as a exclusive entity.

Disciple : Do you mean that God is not accepted as seen by eyes?
Master : Yes, they consider God to be always a unseen entity !
Disciple : What is the problem in that?
Master : When you push divinity as unseen then all that is seen
loses divinity and as a result there is no reverence possible !
Disciple : What is the loss if there is no reverence for creation?
Master : When there is no reverence for creation then it may result
in destruction of this creation !

drusyate sruyatepi vaa - all that is seen and heard
The sense of seeing and hearing are the most powerful cognizing faculties which are most active through out the waking hours. The sense of touch can overpower when triggered and cause catapult the supreme positioning of seeing and hearing when, skin start to respond to touch.

Disciple : How does the skin over power the seeing and hearing?
Master : When it is too hot and if the skin is burning, then the
seeing and hearing may not function exactly the same but little
differently. Whatever you see or hear in a burning
condition can irritate you or get you mad !
Disciple : True, is it the same with extreme cold temperature ?
Master : Yes when its too cold, you not want curl up and go to sleep !
Besides when lust is triggered by skin, the seeing and hearing may
lose their balance and one can behave in a erratic manner at that time!

Antarbahischa - inner and outer
Narayana is not just hidden somewhere far away from the manifested world but is present in everything in the external world.

tat sarvam - everything

vyapya narayana stitaha - Pervaded state of Narayana
Narayana does not belong to a state. Neither solid nor liquid but a stateless state. It is both moving and unmoving, seen and the unseen, heard and the unheard, inside and outside, dead and alive.

Disciple : This is where the difficulty rises !
Master : Difficulty of what ?
Disciple : In understanding the nature of Narayana !
Master : That's why Narayana should not be understood !
Disciple : Why Narayana should not be understood?
Master : Because mind cannot comprehend all pervasiveness !
Disciple : So what should I do ?
Master : Shut up, sit down and BE !

"while most scriptures advocate praying and worshipping
of God, only Vedas talk about invoking God from within"

narayana suktam
Part - 7

The sophistication of Vedic approach towards God is far more subtler and supreme in class and character. But a restless reader will always conclude with first few lessons of Vedas as childish and drift away impatiently losing out on the most precious wisdom gushing from it eventually.

Disciple : But why the first few lessons are childish
or gross in the Vedic portions regarding God ?
Master : Its not a mistake of Vedas but it is the compassion
of Vedas to start that way in a grosser manner !
Disciple : Compassion for whom ?
Master : For the seeker who is gross in his understanding
at the beginning of his spiritual learning !

Verse 4 - defining God

Narayana paro jyothiratma narayana paraha
Narayana para brahma tatwam narayana paraha
Narayana paro dhyata dhyanam Narayana paraha

narayana para - the supreme Truth called narayana
Narayana is the most sought after Truth by anyone. Narayana alone is called in so many different names by different people in different religions. While some realize Narayana as one's own self, others perhaps out of ignorance see Narayana as a God worshipped in temples and miss out on the Truth.

jyotiratma - enlivening all lives
Stars, suns and galaxies are not great by themselves but because of the life force present in them. Humans are not the most advanced race unless all their faculties are empowered and enlivened by the same vital force. That vital force is Narayana.

brahma tatwam - the all pervading principle
Whether creation or dissolution in the whole universe, Narayana is one singular factor present all the time without being created or dissolved. That Narayana alone is the Truth and to comprehend that Narayana is ultimate human desire.

Disciple ; But every religion is saying the same
that there God alone is the most supreme ?
Master : While they speak of their God, Narayana
does not belong to any particular religion or
region but is all encompassing which leaves every
other religion and its God totally oblivious !

dhyata dhyanam - meditator and the object of mediation is Narayana
The ultimate Truth is pronounced in these two simple looking words. Narayana is present inherently in both the meditator and the object of meditation. In other words it means that the meditator does not travel anywhwere as a spiritual journey to attain something new but only realizes from where he is sitting that this while universe contains the same Narayana no matter whatever he may choose to meditate upon.

"it is your need to search for a God
and God does not have such a need"

narayana suktam
Part - 6

Searching for something is primarily an indication of a incomplete mind. It runs everywhere seeking for something to make itself complete. It presently feels half and looks for other half just to feel a sense of completeness. Money, power, social contacts, marriage, family, work, religion, spiritual life are some of the ways it tries to fix the other missing half. God on the other hand is already complete and has no need to search for anything because there is nothing missing in God.

Verse 3 - Defining God

pathim vishwasyatmeshwaram sashwatham shivamachyutam
narayanam mahajneyam vishwatmanam parayanam

pathim vishwasya - The governor of the universe
Being present everywhere and as if hidden in just about everything, God is described as the governor because God seem to be the inherent force which drives this universe to function the way it does now.

atma eshwaram - positioned as god of individuals too
Though drives the whole universe, still accessible to individuals at a more personal level makes this God a more inexplicable.

Disciple : I have a question at this point?
Master : Ok ! go ahead with your question !
Disciple : You said God has no need to search anything
but does God have any questions about humanity ?
Master : God cannot question anything because
whatever happens is only because of the God !
Disciple : God may have answers then ?
Master : Questioning and then finding answers is
all plain human endeavor and God is present in you
when you raise a question and is present again when
you find a suitable answer from somewhere !

shashwatam - always present
While everything is born and dead in this universe, God factor is quietly supporting all the changes without changing itself, this way its always present before and after any change happened.

shivam - full of auspiciousness
though present everywhere but still not available to everyone, God is such a rarity and anything absolutely rare is auspicious too. Besides, God seem to be the ultimate goal for humanity which automatically makes God a very auspicious by default.

atchyutam - holding tightly
Sustaining the Universe from falling but keep it running endlessly. Keeping stars and moons and suns on the endless skies as if studded everywhere makes God more gripping aspect of life than anything we ever know.

Disciple : Yes its a wonder how the stars and all the
planets are in their axis always without getting shuffled !
Master : The fact you can stand steady without falling is even
greater wonder which is handy work of the same God !
The breath to enter back into your nostrils without fail
all the time is a sure evidence how God holds everything together !
Disciple : Then why someday the breath stop going inside ?
Master : God must have decided to give a break finally that day !

mahajneyam - most worthy thing to know
You may try to know anything in the world but nothing can make you feel full and complete except knowing God. Thats ultimate knowing.

Disciple : Does it mean that I would not want to know
anything anymore because I come to know God ?
Master : You may not bother about what you know
and what you may not know once you know God !

vishwatmanam - the source of everything in this universe
The various objects in the universe have same source. They all srpung from the same source. Like hundreds of sparks thrown from fire works in the sky. all the sparks come from the same source. The vedic example is more beautiful, like all the waves rise from the same oceans and drop and die in the same ocean. Infact the waves are nothing different from the ocean. All the waves in the ocean, including the ocean contains the same source called water.

parayanam - best place to abide
This source is the best object of abidance for any seeker who is looking for the missing parts of his happiness and fulfillment. Abiding in such a inherent God brings fulfillment and freedom.

" true God is beyond any religion and
only Vedas have the courage to say that"

narayana suktam
Part - 5

verse 2 defining God

Vishwata paramanithyam vishwam narayanam harim,
Vishwamevedam purusha stadvishwa mupajeevati

vishwata - Beyond this manifested world
God is not just down to earth, in you and me but is present in whole universe and in fact is even beyond this manifested world, as if unseen to the naked eyes.

Disciple : In some religions they say
God is only in heaven and not on earth ?
Master : That's just incomplete understanding.
Vedas declare there is only one God and its
all pervading. From here to everywhere !
Disciple : This God Narayana is in heaven also?
Master : Its present in the hell and even beyond that !
Disciple : Does hell and heaven exist ?
Master : Only ignorant people out of delusion
divide the one truth as many while in the same
breath talk of ONE God !

paramath - the ultimate
God as truth is bigger than the biggest and subtler than the subtlest. It is the most supreme.

nityam - ever present
Gods feature in most religions are limited and are stuck up in some heaven. But this Narayana is unlimited and hence is forever.

vishwam narayam harim - (manifested) as world and is present in the same world.
Unlike Gods described in most religions, the vedic description is the most finest description ever, where God not only created this world but is also present in it all the time.

vishwamevedam purusha
- (Narayana) is this whole Universe modified in so many shapes and sizes.

tadvishwa mupajeevati - (Narayana) brought life to this whole creation, without whom it would be a dead place.

Disciple : Should I worship Narayana or pray to Narayana ?
Master : They both are totally alien to the Vedic traditions.
Instead you should meditate upon such all pervading Truth !
Disciple : I thought worshipping is very much prevalent in Vedic traditions?
Master : Never. The prayer and worship concepts came from middle
eastern traditions and influenced the Vedic traditions a great deal !
Disciple : Then what was in practice among those
who followed the Vedic culture in the early days ?
Master : They only invoked the divinity and meditated upon !

"God is still away from you even if you
understood so well about who God is "

narayana suktam
Part - 4

The verses describing God.
Sahasra seersham devam viswaksham viswa sambhuvam.
Viswam narayanam devam aksharam paramam padam

sahasra seersham - God has thousands of heads.
All heads of humans and animals are functioning pretty much same way structurally. Through those heads God can see, smell, taste, touch, feel differently.

- that which illumines
Universe is a big sheet of darkness. But if you see sparkling suns and stars in many galaxies, then they are illumined by consciousness or God.

vishwaksham - ability to experience this world
If you see, smell, hear, taste and touch anything in this world, then its God who made it possible(not you).

vishwa shambhuvam - functioning of the universe
sustaining the universe while holding the various planets in their orbit, God (not you) runs this universe without any weekend breaks.

vishwam - as the world
God as creator created this world and entered into it while creating it. Like when water kept in the tray becomes Ice cube inside fridge, creator became solid as universe from a gaseous unseen entity.

narayanam - residing in humans
Creator also called as Narayana is present within humans.

Disciple : I have a doubt here !
Master : And whats that ?
Disciple : You said Narayana is present everywhere
but now you say only in humans?
Master : Only humans can be aware of such a thing thats why !
Disciple : I got it now !

aksharam - indestructible
The Creator or Consciousness or God (Narayana here) is not subjected to any destruction. It only modifies itself in different forms. But it may appear as destruction and creation to a limited mind.

Disciple : If a building is destroyed then narayana will vacate from it ?
Or if a person die, narayana will not be inside him any more ?
Master : Without Narayana building cannot be destroyed or
a man cannot die. Narayana facilitates such things by being there !
Disciple : Why God should destroy at all?
Master : Destrution and Creation is human interpretation but
Narayana only modifies from one to another form !

paramam padam
- the ultimate state
the state where humans can be in total awareness of this creator or God called Narayana.

Disciple : What state is that and is it located in Himalayas?
Master : It is the most quietest state of your mind. It is located
nearer than your own breath and thoughts in you !

"defining God is to distort God"

narayana suktam
Part - 3

What exactly is God? Is God a he or she or it? How does God look and feel like? God is good or bad? Can God protect and nourish my life? Can God shower love and compassion on me? God can show me a way ? Will God lift me on his shoulders when I cant walk? Can God provide all that I ask for?

Disciple : Exactly, these are all my questions in fact !
Master : Not just yours but everyone asks the same !
Disciple : I am happy that I am not alone that way !
Master : More you know God more alone you become !

God is most alone entity of the universe. Because according to Vedas, there is nothing other than God present. Even created world is occupied by same God. In every bit of creation there is presence of same God. Vedas describe such a God in so many names depending upon situations.

Disciple : But can God really protect me ?
Master : Instead I can tell you what God does not do !
God does not...
protect you
destroy you
show mercy on you
shower love on you
punish you
award merit to you
show path to you
extend your life
fight your enemies
pay your bills
avoid accidents
take you to heaven
send you to hell
get you rich
make you poor
help you make babies
find good school for your children
chase bad neighbors
Disciple : Then what else he does ? I'm totally shattered now !
Master : God just facilitates all of these through you and others !
Disciple : But others not independent of God you said !
Master : Exactly, If so, then why you depend on God for all that?

God cannot discriminate right from wrong. The discrimination faculty belong only to human mind. No doubt, even mind is just a manifestation of same God but these actions are never originated from God but only from human mind. God only make action happen, but does not originate action.

nara = human
ayana = to reside
narayana = that which resides in human

Narayana Suktam
Part - 2

Gods in Indian tradition are very colorful and full of stories. They resemble and even behave like humans that Gods are almost identifiable by anyone who read them. Vedas have descriptions of how various Gods look and behave too. As if Gods are like your neighbors or a bunch of mysterious relatives.

Disciple : Is it not bringing God to something very worldly and small?
Master : Yes, that's the idea !
Disciple : Please explain for God's sake ?
Master : While most religions talk of God as the distant reality, Vedas
bring them down as one of you and as part of your daily life !
Disciple : Whats the use in such a understanding ?
Master : So that you have reverence for small things in this world and
encounter God in all small insignificant situations in your life !
Disciple : But whats the use in having reverence for human beings ?
Master : So that you don't ill treat them or kill them like dogs !

When you push God too far away from you, then you may lack any mercy for anything you see on earth. This exactly what leads to all the rat race, communal hatred, world wars and the holocaust. The one who cannot appreciate the presence of God on earth can never find God in his life time. He has to wait till he die some day. And sadly there is no guarantee of seeing God after death. Its now and here while alive or possibly never elsewhere.

Disciple : Now I'm under pressure to see God as I cant delay it !
Master : Under pressure you cant see God but must see only a doctor !
Disciple : Perhaps If I try to see God in him ?
Master : Sure, if you can see God in him even after you received
the bill, then you can certainly see God everywhere after that !

The catch in bringing God down to earth is one may just ignore how big the God factor is. We even start to treat God like our newspaper boy and may not comprehend the magnitude of such a God. This is how Vedic Gods are imprisoned at times inside some ancient temples as assumed by people. While bringing God to a sanctum sanctorum helps people to comprehend the Truth at a micro level, such people almost always miss out Godliness of blue expanse spread all around them.

" The mighty God is not a person
but the presence in all persons "

Narayana Suktam
Part - 1


Human beings like clear description about things they dont know. Especially when it comes to God. But thats exactly where in Advaita and Vedanta things can get ambiguous. Infact they can get very contradicting and paradoxical too. Without enough contemplation if one begin to read Vedas, the conclusion can be just obvious, "Gods must be crazy".

Disciple : But why the Vedas cannot define God appropriately ?
Master : Because God cannot be defined. If defined it is not God !
Disciple : But most religions have clear descriptions of God?
Master : May be so, thats why they are popular among masses !

You have to be courageous enough to comprehend God described by the Vedic literature. A kind of courage where you may not be protected even by God. Sort of left abandoned by everything and everyone. Such a state does not occur to many and thats why Advaitic descriptions of God is not understood by many though it appears to have gained popularity globally.

Disciple : But God is meant to protect and care for us?
Master : Thats pretty much the biblical understanding which
came to existence at later period. It also was a instant hit among
people who searched for their soul or God till that point of time !
Disciple : But I cant think of God as something other than protector !
Master : Protect from what ? Anything other than God exist?
Disciple : If not protection, then God creates problems ?
Master : Neither. To feel secure or insecure about God is
one's own making. God does not do either of them !

Its a myth that Vedas described God in the form of human being only. It only indicates that a human being contains the essence of God in himself. In the same breath it also points out gently that human beings are worthy enough of your reverence only because they contain the essence of God in them.

Disciple : Why then there is idol worhsip in Vedic traditions ?
Master : The idols represent the manifest world. You have to
recognize the divinity in the manifested world first inorder to
realize the unmanifest divinity present in the universe !
Disciple : According to Advaita, God is unmanifest or manifest ?
Master : It is both. Thats where the complications begin too !
Await the new series on "Defining Indefinite"
from the master soon here. This topic is based
on the ancient Vedic hymn Narayana Suktam
. - Ed

"If you slept during AUM chanting
you would feel the most refreshed"

pranava mantra
part - 10

While sleep is a curse for most spiritual seekers, it would sound outlandish to know that to sleep during or after a good attempt at meditation is always a blessing. Such a sleep during meditation usually do not last longer. Even if it happened for a short time, still it would be very refreshing.

Disciple : But why do I get sleep when I meditate?
Master : That's because of a heavy backlog of sleep
accumulated many years due to disturbed sleeping !
Disciple : But why does it come during meditation?
Master : When mind is quiet during meditation
it become conducive for the accumulated sleep !
Disciple : To sleep during that timer is not a problem ?
Master : Problem is only when you don't sleep but keep fighting it!

Till the accumulated sleep is totally exhausted meditation will remain as a challenge only. But the uninformed seeker mostly end up fighting the sleep and cursing himself for being sleepy and end up neither doing meditation nor sleeping properly. The best thing to do when sleep comes is to sleep.

Disciple : How long am I to sleep while meditating?
Master : Till the day you stay awake without sleeping !
Disciple : Will such a day come to me any time ?
Master : Yes, without a doubt ! Just you need to have
patience to go through those sleepy sessions of meditation !
Disciple : So meditation helps to sleep well too?
Master : Yes as much as it helps you to awaken someday !

Same meditation process leads to both sleep and awakening too. Those who neither sleep nor awake might get busy with some imaginary and fantasy trips while mediation. Such imaginary meditation can be quite entertaining but seldom it brings awakening to the inner self.

"While chanting AUM if sleep
comes then you better sleep "

pranava mantra
Part - 9

However hard you may try to stay awake during chanting or meditation, the sleep can shatter your efforts and sprawl you on the floor. Not only it defeats your efforts but also leaves you with some sense of guilt for not having done the thing called meditation. Sometimes it leaves you with a defeatist attitude too.

Disciple : When I want to sleep I never get sleep but
when I try to meditate, I get lots of sleep, why is that?
Master : When you 'want' to sleep, you are making effort
but when meditating you stop making efforts, then sleep
enters. Its only a thin line between sleep and meditation !

Sleep and meditation are apparently identical yet there is a distinct difference that can separate them miles apart. While sleep pushes you to ignorance about your surroundings, meditation causes awareness about your being as well as the surroundings.

Disciple : Meditation and sleep are identical?
Master : In fact meditation is the cause and sleep
is the effect although they appear to be identical !
Disciple : How do I understand this better ?
Master : Meditation is the common meeting ground
for both sleep and awareness. One may turn any direction !
Disciple : OK ! I understand that meditation leads to
either sleep or wakefulness. Am I right ?
Master : Yes that's what "awakening" is all about !

True meditation wakes you up to every small movement and sound around you. You can hear the sound more qualitatively than before, you become lot more sharper and subtler than before. You r awakening to the outer world and inner self can be explosive and mind blowing experience too.

Disciple : But why do I fall asleep when I sit for meditation?
Master : For many reasons.
1. Your understanding of meditation and its purpose is incomplete.
2. You don't sleep well usually and left with lots of sleep.
3. Your method of meditation makes your mind dull hence you sleep.
Disciple : Is it wrong to doze off during meditation ?
Master : Not really. Its a natural phenomenon and is ok !
Disciple : What should I do if sleep comes ?
Master : Sleep it off well !

"from lowest pitch to a very high pitch the
chanting of AUM drop again to NOTHING"

pranava mantra
Part- 8

There is some intelligence needed when you repeat the chants of AUM. A skillful deliberation to turn the mind from fleeting to stillness. Subtle variation in pitch is always welcome to keep the mind awake. Totally awake but filled with awareness of the present where the mind and body sync up to the soul within.

Disciple : Whats a pitch and how I can follow it ?
Master : Pitch here is just the tone. You tone down
and tone up while chanting for the variation !
Disciple : Why this variation is necessary ?
Master : If there is no change in tone then mind
can enter in to sleep and inertia !

The purpose of AUM chants is not find peace of mind but to bring a certain awareness and keep the mind awake. In order to make the mind more aware of things around, it is necessary the chants of AUM does not induce sleep. The change in pitch and pace and method of chanting of AUM must be applied constantly to keep the sleeping mind awake.

Disciple : I thought AUM chanting is
meant for peace of mind?
Master : Not exactly ! It is for a
much higher purpose !
Disciple : So peace of mind is not
possible with chanting AUM ?
Master : It may be is possible but
that's not the actual purpose!
Disciple : But If my mind become
peaceful, is it wrong then ?
Master : May be not but if mind is
peaceful then it may go to sleep !

Awareness is the key in exploring the hidden consciousness. But if the mind attains peace, it may lose its subtlety to probe and seek to find the Truth. Using AUM chant for just peace of mind is like using your computer to calculate how many times you ate in a day.

Disciple : The variation in pitch and pace
can help to stay awake and be aware of everything?
Master : It need not be everything but just the Self !
Disciple : That sounds simple ! I am always aware of my self?
Master : Not necessarily. You are only aware of
other things mostly and not so much of yourself !

"the AUM chanting begins from the
pelvis and end in the forehead "

pranava mantra
Part - 7

Chanting is not about just the sound of AUM mantra made loud, but it also involves quite a bit of participation from breath and physical body too. AUM is like a thread that weaves body, breath and mind together and integrate them. The body, breath and mind are always active but independent of each other. When AUM is recited, they all come together and that's the beginning of meditation.

Disciple : I think I understand now what you say !
Master : But this is only the beginning !
Disciple : But please explain more on this integrity?
Master : What has been always active is now introduced
with a synchronized activity like chanting AUM and as
a result the body, breath and mind connect to the self
more easily than before !

There are particular ways to bring this integrity of BBM (body, breath, mind)which eventually result in exploring the self within. This is the whole idea of any form of chanting. Following are the basic steps during such preparation..

1. keep the body still
2. breathe deep in to the lungs (as if it reached the abdomen)
3. release the breath with the sound AUM
4. Focus your mind as you do all of this.

Disciple : what the mind should actually focus on ?
Master : It has been always focused on something
externally, but now focus on the body and breath !
Disciple : Ok ! but if the mind goes out again ?
Master : Bring it back !

When the mind focus on the body, breath along with the sound, the remarkable thing happens. Your mind seem to suddenly let go all that it has been hanging on to. It suspends all its actions and become quiet.

Disciple : Perhaps it start exploring the inner self ?
Master : That sounds like some activity !
Disciple : Is it not an activity ?
Master : The more and more mind stops being active
the deeper it enters in to your own self !
Disciple : Is it not an activity again?
Master : Its an activity that happens in total
suspension of all activities by the mind !

"beginning of AUM you are full of action and
at the end of AUM you enter into inaction "

pranava mantra
Part - 6

The recitation of any mantra involves your body, breath and mind together. Even if one of them is missing in action while you chant, you cant claim your chanting to be complete. The sound of the mantras attain a very special quality when it is made with proper understanding and effort.

Disciple : But you told me meditation is
not about doing anything but just being ?
Master : Well ! the chanting is a BIG job.
A lot of doing is involved!
Disciple : What exactly is "done" during the chanting ?
Master : You breathe deep, vibrate your body
and focus your mind on the sound!
Disciple : That's a lot of action !
Master : Yes for sure. That's why people
get caught up with those actions and forget
to actually be in meditation eventually !

Meditation is a peculiar activity because you begin with some major activity and then suspend it totally to remain doing NOTHING. These are two contradicting stages and most seekers fail to distinguish them and get trapped in to either of them. Chanting AUM too has its own methodology but the advantage in AUM is that the sound is formed in such a way it also ends quite naturally by itself.

Disciple : I understand now that beginning of AUM is
the beginning of all activities and end of AUM is the end
of all activities. Did I say the right thing ?
Master : Yes indeed. You put yourself through some action
when you recite the AUM and when it ends you drop all the
action and stop trying anything but just be as you are !

The difference between activities during meditation and other times is that you are totally focused with what you do while you do meditation and other times you may not be that focused. The chanting of AUM needs a lot of focus and that kind of focus helps you to withdraw from other activities you were involved with till then.

Disciple : Its becoming more and more clearer to me now !
Master : Its important you know the methodology and the
purpose well before you resort to do anything !
Disciple : Your comprehensive explanations help that way !
Master : Sometimes the seeker gets into a hurry and wants
to do it right away and cant listen to the preparations
which leaves him with lot of doubts and confusions at the end!
Disciple : True, it has happened to me on several occasions !

Don't bother about when to stop your practice when you just started. Same time don't bother when to start again while you have just suspended the practice for a brief time. Both can be spontaneous and the focus should be only what you do at that time and nothing more or less. We will see the coordination of body, breath and mind while chanting the AUM in the next dialog.

" the AUM chanting is not meant for
forgetting or remembering anything "

pranava mantra
Part - 5

The Vedic chants have a charm not only to the listener, but to the one who recites it too. Though it appears to be a monotonous activity, the incantation of AUM is quite an exercise and unlike the popular belief, you have to apply a lot of your mind in it than just making it dull sleepy.

Disciple : How does meditation happen
if the mind is awake and active?
Master : True meditation is where
the mind is totally alert and awake !
Disciple : Is it not mind should rest
and feel bliss and empty all thoughts?
Master : Never ! That is only when the
mind has become very dull and inert !
Disciple : Does AUM make the mind quiet
or make it very active and alert ?
Master : Chanting AUM makes the mind
totally alert and awake to everything !

Its a unfortunate twist people brought in to the process of meditation where the end result is supposedly a blinding ignorance. Sleep like, empty minded, thoughtless, zombie like disposition, which seem to have caught the fancy of most seekers. The AUM chants do not make you dull and make your senses numb but it does something exactly opposite.

Disciple : But whats the purpose of staying
alert and awake during or after meditation?
Master : Only when you are awake you can
capture the essence of consciousness in you !
Disciple : All along I was taught that the
actual purpose of meditation is to forget
the life for sometime and feel happy !
Master : Forgetting stress and sorrows can
bring happiness but what you forget will
soon be remembered too, then what would you do?

Meditation is not about forgetting sorrows. The chanting of AUM is neither to forget anything nor to remember anything. Only the dead past can be remembered or forgotten. But AUM should bring freedom from forgetting or remembering by lifting you far away from the tormenting time and space factors.

Disciple : In other words AUM brings one's attention
from past (and future) to the present moment totally?
Master : Well said ! Having brought to the present
moment it makes you aware of everything that happens there !
Disciple : Does god or consciousness reside only in the present?
Master : Even to call it present is wrong but its a "no time"
space or a "no space time". That's the greatest experience you
can think of in all your lifetime.
Disciple : Now I am truly inspired to chant AUM.
Kindly tell me the ways to chant this sacred mantra !
Master : Now that you are genuinely interested yourself
nothing can stop you from reaching the space in you where
time has no any relevance at all. Let me tell you the
simpler ways to recite AUM for the start in the next session !

"God does not wake up from sleep
if you recited some mantra on earth"

pranava mantra
Part - 4

No god is ever interested in listening to your mantras. Only because the creator has no plans to operate this world based on your mantras and prayers. The most absurd human thought is to believe that God will listen to the prayers and mantras and work things out accordingly.

Disciple : This is a very shocking and rude statement !
Master : But a plain truth and certainly God does not
get hurt by such statements !
Disciple : Then why the whole world prays for everything ?
Master : I am not against prayers or mantra chanting but
Iam vehemently against the idea of waking up some sleeping
god through prayers and mantra chanting !
Disciple : Then whats the real purpose of prayers or mantra
chanting if God does not really hear them out ?
Master : The prayers are meant for finding inner strength
to go through whatever is worked out by god for you !
Mantra chanting is meant for finding clarity of mind
which will get you attuned to the ways of god without
trying to change or alter the "God's plan" !

As a human being you have only two options, either you plan and when your plan does not work, be prepared to change it, or don't plan at all and take life as it comes. Prayers are such selfish attempts if they are meant to make God behave according to your fancy. Similarly mantra chanting does not make gods move even their little fingers.

Disciple : Prayer and mantra chanting are different?
Master : Prayer helps you find inner strength
and mantras help you find inner clarity !
Disciple : Strength and clarity for what purpose ?
Master : To face life and to swim through the high
and low tides of life without much fear and excitement !

The pranava mantra AUM is not a secret formula of a prayer which can entice God to perform miracles in your life. It only can transform your mind from being trapped in petty fears and frivolous temptations and meaningless agitations to a calm and silent and complete instrument. The calmness of the mind brings balance to it and balanced state of mind is equipped well to go through everything dished out in life to you.

Disciple : That seem to take the fizz out of my life ?
Master : That's not fizz but just plain fuss !
Disciple : So chanting the AUM brings calmness and clarity
to my mind which can be used for higher purposes ?
Master : Exactly ! When the mind attains clarity it can
comprehend the hidden Truth of existence more easily !
Disciple : Whats the Truth of this existence ?
Master : You should find out yourself !
Disciple : How do I find out ?
Master : One best way is to recite AUM !
Disciple : How do I do it ?
Master : There you are ! Let me explain to you !

"mantra chanting is more effective when
you understood its purpose and limitation"

pranava mantra
Part - 3

Different mantras carry different context and meaning, but they all have similar purpose and a similar limitation. Mantras do not play a role beyond certain stage and when stretched can become an obstacle in itself. But as long as they are used well within their limits, they are bound to to serve a great benefit.

Disciple : What are the different purposes of mantras ?
Master : Apparently mantras are recited for various purposes.
Some for seeking god, some seeking wealth, long life, goodness,
freedom, enlightenment, even some mantras are recited for rains !
Disciple : But you said they all have similar limitations ?
Master : They all have to end at some point in order to put
the mind of the seeker in a particular state where they attain
a sense of silence from within !
Disciple : Does that silence make them achieve the purpose
for which they began their chanting?
Master : Need not be ! In fact they become so quiet
that they may not even remember the purpose of their
chanting those mantras after some time !

Any sincere seeker begins with clear purpose but during the process of mantra repetition or recitation, the purpose drops out of his mind without even his knowledge. That's the indication of a very well followed mantra practice. Begin with a purpose but end in an all conquering silence without any particular purpose.

Disciple : That's very deceptive ! Does that
what a mantra supposed to do to a seeker ?
Master : Yes it transforms the mind from seeking
to just Being. That's why its called as "Mantra" !
Disciple : May I know what does "mantra" mean ?
Master : That which transforms the mind
(from agitations to silence) is Mantra !
"Mananat trayate iti mantraha"
The wealth and long life cannot stand a chance in front
of transformation the mantra brings to mind !
Disciple : So the wealth and long life can never be
achieved through mantras ? Are they meant only to
quieten the mind?
Master : You may still gain a lot of wealth and a long
life, but that is not necessarily because of the mantras !

The multi pointed, ambitious mind usually gets scattered due to its search for many things in the world. Set upon so many goals to reach, the mind gets trapped in its own search. The Vedas conjured up different ways to bring a seeker to accept the need to chant various mantras. Eventually Vedic mantras culminate at the same point where the seeker is devoid of all seeking and come to his own Being.

Disciple : Now you almost exposed the truth behind mantra chanting
and how does the reader trust a mantra and recite them in future ?
Master : At least it should bring clarity to the reader about the
real purpose of mantra chanting and once they realized it,
there is no need for them to get 'deceived' by the mantras.
Disciple : Let me ask one last time, are you sure mantras don't
make our lives better by bringing wealth and preventing sorrow ?
Master : The answers from me is the same even if you asked a
million times. They cant change your financial status, but definitely
they can drive you through the ups and downs of your financial
conditions with you remain unruffled. That's the greatest blessings
you can receive from these sacred mantras !

"AUM is not an object of worship
but only a pointer to the Truth"

pranava mantra
Part - 2

The pranava mantra or the AUM is not used for the worshipping of gods. In fact to think AUM to be the god is absurd. It is only a technique in the form of a mantra which can help you become more aware of the hidden consciousness. At the same time it should not be just reduced to some mindless gross tool which you can use like how you use your washing machine.
Disciple : I wish to get some things straight !
Master : I will appreciate that !
Disciple : Why AUM is considered auspicious when it
is just a technique and nothing more than a sound ?
Master : It is auspicious only because it takes you
to a very auspicious destination, quite effortlessly !
Disciple : May I ask which is that destination ?
Master : Your own hidden self unknown to you !

A part of you but you still not aware of it !
Disciple : Is it a body part like heart, liver and kidney?
Master : It is the very cause all these parts exists !

AUM positions itself much higher than most mantras for this simple reason that it can lead you to inner self without much fuss or delay. It is complete by itself and simple to use. The effects are instant when the AUM is recited with full heart and throat. This is for the same reasons that every composition in vedas began with AUM at the start.

Disciple : I always wanted to ask why the AUM
precedes every lesson in Vedic literature ?
Master : Starting with loud and clear reciting
of AUM prepares the student to understand the
subtle meanings of the other mantras which would
follow in the lessons taught by his teacher !
Disciple : How does AUM prepare a student
just by chanting it loud ?
Master : By bringing sufficient quietness !

Vedic compositions have very subtle and significant meaning to them. Unless the student is alert and extra ordinarily contemplative, the lessons may give a different grosser meaning. The same lessons can sound differently to different students sitting around the same teacher at the same time. When all students recite the AUM together then all their minds reach similar quietness and it brings certain collective awareness to face challenges thrown in by upcoming vedic teachings.
Disciple : You said AUM is enough to chant and all
mantras are contained in it. Then where is the need
to learn other mantras that follow AUM ?
Master : True ! AUM contains everything but other
lessons are meant to unfold the complex fabrication
of this unique sound called AUM(pranava mantra).
Disciple : Do you mean that AUM is not just a sound
but has lot of inner meaning to it?
Master : Exactly !