More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" your meditation may not
impress anyone, including god "

d h y a n a m
Part - 26

Man always is clever, especially when it comes to eulogising or praising people in power and get away with what he wants. If you praise powerful people, they may get you admission in private schools, big loans from banks, instant jobs in the market, help you strike deals and perhaps build yourself a home, get you married and even promise a bright future to your child.

The praising is a unique form of corruption. Its a verbalized bribery. Man imagines god to be a corrupt being, that he could easily fool god by praising him. His prayers usually contain some silly praise, preceding his long list of nagging demands. .

Disciple : Is it not praising
some kind of encouragement ?
Master : Still, god does not need
your encouragement or praise !
Disciple : True ! Its absurd to
encourage god, when I myself is
in need of encouragement !
Master : We impose our own needs
on the god (or creator) too !
Disciple : But whats the connection
of praising here with meditation ?
Master : The thought many have, that
meditation is an occasion to praise
and tickle god and make him happy
so that he'd get ready with the boons
seem to be the connection here !

There is a big chunk of seekers out there, who imagine a god with face and start praising with words and perform rituals mentally, throwing the flower petals at god in their mind, etc. The man also believes, such a thing is sure to impress god and as a result, god gets convinced with such devotion and starts bestowing all kinds of boons and performs exclusive miracles.
Disciple : Is there no benefit in such things ?
Master : At the beginning stage indeed. But
not when you reached your meditation !

Disciple : It is indeed amusing. But
from where does the man get such ideas ?
Master : He thinks of god as a super man.
With more heads and hands and everything
double the size of regular man !
Disciple : Whats the cause for such thinking ?
Master : When the man is trying to
understand something bigger, through
his small mind, he may end up like this !

To succumb to other people's praise is a common human tendency. We impose similar ideas upon the god factor and blindly keep praising him(or her). But the truth is that God cannot be neither he or she and is not generally interested or impressed with man's praises or curses.

Disciple : This point is understandable !
But how I relate this to meditation?
Master : Simple. Do not turn the meditation
process in to a praising session of gods.
The gods do not need any recognition or
good words to hear from you about them !
Disciple : Even in the earlier days of
my meditation, I used to feel proud that
I did something which god will be happy about !
Master : Not just god but your own near and dear
may not appreciate or even be happy about your
meditation. Because your meditation is meant
only for your personal transformation !

The impact
of meditation is immensely diminished, when it is wasted on praising or glorifying the god. It still keeps the meditator away from his object of meditation. Though it is an object, it still remains very very subjective.

" it is not how long but how
deep you mediate that matters "

part - 25

The common belief that, the longer you meditate every sitting, the greater your spiritual growth is just a ludicrous idea and nothing more than an impossible farce. The moment you plan the span of meditation, you have already brought the factor in your meditation. When you do anything based on time, the awareness or the realization of the inner Self has slipped away from you very far.

Disciple : If I don't bring in the time factor
then I may not know how long I have to meditate ?
Master : That's where the problem is. When you plan
the span of meditation, you may end up 'doing' the
meditation and lose the opportunity to just be
in the meditation, which can become a hindrance !
Disciple : It is kind of scary to think
of sitting without keeping a track on time !
Disciple : What exactly is the problem
in keeping a track on the time ?
Master : Your mind gets tangled up in to the time
and space variables. You will be busy with time
keeping and that can keep you under the spell of
maya !

The reason why you cannot sit for meditation without time on your mind is because of your endless plans and apparent deadlines. Not just meditation but it applies to everything in your life. While most things in your life are governed by time and space, meditation should be able to free yourself from their clutches. That's when the true liberation is possible.

Disciple : But I'm afraid that it would cause
permanent change to my style of living ?
Master : True, but that's what is expected of
meditation practices. You should be prepared
for changed in your thinking and as a result
in your style of perception and living !

Without time on your mind, if you could explore the depth of your self, you would mostly end up, with those rare glimpses of your true self. The quality of your mind varies when it does not entertain time(and space). The same mind is trapped in the relativity only when it is under the grips of time (and space).

Disciple : I don't understand what do you mean by saying
under the grips of time and space. Please elaborate ?
Master : The time and space creates results and progress !
Disciple : But is it not meditation done for progress?
Master : Meditation is neither for progress nor for regress !

The actual 'progress' and 'success' of meditation happens, only when you have dropped both of them unconditionally. Till you entertain positive results and successful progress, the meditation is only strengthening your ignorance only.

Disciple : What exactly is
the ignorance here ?
Master : To think that you
will attain success some day
and to think that you are
progressing in spirituality is
all ignorance. Because in reality
you never achieve anything in
meditation. You will never
become successful or
progressive in meditation.
Disciple : Why I cannot progress
or become successful in meditation ?
Master : Because to be progressive
and to become successful, the span
of time is required. That's where
the meditation fails to take off
to its higher realms.

The precious moments of just 'being' in meditation opens up the secrets vistas to your inner self. The length of meditation can never take you there, but only the depth of your meditation, has the ability to transport you there, without actually going anywhere, doing anything.

Disciple : Where does the 'length'
of my meditation usually take me ?
Master : It would usually
take you to either success
or the failure of meditation !
Disciple : Where does the 'depth'
of my meditation take me to ?
Master : It would take you beyond
both the success and failure forever !

" authentic meditation is a like a bumper crop,
so much to harvest from,
and concentration is just one of them "

d h y a n a m
Part - 24

Concentration is simply focus of the mind. But it would be a futile effort to keep it focused on a singular thing for hours together. It is very nonhuman like. The focus on anything by even the most focused person, may last only for few minutes. Even an immoderate glutton can focus on food only for awhile, in between his mind would wander off to his unfinished work at office, and of course get back to food again.

Disciple : Is it OK if the mind
keeps wandering this way?
Master; Perfectly alright.
But there is one thing
you need to watch !
Disciple : May I know whats that ?
Master ; Even it wandered off,
how steady it focused on wherever
the mind bumped into is important !
Disciple : I dont quite understand this !
Master : Your mind can keep hopping
from one to other thing. But it can
still remain focused on everything
it hopped on to !

You could be reading the news paper for a moment and the very next moment you turn on the TV to catch the latest news, in between you would have sipped the cup of tea. But you can be focused on all of them, differently as you pass by them in those few moments.

Disciple : This sounds amazing and so
different from all that I heard so far !
Master : Let me explain, being totally in
whatever you do, however short it may be,
is what you should know as concentration !
Disciple : But still the mind can be wandering ?
Master : Yes, because on what you concentrate
does not matter, because what really matters is
whether your mind can concentrate on anything
even if it is for just a passing moment ?

Trivial or profound, if you can be with it fully, then concentration happened to you. It need not be a long torturous experience, but concentration can be good enough for even those successive moments lasting very short time. If you watched TV only for a minute and if you really watched that moment fully, till the telephone called you, then your concentration levels are very good.

Disciple : Concentration is possible
even with such momentary actions ?
Master : Yes, moment by moment,
irrespective of whatever you do !
Disciple : I think I'm getting the point,
but not yet sure about applying it
effectively. What should I do ?
Master : Just concentrate. Do not
bother about on what you concentrate.
But simply anything you see, speak and do,
simple focus on them !
Disciple : If something else takes
away my concentration, what should I do ?
Master : Move from this and concentrate on that !
" When your mind found what it searched,
it settles down and stops running about.
This is called as concentration "

d h y a n a m
Part - 23

Everytime you did something you wanted, you would have felt, as if you were embraced by a whiff of contentment briefly. During such occasions you should have noticed that your concentration levels had increased. In other words, your usual hanky panky mind seemed to have behaved well at that time.

The concentration factor in meditation appear to be so virtuous, only because it can stop the mind from scrambling. Still the fact remains that you cannot force concentration upon your mind, but should happen on its own, as a result of letting the mind find what it seeks.

Disciple : If I have to wait for my mind to find
everything, I would be too old to do any meditation !
Master : Exactly. So denying
the mind totally from seeking
but freezing it in the name
of concentration does not
provide any solution, but only
make things bad to worse !
Disciple : So I should allow the mind
to go and find whatever it seeks?
Master : Firstly, you should know
what exactly your mind is seeking !
Disciple : Oh don't even ask me.
Its truly crazy. Its born wild,
It wants everything under the sun !
Master : May be not. All those crazy
things can never make your mind settled
for even minutes. They are just fleeting by nature !

Your mind wants ultimately only one thing. That is to reunite with its own source, which is known by the term Consciousness(Atman, Inner Self, God). But it does not know that. It is not aware of what it is seeking. It is a blind search. Nothing short of groping in the unfriendly darkness.

Disciple : Is it truly a unfriendly darkness ?
Master : Unfriendly and unfamiliar too !
Disciple : You are saying, my mind does
not seek any thing materialistic?
Master : If it is seeking then
it is only out of ignorance !
Disciple : How do I know
it is not what my wants ?
Master : Soon after it had
lost interest in what it
sought and found !

To find eternal contentment with the worldly things by mind is impossible. As impossible as a movie hero, being shot dead in his first introduction scene itself. Even if he gets shot, it would be only in his shoulder, that he would be back in action, after a few scenes at the hospital. This mind too would get back to its groping, all over again, when it did not find any fulfillment, with what it sought earlier.

Disciple : So where does all this end ?
Master : It would end only at knowing the
right thing to search and find !
Disciple : I understand that the
seeking of my mind during
meditation is mistaken as the
drifting and the disturbed mind ?
Master : Well said that !
Disciple : I also understand that
the seeking by the mind is not a
problem but what it seeks is the problem ?
Master : Bravo. This is wisdom flowing
in abundance. You have crossed yet
another milestone in your spiritual pursuit !

" if you meditate upon 'something' then you
would reduce meditation to silly concentration "

d h y a n a m
Part - 22

It can be amusing attimes when you hear people talk about meditation as an art of concentration. They are always quick to quip "Im not able to concentrate during my meditation, mind is wandering here and there". But the same people also announce that meditation is meant to develop concentration powers. It is a puzzle that you want to achieve concentration, through concentration.

Disciple : How to meditate if I
cannot concentrate on anything ?
Master : Firstly you should be
clear whether you want to
meditate or concentrate !
Disciple : I thought they are both same ?
Master : The more you concentrate during
your 'meditation' the farther you will
go away from your possible meditation !
Disciple : You seem to find fault with
every thing I beleive and do ?
Master : Cant help it really !

The mind is like a rodent house mouse, always gnawing and nibbling just about anything and everything around. To stop such a slippery mind from floating everywhere is as impossible as a mad hungry dog sitting and concentrating on piece of a thrown bone without a bark. Just as much as your heart thumping itself endlessly, as much as your breath penetrates in and out of you constantly, the nerves and veins pulsate tirelessly, the mind too will keep entertaining various thoughts helplessly(prior to meditation).

Disciple : Why then is concentration
talked of in such glorious terms ?
Master : It may be is a glorious thing
for certain people indeed.
But not certainly more glorious
than meditation itself !
Disciple : Is concentration required
at all in meditation ?
Master : Not at all. Because if the mind is
stalled from moving, in the name of
concentration, then further exploration
in meditation is not possible !

Concentration can cause a lot of stress to the mind, as you have to restrict your attention to a singular object and can probably mute and disable the mind from detecting the inner self. While you need not concentrate on anything during mediation, you would however, end up finding a greater level of concentration, happened to you as a result of meditation. But such a concentration cannot certainly forced by you.

Disciple : So If I dont concentrate, then
what else I should do during meditation?
Master : Nothing much other
than just let things happen !
Disciple : What should I do if my mind is
running away hither and tither?
Master : Dont even have the
slightest doubt, that it could be wrong !
Disciple : Not stopping the
thoughts, but just allowing them?
Master : Precisely. Because your
effort is to get the realization
of your Self and not tampering and
stopping your thoughts !

Meditation or yoga is not meant for crippling or causing death to the mind. But help the isolated mind find its source and reunite. It takes a healthy wandering mind to actually reunite with its substratum called Inner Self or Consciousness. But when the mind is halted and paralysed from thinking further, there is little chance of it to reunite with the Consciousness.

Disciple : Suppose my mind goes to some
delicious pastries during meditation,
can I consider that as a disturbance ?
Master : On the contrast, you should
think of it as an opportunity !
Disciple : How can that be ?
Master : You should be able to think that the
pastry sold by a man, who has the same consciousness
as yours and the pastry was made by another man, who
has the same consciousness as yours and when you
began to trace the source of all that your mind
entertains, that very moment meditation is
happening in you, on its own !
" meditation is at its best, when it happens to
you even without your awareness about it "

d h y a n a m
Part - 21

You can plan your meditation meticulously and practice it with clock work precision every day. But meditation is most effective when it just happened on a day, you were not even thinking about it. Such a single unprecedented meditation 'sitting' is directly proportionate to years of planned 'doing' of meditation.

Disciple : Now I'm not sure If I should
try to follow any techniques at all ?
Master : What makes you think like that ?
Disciple : If you said the unplanned meditation
is more effective than the planned meditation
then it is natural for me to think that way !
Master : But you are yet to hear me out fully !
Disciple : Did i miss something ?
Master : Your unplanned meditation can happen
only after all your plans and efforts !

The preparation for a 'successful' meditation assumes a mighty role to play in most sincere seekers. They go on trying out the techniques with little or less success. Though it gives them a sense of being earnest in their attempt at something higher and divine, such a sense is very short lived.

Disciple : Does it make them one day give up their practices ?
Master : Yes, you are coming close to the point I want to make !
Disciple : OK. That's a blind hit from my side !
Master : Never mind as long as it worked !
People with much theoretical knowledge about
meditation are more prone to this unprecedented
meditation bouts. Especially when they stopped
believing in their planned meditations. In their
most vulnerable moments, the meditation grips
them totally unaware from nowhere.
Disciple : That's quitefascinating to hear.
Kindly explain what it means ?
Master : When the seekerstopped all his efforts,
in doing meditation andin making his meditation
successful, he has becomehighly qualified for the
sudden and unplanned moments of meditations
taking him over !
Disciple : But I was always told,
meditation must be done in total awareness ?
Master : Meditation is not done in total awareness
but total awareness happens
as a result of proper meditation !

If the seeker can be already aware so much, then he need not even enter in to the process of meditation, but can manage without it. Just like bliss, total awareness also is a result of meditation. It would be as weird as to say that you should start your meditation blissfully, in order to attain bliss. Awareness of the self too comes, only after the mind undergoes the transformation.

Disciple : Does it mean that if I have
read more on meditation, it helps?
Master : It helps only when you
stopped depending on them !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : When you get busy
executing all that you read, then
your mind is still very active with all
that it knows. This where the the problem lies !
Disciple : Whats the problem exactly ?
Master : When the mind is busy
then it is only 'doing' the
meditation. When it stopped
'doing', the 'being' in
meditation starts to
happen on its own !

Learning the techniques and executing them implicitly is important, but whats even more important is to stop repeating them someday and just sit without a reason or a logic. Sit simply and don't try anything, not even imagining something fantastic.

Disciple : Whats is the qualitative the
difference between 'doing' and 'being' meditation?
Master : In 'doing' the meditation, you are still
trying to make meditation happen to you !
Disciple : OK, I got that part !
Master : 'Being' in the meditation is where
meditation is happening on its own without your effort !
" the course of your meditation can never
be the same always, because you are
never the same each time you meditate "

d h y a n a m
Part - 20

The idea of fixed techniques during meditation may not work, because everytime you sit for meditation, its always a whole new experience. To fix a particular place, posture, time, clothes, methods can help only till you learnt, how to sit down and get ready for meditation. Little after you settled, meditation is not in your hands.

Disciple : Is it not the same person meditating every day ?
Master : The person is the same, but his moods are different each day !
Disciple : The results also may change according to the mood ?
Master : Exactly. Your mood decides not only the result
but also the course of your meditaion !

What is your mood at the start of the meditation will decide the rest of all the happenings during your meditation. It has very little to do with your clothes or the place you chose for meditation. The quality of your meditation can be different in so many ways each time.

Disciple : The place and clothes do
not decide the course of meditation?
Master : Not always. For few days
they may be of great help !
Disciple : Then what is the need for a
particular time and place for mediation ?
Master : Just to bring some discipline to
yourself, as you were a beginner of meditation !
Disciple : Is it not the ideal settings of an ashram
in the early morning, with particular robes can
enhance the meditation ?
Master : Its not ideal but just an idea. One can still be
terribly disturbed despite all such idyllic settings.

The moods of your mind are so dynamic. They keep swinging all the time, no matter you are in a monastery or in a shopping mall. The moods can overpower the enivronment and the ambience around you. The quality of your meditation can be different, if you started with an angry mood or with a sombre mood. But whatever the mood you started, need not be same even at the end of meditation. Most likely you would have lost that mood for that time.

Disciple : Is it not the environment
create a particular mood for the mind?
Master : Not always. It can be reverse too !
Disciple : All the moods end in
the same manner with meditation ?
Master : Most likely yes. But still you
cannot fix the exact result or even the course !

Even though the end result can be quite the same despite a varied start, proceeding and duration of meditation, still you cannot conclude on the result of meditation. Because each time you would stop your meditation at different stages. As you start of with different moods, you may end up with different moods too. This is how the meditation works in the initial days.

Disciple : A particular mood is required to start meditation ?
Master : Then the struggle to achieve that particular mood can
spoil any possibility of your meditation !

Whatever the mood it is, you can sit down and start from the point where you are, as you are at that moment. Do not think that you are meditating in order to change that mood. Do not carry any agenda. Just sit down quietly and explore yourself. Do not even think that you should get better or worse than what you are from the start.

Disciple : It sounds truly aimless indeed !
Master : And thats why it appears like a huge task !
Disciple : But ideally speaking true meditation should
change one from bad mood to a good mood ?
Master : On the contrary, the true meditation should
get you out of all possible moods forever in your life !

" you may know the ways to meditate,
but you can never know the results
of the meditation, till they happened "

d h y a n a m
Part - 19

It is perhaps more complicating, when your meditation has become a well chalked out plan of action, designed to achieve the most clearly expected results, born out of some juvenile fantasy and inadequate spiritual understanding. While every action in this world can possibly have a desired result, the meditation process is eloquently different from them all.

Disciple : Do you say that there are
no fixed results for meditation ?
Master : I said, you cannot fix results to meditation !
Disciple : But earlier you had mentioned
that bliss is the result of meditation?
Master : Exactly, it is the result of
meditation and not the meditation itself.
It was meant to drive the point that when you
meditate you cant experience bliss, but it may
happen later on as a result of your meditation !
Disciple : But it appears to me little
weird to do something without knowing
or thinking about the results ?
Master : That's true. But in order to achieve
best results, you should not expect any !
Disciple : Whats the problem in expecting results?
Master : Perhaps you would 'achieve' much lesser than
what you probably can achieve without any expectation !

The expected results are always going to be small in context and trivial in its benefits, just because the results are expected by a limited mind obviously. The limited mind cannot comprehend the results, which can expand far beyond the stuffy domain of your mind.

Disciple : Do you say that the results of
meditation cannot be understood by the mind?
Master : In other words, the results can be far
more strikingly incomprehensible
than what your mind can comprehend !

Everyday living in the mundane world is enhanced, if there is result orientation in everything you do. So that you can plan the course of action, which can hit the desired target in the eye. Though many times the results can vary, still there is a belief among us all, that a well planned course of action must deliver the desired results almost always without fail. However, this habit of planning the results and designing the course of action, may not work effectively in spirituality.

Disciple : Unlike preparation in the school days
for exams to get to the top rank, need not be
applicable to meditation ?
Master : Exactly. Here you prepare yourself for a
destination totally unknown to you. Any form of
familiarization of the destination can spoil the trip
and can keep you stagnated at wherever you started off !
Disciple : Then what about Moksha,
enlightenment, self-realization etc ?
Master : They are just empty words
till any of them happened to you !

When you get fixed up with words like 'enlightenment' and 'moksha', your mind refuses to explore to the actual point of Truth. It keeps toying with those words and some imaginary experiences even during the period of meditation. This is the obstacle faced by people who have read a lot about easy and successful spirituality and discussed spiritual benefits in excess.

Disciple : Is it then a pointless exercise
to read about moksha and enlightenment ?
Master : Knowing them intellectually is one thing
and get obsessed with them is quite another !
Disciple : So what should be my attitude when
I meditate even if I knew these terminologies ?
Master : Just ignore them as empty words of
encouragement. Tell yourself that you would
find it out for yourself, when you actually reach
there, without carrying all these empty words
along with you!

You can transcend the limiting mind a lot more easier, only when you can walk in there with empty hands, without carrying all your borrowed notions and used up ideas about spirituality. Scaling the ultimate spiritual summit is a reality, only when you have dropped the facts and figures of meditation as spiritual junk, without a trace, at the beginning of your climb itself.
" meditation can be divided in two stages,
first 'doing' the meditation, then 'being' in meditation "

d h y a n a m
Part - 18

Doing anything in life comes out of the need to survive, the need to attain, to find (happiness), achieve, fulfill etc. Everybody is busy doing something and wanting to, or planning to do something always. This doing something also makes one think that there are multiple choices to choose from, when it comes to doing. Like choosing one from many clothes, choosing food from the long menu card, choosing a job, a car, home, life partner, and many more. The apparent freedom to choose from the great spread of choices is illusory.

Disciple : oh, so we dont have any choices in life ?
Master : There are choices to choose from, but
you should know, that it only appears so and
need not be real, as you would want to think !
Disciple : But how do I relate this knowledge to meditation ?
Master : In many ways, it can be related to meditation !
Disciple : Please explain, I realize it is difficult to
accept or even understand this easily !
Master : The choices seem to glare at
the seeker even during meditation !
Disciple : So whats the problem in that ?
Master : When there are choices to choose
you think you have to try ' doing' meditation !

The seeker is always busy making things to happen in life, at least he believes that way. He is just the same, when it comes to meditation too. He resorts to 'do' it in the most benefiting and useful manner. He would follow the step-by-step techniques and makes sure, he did it in the most efficient manner. As long as he is busy doing meditation, he is simply going to miss being in meditation.

Disciple : What exactly should be
done in order to be in meditation ?
Master : You should be done with
all the doing of meditation !
Disciple : I seem to understand,
but i really don't understand this at all !
Master : Does not matter really.
You can just put it in your head
and some day soon, it may open
up to your understanding !

The 'doing' of meditation is almost unavoidable to every seeker on the spiritual path, especially in the beginning stage. The state of just 'being' in meditation comes quite late in the whole process of meditation. One cannot start from the Being, from the word go. But if you kept trying all your life 'doing' some kind of meditation, then you may miss out on the Truth.

Disciple : What exactly is the Truth ?
Master : The Truth is that you cannot do anything
but everything is happening by themselves !
Disciple : Then why meditation is
not happening to me on its own ?
Master : Because you are not allowing it to happen !
Disciple : How am I not allowing it from happening ?
Master : By thinking that you are the
one who is 'doing' meditation !

Your success in the world is determined by what you do in the world. But the success in meditation is determined by how you allow things to happen in you and around you. It is this stark contradiction that baffles the seeker on the seat of meditation. The old habits of 'doing' things die hard, even when you have to just shut up and be.

Disciple : Why is this 'being' in meditation is so difficult ?
Master : It is difficult only as long as you try
to do something in order to be in meditation !
Disciple : In fact, I think when i use the word 'difficult'
it is clear that I'm trying hard to do something ?
Master : There you are !
" the peak of meditation is not an achievement, not an abandonment, not even an amusement, but a simple state of being called self-awareness, where everything happens on their own "

d h y a n a m
Part - 17

Meditation can be a disastrous idea, if you do it hoping to get enlightened or awakened or even to attain some special divine powers. Since it is a mind game, meditation can kick up a lot of fancy stuff and make you believe, that you have already arrived somewhere in the kingdom of eternal bliss. But strangely the result of meditation is never known to you, when you are in meditation, but long after.

Disciple : Is there a benefit of meditation at all ?
Master : May be there are benefits. But, spiritually
speaking, you cant do meditation for certain benefits !
Disciple : But without a result or a benefit who would
want to do any kind of meditation ?
Master : The point is not about benefits, but the benefit
seeking mind. That can spoil your meditation !

Meditation of the real kind can prove to be the ultimate challenge to an ordinary seeker, it does not offer any support to hold and rejoice. In other words, the peak meditation process can happen only after all the supports are dropped. As long as the mind in meditation is entertaining a support, it is only taking baby steps in the process and has a long way to go.

Disciple : May I know clearly well, what exactly
you mean by supports in meditation ? What are
the supports usually sought by the seeker ?
Master : Supporting tools are many. Like visualizing
the various images, concentrating on breath or
repeating some mantras, or even toying with some
possible benefits, even as you enter the meditation !
Disciple : What happens if the mind entertains the
benefits during meditation process?
Master : The benefits always belong to the future
period of time as results. When the mind is busy with
such future oriented results, it may miss out on the
awareness of 'this' moment !

' Do your best and drop the rest ' is one prominent teaching found in the vedic literature of India. It simply means do not live a result oriented life, but a performance oriented life. What you do matters more than what you might get out of it. When something is carried out without bothering about its outcome, as work for the work sake, then the result will be obviously benefiting, even though you are not so much interested in it.

Disciple : So you say, just do the meditation
and do not bother about the results ?
Master : Partly yes. You may start 'doing'
the meditation with several techniques
in the start, but soon as you withdraw
yourself from all the supports, then the
doing of meditation also will be dropped !
Disciple : If i stopped 'doing' meditation, then
what really will happen ?
Master : When you stopped 'doing' meditation
eventually, the most remarkable thing will
happen to you in the entire process of meditation !
Disciple : What exactly would happen to me ?
Master : You would start 'being' in meditation
for the first time, matured and moved away
from the 'doing' of meditation !
" Meditation is the ultimate challenge
and is the ultimate answer too "

d h y a n a m
Part - 16

Meditation can be very complicating even to understand, leave alone applying, because of the complicating mind used for understanding. Mind is such an incredibly complex intrument, where the style of functioning is always logical and roundabout. It cannot see what is infront of it, without any attribution. It cannot just look at the world, without any commentary running side by side.

Disciple : Is attribution, a problem or a challenge in meditation ?
Master : Yes. Lots of problem. The commentary by the mind
all the time is a kill joy, especially on the seat of meditation !
Disciple : But is there such a state of mind possible without
any commentary going on by the side ?
Master : Eventually yes. But when you start, there is nothing
but only the commentaries, just out of habit !

You are convinced about something, only if you know the purpose and use of it. Everyone lives a life somewhat meaningfully, interpreting life to each one's convenience and adaptability, about this 'big bad' world of dualities. But the same cannot be said that of meditation. The rules of the world do not work during the process called meditation.

Disciple : Do you mean meditation is a complicating experience ?
Master : Most of times, for a beginner, it is a great
effort to be effortless on the seat of real meditation !
Disciple : What do you mean when you say real meditation ?
Master : Real meditation is when it is done for self awareness !
Disciple : What are the other types of meditation possibly done?
Master : Now a times, meditation is understood be a technique
to receive or pass energy, relieve stress, heal diseases from
distance or from nearby. It is also considered to bring a peace
of mind like never before, besides relaxation and for hoards of
other feel good factors ! A certain bunch of people try it out to
get some 'special powers' like mind reading and other fancy ideas !
Disciple : Are they are not really meditation ?
Master : They cant be meditation from a puritan's
point of view. But they certainly make up a beginning
somewhere, which might lead the seeker to the actual
meditation at later stages with or without his knowledge !

The easier versions of meditation are quite pleasing and relaxing to practice without much struggle. It involves the same attributing mind, where you simply sit and keep tripping on good and nice things in your visualizations, which can keep you away from the hard headed realities of life and also provide certain comfort and solace.

Disciple : Is it wrong to practice such meditations ?
Master : Not at all. But to conclude them to be the
real meditation can be wrong !
Disciple : So what is real meditation ?
Master : True meditation is, technically speaking,
far from any visualization or imagination techniques.
You drop all of them, every possible commentary,
every possible attribution, every possible result !
Disciple : Even a result should not be thought of ?
Master : Yes. That's the worst or the best part of
meditation. To do it without any result on mind !
Disciple : Now I figure why you said, meditation is
the ultimate challenge !
Master : True ! this is just the tip of iceberg and
there is lot more to figure, in the name of meditation !

" the fear of losing control over the world,
your mind refuses to enter within "

d h y a n a m
Part - 15

Some people treat meditation or even sleep like a mission impossible, only because of their inherent fear of losing all that they know and have in the external world. Their obsession with the outer world is so intense (without their knowledge), that they find it difficult to withdraw from it and enter in to meditation.

Disciple : Is it their attachment with the outer
world that prevents them to enter inside?
Master : True. It is attachment partly and
and partly it is fear of losing the outer world !
Disciple : What exactly it means ?
Master : Its the fear of having your contact lost
with the external world, so familiar to you till now !
Disciple : Give me example to understand this better ?
Master : Its about feeling like a stranger,
in your own home town when you returned,
after many years of living in a foreign land !
When you return, the town is never the same.
You seem to have lost the hang of people and
events there. You would feel terribly lost !
Disciple : I got it now. You say that entering
meditation is like leaving one's home town
to a unknown destination ?
Master : Quite rightly. Leaving a dear home
and hometown you are so much attached to,
besides, the fear of losing it forever as you leave it !

Two major reasons why your meditation is not happening properly..
1. unwillingness to drop the outer world
(of dreams, plans and hopes)
2. fear of not returning back to the outer world
(of enjoyments )

The fear of messing up one's own future is predominant in the mind of a seeker, when he sits for real meditation, where there is nothing fancy to hold on to. This similar fear can reflect on one's sleep too. People dread the night time for its sleep, because when they enter the sleep, they usually enter with lots of outside world conflicts, their sleep would become a breeding ground for those conflicts. People with such conflicts cannot even stay alone in their room for a considerable time.

Disciple : If i can stay alone in my room for hours
together, then I am eligible for meditation ?
Master : That's not an eligibility but only an ability,
meditation goes far beyond that actually.
But if you are comfortable with your own self while
being alone, certainly you can meditate more easily !

(after awhile..)

Disciple : Is it true that one would end up
losing everything after meditation ?
Master : Losing what ? for example?
Disciple : Like relationships, money, status etc ?
Master ; Everything would remain there, even
after a few minutes of deep meditation !
Disciple : So there is nothing to be lost at all ?
Master : There are a few things that may be lost !
Disciple : What are they ?
Master : Your perception about relationships, money
and hundred other intimate things, may get lost and
will be replaced with brand new ways of seeing them all !
Disciple : Does it mean, I may get richer
or poorer after meditation ?
Master : Neither of them will matter to
you any more after a real meditation !

" your struggle to fix your mind on something
causes all those disturbances during meditation "

d h y a n a m
Part - 14

The attempt to fix your mind on something rises from a sense of insecurity during your meditation. Just like a sleeping child holding on to the mother or a teddy bear or even a pillow, out of some unknown fear, your mind wishes to hold on to something, as it drops in to the unknown layers of the hidden mind.

Disciple : That is interesting to know. So whatever the mind
does during the start of meditation is only to find some security ?
Master : Indeed. The various meditation techniques are only
providing the teddy bear effects of warmth and protection !
Disciple : Even techniques like concentration and visualization ?
Master : Yes all of them. The concentration techniques is the most
popular among seekers, in the beginning just for the same reason,
because concentration needs sustained grip over the technique.
Keep holding on to the 'teddy bear' and find comfort !

The restless search for a 'teddy bear' during the meditation is what you call as the drifting or a disturbed mind. Mind seeks more than one support at the same time, as it gets geared up, to dig deep in to its own self. Most people keep searching for the right support and never settle for any. They are the ones most disturbed in meditation. They never realize that meditation stretches far beyond the comforting zone of pillows and teddy bears.

Disciple : So teddy bears are not required for
sleep as much as the techniques for meditation ?
Master : Vice verse. You can have a teddy bear,
but as you leave the grip of the teddy bear, as you
slip into sleep, the techniques also need to be dropped,
before you enter deeper into your meditation!
Disciple : Even I used to hold on to a teddy bear
when I used to be kid, during my sleep !
Master : Then what happened ?
Disciple : I was told that I hugged the teddy bear
every night, before going to sleep and then
kicked the teddy bear, when I was sleeping loudly !
Master : That's exactly the treatment, meant
for the meditation techniques too !

There cant be a single finger of accusation, pointed at any of the meditation techniques. Just like the teddy bear, they are simply lying in the corner. But it is you who hold on to them. You think without them, you would find the whole meditation meaningless and impossible. Techniques dont care whether you use them or not.

Disciple : It means that the meditation can
happen without any techniques ?
Master : After certain stage, you cannot
go deeper, along with those techniques !
Disciple : As you said earlier, they may
become an obstacles during later stages ?
Master : They even set you upon thinking that
you have arrived at the gates of the eternal heaven
by supplying that strange sense of 'security' to you !

The fear of entering into an unknown terrain causes the mind to panic and clutch dearly to the techniques. Sleep or meditation, they both work similarly. the attitude of sleeper or a meditator is also the same. Only difference is that the sleeper does not what he saw deeper inside, the meditator is awake to see what happens in the depths of his own self, during meditation.

Disciple : Is it only the fears and insecurity
that prevents one from entering inside ?
Master : There is lot more to it than
just the fears and insecurity !
Disciple : What are they. Please explain ?
Master : The many unresolved issues outside,
with people and places, have been wrapped
with your sentiments and emotions, they don't
allow you to enter within, it allows you to neither
sleep nor meditate!
Disciple : Why the issues do not
allow me to enter within ?
Master : They have this invisible strength to make
you feel guilty and irresponsible, when you desert
those man made ideas of the world, to plunge within
your self in the form of sleep or meditation !
Disciple : Why does such a thing happen ?
Master : The uncalled for credibility given to the
people and situations in your life, causes such a
block from entering within !
" just like eyes, your mind can get blurred too,
meditation can bring 20/20 vision to your mind
as much a pair of spectacles to your eyes "

d h y a n a m
Part - 13

Meditation may not make your eyes see any more clearer than what it does now. But certainly it can clean up the myopia of your mind. Only hassle in that is the pain you may have to go through, while the mind is cleaned up for a better perception and understanding. This cleaning process seem invariably unavoidable to just about anyone, who resorted to check out, what lies behind the known and tangible in this world.

Disciple : I was comforting myself always with
this belief that meditation is meant for
concentration and perhaps the razor sharp focus !
Master : On the contrary, meditation is to lose
all your concentration on anything in particular !
Disciple : This one sure complicates my understanding
about meditation a bit more. If not focused, how can
you claim a mind to be in meditation ?
Master : In fact, with the focus business,
the mind can never said to be in meditation
because focus idea is just another hocus-pocus
understanding in spirituality !
Disciple : Am I not supposed to concentrate during meditation ?
Master : During meditation, the mind is expected to
expand and explore the unknown echelons of your being !
If your mind got busy with concentrating, for truth's sake,
it would shrink and that would amount to some
kind of narrowing vision and obsessive behavior
from your side during meditation !

The concentration may appear to be the highest virtue of meditation but that's sadly reducing something as big as the Himalayas to the subterrain dead sea at Israel. Because concentration is a outcome in meditation and certainly not the practice of meditation !

Disciple : I think I got this one straight, you are saying that
I cannot practice concentration because it is an outcome during
my meditation than a tool for meditation ! Am I right ?
Master : Precisely ! It means whenever you heard someone
advising you to concentrate on anything during meditation,
understand that he is no less than a quack and an ignorant mountebank !

To mix up the outcome with actual practice is the greatest misdemeanor to occur during the initial stages of your meditation process. Concentration is only a byproduct that may spring up from the unexpected quarters of your mind as a result of effective meditation. But to make an attempt at concentration may take away any possibility of authentic meditation happening in your pursuit of truth for the rest of your lifetime.

So what should I exactly do
when i start my meditation ?
Master : You should be able to observe
more than focus at the start of your meditation.
You can observe anything and
everything during that time !
Disciple : It makes sense indeed. But what
actually was the problem with concentration?
Master : Concentration may cause stress to your mind
and throb in your head, besides the blood shot eyes !
Disciple : Because of the strenuous practice of fixing the
attention on something, the mind can be stressed out ?
Master : Yes. try to focus on anything and you will know
within minutes, that you are in for a big mental gridlock !
Disciple : Instead of concentration, should I simply observe ?
Master : Exactly ! Observing gently without much involvement !
Disciple : But on what I should observe ?
Master : Again not as a rule, but as part of the process, you would
observe anything that comes to your mind !
Disciple : Should I observe the same for a certain span of time ?
Master : Then you would reduce observation to concentration again !

Observation without participation makes you think that your mind is behaving like a untamed horse at the annual rodeo. But if you understand that is how the mind works all the time, you may allow the hopping mind and simply observe the hopping. What began as an aimless observation, slowly progresses towards a more stable and grasped observation.

Disciple : If the mind is too much disturbed and is
not ready to observe, what should be done ?
Master : Observe the disturbance. Simply
observe anything that happens !
Disciple : What happens if I observe the disturbances ?
Master : The disturbances settle down and the first rays
of clarity begin to shine on the surface of your mind !

" the meditation itself can not be blissful, but the
result of proper meditation can be full of bliss"

d h y a n a m
Part - 12

Meditation by itself cannot make you blissful. Only the effect of meditation can create a sense of blissfulness in you. Its a kind of a bliss that permeates you, as a result of fixing the many troubled thoughts during your meditation. The thoughts when remain troubled, can cause distortion in your perception and when the same thoughts get sorted out, it can flow without much ruffling, can also express and experience bliss.

Disciple : It is clear that the meditation can cause bliss
later, but by itself is just fixing the fractured mind ?
Master : Well said that, the bliss is only an effect of the
cause called meditation ! Satiation does not happen when
you eat, but only after you completed eating !
Disciple : But what happens when the meditator
remains 'blissful' with his imaginations and never
try to face the troubled thinking ?
Master : When you repeat a lie thousand times,
it may sound like the truth !
Disciple : What does that exactly mean ?
Master : It means that the imagination about bliss
can become a 'reality' to such a person and he may resort
to teach others the same !
Disciple : But it seem to appeal a lot more to the masses ?
Master : Obviously, who does not want to imagine ?
Imagination of goodness comes more easily than facing
the hardships and fixing them up and then find goodness !

The intelligent seeker understands the process more easily and goes through it, without much fuss, because he knows that at the end of it all, the much awaited tranquil mind is bound to happen. He knows the whipping and beating and squeezing of the cloth, during the wash is painful to the cloth, but at the end of it, the cloth gets its fresh lease of life, free from dirt and smell.

Disciple : That's a classic example. It is crystal clear now,
the difference between the cause and effect of meditation !
Master : Till its employed in your meditation,
it can only remain as classic example, which you
can quote mindlessly to everyone and appear to be wise !
Disciple : I realize that now, too much of theoretical knowledge
may not help ? At least till it is executed ?
Master : Too much of your theoretical
knowledge may help others but not yourself.
You may remain wallowing in the same sorrowful slush pit !

While the theory is very important before the practicals, it is also important not to get too obsessed with the words and reduce meditation to just a word play. The words have the ability to bend and stretch according to your need and convenience. When you start using them with the newly gathered theoretical information, you can soon appear to be very wise to the whole world, whereas the stink within, can remain without being flushed out.

Disciple : So what exactly should be done
with the theoretical information?
Master : Apply them. Go through the whole process.
Experience the good and the bad of it yourself. The
outcome of such a application is the true wisdom !
Disciple : Till such application what should I do
with the theoretical information?
Master : Contemplate on them endlessly. Use them
sincerely as tools in your unpublicized meditation sittings
in your private space !
Disciple : Cant I discuss them with some one
or write them for public reading?
Master : Yes, it can be. But should be careful with the tone.
You cant sound like offering solutions,
Disciple : How exactly the tone should be ?
Master : You can speak or write them only as your loud
thinking and self questioning and as your contemplations !
Disciple : When can I actually help others with my experiences ?
Master : Soon after the experiences really happened to you !

What appeals to the intellect as the proper meditation, need not have been applied already to your being in an automatic manner. It means, that there can be contradiction in what you speak to others and what you are exactly within. Especially in the topics of spiritual interest, the theory can be more handy than the practicals.

" more you struggle and fight during meditation,
quicker you would find harmony with the world "

d h y a n a m
Part - 11

In other words, if you find your meditation to be blissful, you may hate to open your eyes and see the reality outside. You would rather disappear in your fantasy in the name of meditation than come back to the world of challenges and conflicts.

Disciple : I'm surprised to hear this. Do you mean
every one should struggle on the seat of meditation ?
Master : Not as a rule, but as part of the process !
Disciple : How do i understand this properly ?
Master : Watch a man who had a disturbed meditation, will
come out and look at the world with great relief !
Watch also a man who just enjoyed his meditation on some
colors and images, he would almost want to burn this world
because it disturbed his dreamlike meditation !
Disciple : I get that point ! Does it mean that the meditation
always is a painful process, even after well experienced ?
Master : You can say that. Its always going to be a challenging
experience to meditate, despite lots of experience !
Disciple : Do you mean even after enlightenment,
the struggle would continue ?
Master : After enlightenment, there is
no need for any meditation !

The struggle during the meditation is the only evidence of transformation you go through. The process of transformation with reference to the ways of your thinking may not happen smoothly. It is always going to be a jolting experience. The inner transformation is quite akin to changing all the old furniture and curtains and the carpet in a room to a brand new set. You cant expect to transform the room without much dust or noise.

Disciple : I have seen people enjoying
meditation, even I have done that many times !
Master : Oh really ? How did you enjoy ?
Disciple : I was told to visualize as if I'm
walking by the beach and breathing gently !
Master : That's cheaper way to bring
the beach to your bedroom !
Disciple : Will that not help ?
Master : Sure, but please do not call it as
Meditation. You can call it as fantasizing !

Running comforting images on the mind screen and feel good about oneself is very unmeditative. Singing songs with eyes closed does not amount to any meditation. Listening to heartwarming music cannot be called as meditation. Reciting a mantra or counting a rosary does not make up any authentic meditation.

Disciple : Then what are they all meant for ?
Master : They are meant for only preparing you
to sit quiet by diverting your attention from
all the disturbing noises and sights around you,
to bring the focus to yourself !
Disciple : They don't help beyond that point ?
Master : Certainly NOT, only that they can become
big obstacles to you to proceed further in meditation !

Any technique that made you feel so good like the cold shower on a shimmering summer day, then you have all the freedom to suspect such a technique. The techniques are only to pick you up quietly and throw you in to the boiling cauldron of your mind and go back to where they come from. The techniques may stand around and just watch you helplessly.

Disciple : My understanding now is that
the techniques can help to enter meditation,
but after that the techniques work differently
as the apparent conflict and struggle during
meditation, Am I right ?
Master : Partly yes !
Disciple : Where do I go wrong ?
Master : To think that conflict is yet another
technique when you entered meditation is perhaps wrong.
The conflict here is the process of transformation
that's taking place and not a confusion as
a result of meditation !
Disciple : I got it now ! But will the conflicts end
naturally after every time I end the meditation ?
Master : Most naturally yes. Soon after you
come out of meditation full of conflicts,
you would find yourself in more
harmony with life outside ! Just like a
nightmare that just got over and you realize
that life outside is all peaceful !

" meditation in the beginning is like
entering in to a warehouse and kept
locked up in the basement, you never
know what to expect inside "

d h y a n a m
Part -11

It is spiritually improper to think that doing meditation increases your comfort and security levels in the society. Because when you step inside the precincts of your sub-conscious mind, you could feel terribly lost and may have to encounter the ghosts of your own past.

Disciple : It appears I have to change my
entire idea about meditation now !
Master : Why do you say that ?
Disciple : Because I always believed
meditation as something to provide me
goodness, happiness, and good health
and prosperity and direct contact with God.
But now I think I may have to change such views !
Master : You are not probably wrong.
All that might happen, but not without those
scary moments filled with fears and a
sense of dejection or isolation !
Disciple : Does it happen to everyone ?
Master : Invariably to all those, who really
practice proper meditation !All the great
masters from the glorious past have gone
through such darker moments in their initial
struggle for meditation. So you are not alone !

To paint a picture of serenity to the meditation practice does not serve the real purpose. Meditation is truly a test to your ability to face reality. It would show what a trash can your mind has been all along. The courage to see the eruption of unpleasant tendencies, alone can make you successful in the endeavor of meditation.

Disciple : Is meditation meant for everyone ?
Master : I would say it is meant for
everyone indeed, but only a few
understand what is truly meditation.
Disciple : Is there a harm in doing
meditation without understanding it ?
Master : It may not cause a great harm,
except keeping you in ignorance and
can mislead you in to some fantasy trip !

Unfortunately, a immature teacher may promise the heavens, just for a sitting, lasting for few minutes. The false promises thrown, about the amazing results of meditation, can make things only more complicating. The teacher must explain in detail the theory well, before he gets the student to sit for practicals.

Disciple : If the theory is proper,
then the practicals can be proper too ?
Master : Exactly. You should be equipped
with proper information, before you step
into the recesses of your uncharted mind !
Disciple : It would make the meditation, a
lot more easier, than just imagining fancy things?
Master : True. When you know ahead of what is going
to happen during meditation, it helps you to steer
yourself well through them !

It is of utmost importance to know the route map before setting upon the journey called meditation. Despite good theoretical information, one can still find it all too scary and confusing at some point of time.

Disciple : Oh, does it mean that even after
learning the process well theoretically,
still there can be a problem ?
Master : Yes, plenty of it can be
expected during practicals !
Disciple : Is there an end to such problems ?
Master : Most certainly, the end comes at the end,
when you would laugh at yourself for all the fighting,
with the non existent troubles, on the seat of meditation

" Meditation does not help you find anything new,
because everything is already there inside you "

d h y a n a m
Part - 10

The need to stay in touch with the world and people, the need to be successful and clever to survive the rigors of life are some of the reasons, why meditation is not so easy to employ. The disturbances and interruptions are just the inner conflicts coming to surface during meditation.

Disciple : What are these inner
conflicts actually ?
Master : They are not really conflicts
till you started the meditation !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Before meditation, you thought
you have to gain everything in this
world as much as possible. Your share of
a bite in this apple called world seem so
important to you. But in meditation time,
you begin to realize that there is nothing
you will gain but have many things to lose.
That's when the conflicts start !

The fear of losing one's own ideas and beliefs, however trivial and false they are, causes the disturbances during meditation. Because everyone at the start thing of gaining untold goodness as a result of meditation. But strangely the 'goodness' is never gained, only found again.

Disciple : So there is nothing
to gain in meditation ?
Master : Exactly !
There is nothing to gain !
but lots of things to lose indeed !
Disciple : I get this feeling that
you are trying to say,
"there is nothing more to gain
than what is already there" ?
Master : How so precisely you have put it !
Disciple : Does it mean that I would not
earn more money than what i do now ?
Master : But what for you earn money ?
Disciple : To be comfortable and happy !
Master : So the money is not for money
sake but only for the happiness sake ?
Disciple : True. Money by itself cannot
bring happiness unless I have it already !
Master : So the money and other securities in life
only trigger the happiness which is already in you !

Meditation is only a process, where you rediscover what is already there. Nothing new to learn or earn. Same time, there is much to flush out. In fact the loss is the actual 'gain' there. When this is understood during meditation, sitting without a squirm is quite a possibility.

Disciple : What exactly gets flushed
out or lost during meditation ?
Master : Just about everything that
clouded your vision to realize the Truth !
Disciple : Do i lose my fears for example ?
Master : Yes. The true progress of meditation can
be gauged with the rapidly disappearing fears !
Disciple : Fear of all kinds will disappear ?
Master : The cause for all your fears will
disappear and as a result fears to disappear !

" you have nothing to gain but
everything to lose in meditation"


Part - 9

The disturbances you find during meditation are not created just that moment freshly, but they have been hidden in you for many years, since your birth and probably even before. They erupt during meditation to your horror and embarrassment. But without being horrified or tweaked out, if you can still remain sitting, there is a possibility of flushing them out from your mind forever.

Disciple : Why the disturbing thoughts
come only during meditation ?
Master : They can be always coming.
But during meditation it is felt more obviously !
Disciple : Why the disturbances are not felt at other times ?
Master : Because you are busy creating them outside yourself !

Meditation can be a dreadful experience for anyone, who cannot see the disturbances erupting from inside and usually they would like to blame them as outside disturbances and stop their Meditation. Most of the times, the disturbance cannot be exactly identified. Only because you never wanted to look in to the eye of the problem, but simply avoid and wind up the disturbed meditation, run as fast as you can, back to your make belief world of comfort and security.

Disciple : Yes, because the Meditation is
not meant for bringing peace ?
Master : Because peace is not the goal of Meditation !
Disciple : But at least initial stages
some peace is required ?
Master : Yes, but that's where the trouble is !
Disciple : What exactly is the trouble in it ?
Master : When there is little peace found with the
help of some peace supplying technique, then
you don't want to proceed further !

Meditation is more about flushing out unwanted impressions from inside, than stuffing in the artificial peace from outside. The peaceful mind is an immature idea of the troubled seeker, who looks to spirituality as an alternative to the pain and disturbances in his troubled life.

Disciple : So if the disturbances during Meditation
are withstood, I can go beyond them ?
Master : Yes. In fact you need not go beyond, but they
will drop off on their own as they get flushed out !
Disciples : But I'm always puzzled what exactly these
disturbances are and why they function like disturbances ?
Master : The disturbances are usually the conflict of ideas !
Disciple : I seem to understand that
a bit already, but please explain ?
Master : When you get spiritual in life,
most ideas you carried till then
suddenly would appear paradoxical.
The conflict between what you always believed
and what really happens causes those disturbances !

All your life you believed that you have to be doing something in order to find happiness. This idea of doing something is shattered in the process of meditation by sitting and doing nothing. That's where the conflicts begin.

Disciple : I got it now ! You say meditation is not
like anything we knew before in this world ?
Master : True. In fact we have known all the opposite
things as real, till the day you started learning
the subtleties of meditation !
Disciple : Are there more conflicting ideas ?
Master : Plenty more. In the world you believe that
you are doing fine only by the number of people you
could hang out with or by the numbers that hang around you !
Disciple : Yes, but how does it conflict my meditation?
Master : In Meditation, you have to sit alone, all by yourself.
So it can create a fear of losing social security and
loss of friends and support of people etc.
Disciple : Oh yes. I tend to remember
people I had forgotten for long time,
during my meditation. Why is that ?
Master : Their appearance is no problem
but your guilty feeling of not keeping in touch
can kill you or the fear of losing those contacts
may eat you alive in meditation !
Disciple : Now I understand, why I
sent a mail to a long lost friend
soon after my yesterday's meditation !

Every moment going deeper in to Meditation can cause you fears and terrible insecurity. Only because of your idea that security always comes from people around you. More number of people around you, greater is the security. This either will stop you from going further in to Meditation or create uncalled for fears of losing your people and the world outside.
" Disturbances during meditation comes
from within and never from outside "

d h y a n a m
Part - 8

All the meditation techniques help you to go within. But they cannot themselves enter beyond a point. It may not be effective and it may not even be required. If you visualize serene skies and long winding beaches, with blue sheet of water everywhere, you may start to feel that you are actually there. Kind of a holiday by the sea, without actually any traveling done.

Disciple : It sounds so groovy.
Is it not such a technique help
tackle the out side disturbances?
Master : Not really. Because the
disturbances never belong to the outside !
Disciple : Do they belong to me ?
How can you say that ?
Master : The disturbances arise from
the way your mind responds to the
sounds and sights from outside !
Disciple : Please explain with some examples ?
Master : If a child cries during your meditation,
it is only a sound but how you listen and name
such a sound is where the disturbances begin !

If you are clear about all the sounds from outside, that they cannot actually disturb you, unless you consider them as disturbances, then that's a major milestone in the progress of your Meditation. So the various techniques keep your mind busy and prevent from fighting with the disturbances and also facilitate your entry within.

Disciple : What is the problem in
actually using such techniques?
Master : You tend to get attached
to them and mistake them as the
ultimate goal of Meditation !
Disciple : So what should I do
with the techniques ?
Master : Use them with proper understanding
of their limitation and know for yourself
that there is a long way to go, even
after you dropped those techniques !
Disciple : How and why the
techniques should be dropped ?
Master : People can buy a ticket for you,
they can come drop you at the airport,
but they cannot travel on your behalf !
Disciple : But how do I drop the techniques ?
Master : Like you say good bye to the people
who came to drop you at the airport !
Disciple : Can people be
compared to the techniques?
Master : More or less. Because both
help you to go within !

The road map is not exactly the road. Its a classical example. Road map can help, but you still have to drive the entire length of it. If the techniques are understood well, then the journey within is a very pleasant and tireless one.

Disciple : But strangely, I find I am
more disturbed only when I meditate, why ?
Master : Yes it is highly possible !
Disciple : But why it is like that ?
Master : Because when you meditate,
you become aware of many things,
which you are not aware other times !
Disciple : But I seem to be aware of
all negative things and feel pathetic !
Master : Exactly ! That's how it works !
All the negative and limited ideas you
have in your mind, get uprooted and
start coming to the surface !
Disciple : How do I stop them ?
I would rather prefer the visuals of
my walk on the long winding beaches !
Master : Don't ever try to stop it, however
horrible the feelings are. Just let them
continue. That's an important and vital

stage in your progressive Meditation !
Disciple : So when my mind is
troubled during Meditation I should
not practice visualization techniques ?
Master : Use it only when it is absolutely
needed by you ! Know how much to use it !
Disciple : Then what should I do ?
Master : Close it and keep it aside,
like you did with some colorful
brochure in your travel agent's office !

The mind is like a television 'idiot' box with many channels running simultaneously. You can choose a favorite channel to view the sights and sounds and draw comfort. But you can also knock off the channel and put the television to silence.