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Off The Cuff Utterances

" when a sanyasin stopped witnessing but realize
what he witnessed all along is just his own self as the
consciousness then he would rise above all the phases
in life and merge one with the total consciousness again "

s a n y a s a
Part - 3

Witnessing the world without getting influenced by it is a much evolved state but certainly not any realization of the self. The phase of sanyasa is crucial in terms of realizing the truth sooner or later. Its mainly because during the phase of sanyasa, the individual withdraws his self from distraction of the external world and perhaps begin to live within his self like living in some cocoon.

Disciple : Sanyasa is perhaps a preparation for realization ?
Master : Not as a rule but technically speaking yes !
Disciple : But all sanyasins are not necessarily close to
realization just because they wear the sanyasa robes ?
Master : Need not be. Far from it, they would still be
struggling in the world of multiplicities !

The struggle of a sanyasin is to stay afloat in the world without drowning in it. He may develop resistance from drowning but there is always a threat from within his mind which push him often to perform and get trapped in dualistic nature of the world. There is no fixed period of time for a sanyasin to cross the phase and rise above all the phases.

Disciple : A sanyasin is not automatically
qualified to get realized his self ?
Master : He may be qualified but he is
usually unsure of the time taken to get
out of the phases and live a life totality !
Disciple : How is the man of totality
known as ? What phase of life he lives in ?
Master : He does not belong to any phase
anymore, he is called as avadhuta !

A brahmacharin, grihastin, vanaprastin and sanyasin follow certain social etiquette but avadhuta acts without consideration for standard social etiquette. He may appear unconcerned and indifferent to the everyday happenings of life. But he is neither trying to witness nor participate but just goes about life as it comes. He may not fear the consequences of his behaviour but will do and say what come to him and be prepared to face the consequences too.

Disciple : I wish to know of this man
called avadhuta. It is intriguing !
Master : OK ! Some time soon !
Disciple : Is it a fine line between a
sanyasin and a avadhuta ?
Master : In fact there is no line
that divides any of the phases !
Disciple : Oops. So what actually
divides them from each other ?
Master : Just their interpretation
of life around them psychologically !

The division between the phases or the ashramas is almost invisible and does not really exist. Only because the same individual may go through all the phases in his life in a day from moment to moment. The realization of the self is not something independent and a separate state from other four ashramas but only a realization that ashramas are only meant for one self to live a life of regulation and control without getting hurt by this world but to make a happy and intelligent living in it.