More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" your renunciation does not change
anything externally except a quiet
inner psychological transformation "

v a n a p r a s t a
Part - 4

You neither can renounce this world, nor can renounce your body, breath, mind or even the ego, but you can only renounce incredible projections of your mind about life and people. Your perceptions of life based on your various emotions alone can be renounced. When the projections ended, you begin to see life as it is. Withdrawal from a long nurtured projections are always difficult and hence the individual usually is found as bound, despite his knowledge about renunciation.

Disciple : The renunciation and the need for it must have
been taught even during the phase of brahmacharya ?
Master : Yes, but perhaps is understood much later in life !
Disciple : But the modern education have no place for
such a thing called withdrawal or renunciation ?
Master : Its true ! The education these days is
mostly directed towards more active participation
and somehow not about the need for renunciation !

When life is only about the participation and success and never about withdrawal and peace, then it can drive an individual to face endless challenges throughout his life. This may result in a sense of incompleteness. Obviously the modern day education has ignored this phase unknowingly.

Disciple : But renunciation is understood as
some kind of inability or a failure by many ?
Master : That's the present day
education all about !
Disciple : What could be the reason for it?
Master : Juts the thirst for success and happiness
drives people to ignore the other side of life !
Disciple : Renunciation cannot bring happiness?
Master : It can bring only peace, but the
participation in life brings happiness or sorrow !

However, its important to know when to renounce and how to renounce than just renounce blindly. The priorities can never be interchanged. Grihasta and vanaprasta are totally paradoxical in nature and should be understood well before entering into their phases.

Disciple : Do vedas have the details of such
intricate information about when to
participate and when to renounce ?
Master : Yes. The vedas in assorted portions
explain in such exhaustive details about the
different phases of an individual
quite comprehensively !

when the inseparable nature of the varnashramas is understood and recognized well, you can incorporate them eventually in to your daily live and find fulfillment in the present moment itself. There may not be a need to wait till 40 years to renounce to find peace but it can happen well within a day and night efficiently.