More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" you cannot renounce this world
because it is not attached to you ever "

v a n a p r a s t a

Part - 3

The suffering of an individual comes from his own wrong understanding of the world and his relationship with it. Mostly it is misreading the relationships with people that causes a great share of suffering. Man finds it easy to renounce the inert objects, but always not so with human relationships.

Disciple : What should be the reason for it ?
Master : Primarily due to the improper

understanding of what exactly renunciation is !

Disciple : What is exactly is the mistake they commit ?

Master : They mistake that they have to stay out
sight of an object or a person in order to renounce it !

Disciple : Can you give an example ?

Master : You can decide to give away your clothes
to someone because you thought of renouncing them
but the actual renunciation is not the clothes but the
thought you carry that you own those clothes !

People somehow get trapped with a strange idea about the world and start to own up a few things as one's own and reject the rest. Rarely it strikes them that they cant renounce anything externally but all that they can renounce is their ideas about the world and people in it. As a grihastin you have to attach to the world and as a vanaprastin you just detach from it. Both times, it just your thoughts that make you think that you owned or disowned this word, the world remains just the same as always.

Disciple : So the renunciation is only the ideas
about the world and not the world itself?

Master : Exactly. Only because the world does
not know you owned or disowned something !

Disciple : Its almost clear but not really !

Master : If you thought the TV you watched
home belonged to you, it is just your thought
and the TV does not know that it belonged to you !

Disciple : I got the point !

Besides, there is a good number of people who think that to renounce something is to keep it away from sight or get away from its sight. They seldom try to find out whats the problem actually in dealing with a particular object or a person. They go on insisting their ignorance in the form of jumping to extremes from infantilized attachments to rip off from it out of frustrations. They just don't let things as they are, but either suffocate it out of love or shy away out of hatred.

Disciple : So there is nothing to rearrange
anything in the world for one's own renunciation
but only correct one's own perception ?

Master : Very well said !
Disciple : Do you say that the renouncing
ideas towards other human beings is more
difficult than with other objects ?
Master : Truly so !
Disciple : What could be the reason ?
Master : Because of the human ability to
emote, one start to take the emotions of
others for real and get trapped in them !