More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" whenever you go to sleep,
you are in the phase of renunciation "

v a n a p r a s t a
Part - 2

The phase of renunciation happens invisibly all the time to you. When just closed a book from reading, shut off the TV from watching, put down telephone from a long and winding gossip, push the plate away on table at the end of a fulfilling lunch, leave a city or a country you visited, quit a job, close a bank account, divorce the married life, leave the seat you occupied for some one else, park you car at the lot after a hectic driving are some of the many symptoms of renunciation in a daily life.

Disciple : I think you are talking about me here ?
Master : That's just a self important thought from you !
Disciple : Why do you say that ?
Master : Because the whole world does the same, not just you !
Disciple : So Im withdrawing from many things always ?
Master : True. But also go back to them later on !

The phases or the ashramas are functioning in a cyclical fashion. Constantly renouncing something and constantly adapting to something else. Unless you renounce something, you cannot progress further in life. You renounce the breath in the form of exhalation so that you have inhale a fresh new breath of air. You leave a step behind so that you can take the next step forward.

Disciple : Which is the most distinct form of renunciation
one does in the scheme of every day living?
Master : Sleeping. It demands total renunciation
of everything you held on to till that point !

Sleeping is possible only after you withdrew from everything completely, that includes even the thought about sleep. That's total renunciation from the manifested world to the unmanifest, but without sufficient knowledge about it. The sleep happens on its own and one does not make an effort to sleep. Hence it is not actually a conscious renunciation but however it still helps you to get a taste of what renunication is like.

Disciple : But sometimes how much ever
try, the sleep does not happen ?
Master : Exactly, its a natural phenomenon
and happens on its own. You cant force it !

The reason why the vanaprasta ashrama was fixed at a much later age is only to indicate that the renunciation can happen more naturally at that time. Also the mental faculties of learning and retention and retrieval of what was learnt can slow down as the age advances. The urges also die away a more natural death when you cross the 40 age milestone.

Disciple : But I see people behaving like children at 40 too?
Master : True, they mostly grew up with unwarranted fantasies
and such fantasies can never become a reality, their brahmacharya
phase was not a proper one because they never learnt the right thing !
Disciple : What is the plight of such people ?
Master : They will catch a much delayed flight to the destination !