More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" whenever the world leaves an
impact on you, you are a grihasta"

g r i h a s t a
Part -2

As a student (brahmacharin) the world is not so much of a threat or even a challenge, in fact you never encounter the world like the way you do as the house holder(grihastin). Grihasta literally means, owning a house. But in order to own a house, you should essentially undergo lots of experiences in life, which indicates the applied living more appropriately. You come face to face with the world only in this phase. You face it, fight it out, win and lose, be successful or a failure, but cannot escape the world while passing through this phase.

Disciple : So the brahmacharin does not face the world at all?
Master : Mostly not. His problems are well confined to academics.
If he had to face the world in any form then at that moment he is
only a grihastin and no more a brahmacharin !
Disciple : Can you give an example to understand that ?
Master : If a student earned his own money to study then he is
living through the phases of brahmacharya and grihasta together !

Two most difficult things in life happens during the grihasta's phase, namely, building a home and living a married life. There is a endless onslaught of challenges thrown at the grihasta during the phase. But when the grihastin has enough knowledge learnt during the phase of brahmacharya to back himself, he would sail through the phase more easily. The knowledge gathered come handy to apply in the times of crisis.

Disciple : But is it a must to pass through
these phases in a systematic manner?
Master : That may not be possible. In
many developing nations, under aged
children are faced to work for living
without any primary education.
Their grihasta phase start very early.
Disciple : But what do they apply when
they don't have any knowledge ?
Master : perhaps that's how they are
being exploited so early in their lives !

The phases or the ashramas are not always followed in a fixed sequence of certain years, but it is only meant for that moment, according to the need of a situation arising at any point of time. Meanwhile, the grihasta phase is not just about pain, grief and challenges but the individual under go every possible sensual pleasures without inhibitions too. While the brahmacharya phase demands more focus on academics, there is little chance for sensuousness. But grihasta is all out to enjoy this world and he would not hesitate to do everything to make it possible.

Disciple : Does brahmacharya also teach
how to enjoy the sensuality of life?
Master : Rather they focus on how to stay in control
of such sensual experiences. They come to help
then the grihastin sometimes get out of control !