More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Vedas divide your your life in to phases
and then it unifies you as one whole "

Part- 2

The four ashramas classified by vedas are not independent of each other. They are very closely woven together that they cant be separated. While the grosser understanding of ashramas is classifying the span of one's life, it also subtly conveys that the ashramas are just various states of mind that you may pass through within a day several times.

Disciple : This is news for me. Are you saying the
all the four ashramas can be lived within one day ?
Master : Not even one full day, but within minutes !
Disciple : That's heartening to hear, because I am not
sure if I'm going to live for 80 years to complete all
the four ashramas properly without leftovers !
Master : Precisely for the same reason, the vedas
inculde the various periods of time in a day
encompassing different ashramas !

Its also important to understand that you will not renounce the earlier ashrama, as you enter the new ashrama. Instead, the proper understanding will be, that you set yourself upon a particular ashrama, suitable to a particular mode of mind, demanded by the present situation at that time.

Disciple : Do you meant to say the ashramas
are just human psychological divisions ?
Master : Yes, primarily it is that way, but in a
much grosser sense, it is divided in the total
span of life time of an individual !

Psychologically speaking, the mind undergoes various modifications within moments endlessly. Every psychological predisposition can be attributed to any one of the ashrama at any given point of time. A thorough understanding of the various ashrama and their individual characteristics is vital in capturing them playing in your own psyche.

Disciple : Now this seem to be getting interesting.
Some kind of mind game for me to perform ?
Master : You need not perform any mind game
because they are going on already. You just need
to recognize them when it is at play !

The brahmacharya, grihasta, vanaprasta, sanyasa are the milestones in the journey of life. Only difference is perhaps this journey of life does not go in a straight line but in a circles. In the sense that there is no beginning or end to this cycle.

Disciple : Sounds quite intriguing, wish to
explore this one at the earliest !
Master : Yes you will, As you explore you
should be able to incorporate your findings
in your every day living in small ways at least !