More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" greatest revelation during meditation is
to know that you cant decide your life but can
only follow what is decided by the existence "

d h y a n a m
Part- 42

Its a strange and weird behaviour of the mind to believe that life is a decisive process, even though every moment is screaming loud of impermanence. The freedom to decide and then to execute towards success seem to be the hidden agenda among many seekers. The consciousness is 'Non-Decisive' and will always be so. If the consciousness is Non-Decisive, then its expressions would be the same too.

Disciple : I did not understand everything you said
but i know you are making an important point there !
Master : I said there is nothing concrete about this life !
Disciple : True, I agree and also experience that always !
Master : Then what makes you think you can live a decisive
life, in this non decisive world of happenings all around you ?
Disciple : I got the point now. But somehow it does not sink in !
Master : The meditation is meant just for that purpose indeed !

But for all strange reasons, meditation is practiced among many seekers in order to decode some secret formula, by which they can decide their own course of lives. This freedom to chart the course of one's own life is result of the stunning ignorance of mind. Meditation is a process where this ignorance will be exposed and the truth of the life is experienced directly.

Disciple : It is difficult to accept such a knowledge
that I cannot decide the course of my own life !
Master : Why whats the problem in that ? After all
you need not break your head always about decisions !
Disciple : I may feel somewhat teeth less or spineless
or perhaps worthless with such a knowledge !
Master : This is what the self help, new age schools
of wisdom have done to most people these days !
Disciple : Is it wrong to believe in oneself ?
Master : Where is the need to believe in oneself
when you experienced the self itself as you ?

Authentic meditation is meant to experience yourself than believing in your self. You believe in something which is other than yourself. But there is absolutely no need to believe in your own self. Because believing your self to be successful or peaceful can bring relief, but does not settle other issues which will keep troubling you from time to time.

Disciple : How does the experience of the self help me ?
Master : It will bring clarity to your clouded mind about
the crucial decision making in your life !
Disciple : I never thought they are both connected !
Master : True. I know you never thought that way !
Disciple : Can you please elaborate ?
Master : Belief in the self brings only the pressure to make
right decision and avoid wrong decisions in life !
Disciple : I understood that part. But does it mean the
experience of the self prevents me from decision making ?
Master : In fact it will only tell you that you don't decide
anything in your life, but simply confirm or don't confirm
to the various situations which appears like decision making !