More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" There is nothing to lose or gain permenantly
in meditation but only connect what appears
to be disconnected presently "

d h y a n a m
(Part - 40)

Self awareness will remain as a distant reality as long as you practice meditation as a tool to drop or pick things. If you sat for meditation hoping to gather many good things and get rid of all the bad things, then you should know that you are under the illusory impact of maya. As you know maya is that non existent slippery thing which makes you think act and talk the way you do presently.

Disciple : What are the things usually people
want to pick from meditation ?
Master : Among the many things listed,
good long health, reading other's mind,
become intuitive, solve most difficult problems,
easy life without struggle, and choicest
blessings of god, peace of mind
focus of mind, concentration etc !
Disciple : Don't they happen ?
Master : They may happen, many times
even without meditation !
Disciple : OK, what are things usually
people want to drop ?
Master : dropping the ego, diseases, stressful
problems, casting of evil eyes from others,
psychological blocks etc
Disciple : Don't they happen ?
Master : Yes, they can happen
even without meditation at times !

While meditation has lots of benefits, a true seeker is never impressed with just these benefits and would want to rise above them to fulfill the actual purpose of meditation, even as he enjoys the various benefits that come his way. The seeker is dead in someone when he just concluded that meditation is meant to provide some peace of mind for the next few minutes.

Disciple : What is the wrong if someone seek the benefits ?
Master : Its not wrong to seek the benefits, but it is wrong
to conclude the meditation to serve just those benefits !
Disciple : Do you say there is no need to deny the benefits ?
Master : Yes indeed. No one need to deny the benefits as long
as it is happening as the result of meditation practices !
Disciple : But you seem to condemn the benefits ?
Master : I condemn not the benefits but limiting
the benefits of meditation to only very trivial things !

The final culmination of meditation is to strike a balance between your body , mind and the consciousness within. In other words, learning to attune the body and mind to the existence of the inner consciousness. Till such a time the other benefits should not blind the seeker and should not prevent him from exploration.

Disciple : What happens when my body
and mind is not in tune with consciousness?
Master : You find yourself incomplete and
will push yourself to search and find many things in life !
Disciple : So is it not good that way
that we can find many things ?
Master : Yes. But also we land in many
problems as we find many other things !
Disciple : I think i get your point !
Master : Whereas, to attune the body and
mind to the consciousness is to find the fulfillment
from within, which alone will make your search end !