More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Meditation is done not to give up the ego
but to know that there is something beyond the ego
which is quietly supporting the ego "

d h y a n a m
Part - 39

Body and mind themselves do not need any meditation. They are OK themselves. But body and mind undergo meditation only to discover their own hidden, unknown part located on the other side. When meditation does not happen, the mind and body think they exist alone. They seldom realize the fact that there is a big daddy who actually is the big boss, without whom the body and mind have no existence of their own.

Disciple : That means the meditation does not
help the body and mind per se ?
Master : It helps them but not for their own sake
but to find out the hidden consciousness only !
Disciple : But you told earlier that mind can
never meet the hidden consciousness,
If I remember right ?
Master : Yes, it can never meet but only can realize !

One may never become politically wise or economically richer, or even as intelligent as Einstein, or compassionate like Jesus, or wise like Buddha or even as clever as that self help guru Dale Carnegie. There is not such a definite 'becoming something' in this process called meditation. Your mind comprehending your inner self does not guarantee a place in any famous people's list.

Disciple : Do you mean that after
meditation, I can never become famous
or rich or smart or even compassionate?
Master : Nobody is stopping you in fact
from becoming any of them as you wish.
But do not think meditation will
automatically elevate you there !
Disciple : Does it prevent me being elevated ?
Master : It just stops you bothering
about any rising and falling in life!
Disciple : What happens when I stopped
bothering about rising and falling in life ?
Master : When stopped rising or falling
you will become steady and balanced !
Disciple : How does that help me in any way?
Master : When you are steady and balanced,
you may have the first glimpses of hidden
consciousness, which is steady and balanced itself !

When your body and mind is active, they can only relate with the active world outside. They can never comprehend a silent, unmoving self within. Perhaps meditation is that process, where the body and mind come to certain point where they become inactive and quiet. That results in the realization of the Inner Self (Consciousness, Atman, God).

Anything that helps to arrest the mind from drifting outside can help you detect a bit of the consciousness. But meditation is certainly the most proven and most lasting than rest of everything else. Drugs, sex and alcohol can show a faint glimpse of what the consciousness is but meditation done out of proper understanding enables the mind to realize the self in the most concrete and lasting manner.

Disciple : Sex and drugs and alcohol also can help?
Master : They can, but they also can leave you
with the hangover, which can take you too far away
from the consciousness when the effect of the sex,
alcohol or drug disappeared from the body and mind !
Disciple : What is the outcome of this mind
realizing the inner consciousness ?
Master : The realization is the outcome and
there is absolutely nothing more left to know
or experience in life !